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  1. I think this might be it. https://www.dropbox.com/s/x1q90en306h02be/Mechanical.mov?dl=0
  2. Believe it or not, I do try and simply my projects, doesn't seem to work out the way in the end! Not sure how the actual two characters will work out, it's my weakest point but I will do my best. Only 5 more sets to make....
  3. Despite a summer of things getting in my way of doing 3D work, I have been making some progress on 2 new projects. One is an adaption of Poe's The Cask of Amontillado - typical stuff for me and this very personal project. Based on personal experiences, I am hoping to break through some of the issues I found with previous projects. The script is a page long yet there will be 15 or so locations. Luckily there are only two characters, but they will have to change fairly dramatically over the course of the animation. More description os on my blog. http://behemothmedia.blogspot.com Some external sets.
  4. I had decided to stay with V19 for a while because it's already expensive for me to upgrade anytime soon, not sure I will update at any point now. I will keep using what i have for my current projects and get off my butt and start seriously learning blender again, if for nothing else as a back up plan. I hate subscriptions plans and having to sign in over the internet just to use something. I am not always somewhere where the internet is easy or possible to connect to. While doing a photo shoot with my brother in Colorado there was no access at all and his Lightroom was just dead the whole time. Luckily I had switched to Affinity Photo already and was able to continue as I normally do. I own't make any decisions until I get a better handle on what the situation really is and it sinks in better.
  5. That is a really interesting way to do hair, something I always struggle with.
  6. I am partial to square format, years of using it with medium format cameras back in the day, i think.
  7. So here is an early test using the butterfly. I have done a couple tests with flocks of them but they haven't worked out yet. I think with x particles I should make maybe 4 butterflies with wings flapping at different rates so they aren't all flapping in unison. I have to design the characters for this project, something I am not great at and constanty struggle with.
  8. Using the parallax bump feature you can get fairly close and it will still look good I have found.
  9. I have a message to them now, they will send me an email with the answer sooner than later I hope. Plus I have the client on the case to make one in a format I can deal with. FBX, obj and even lightwave files I have had good luck with in the past. This is coming from auto cad, I can't imagine it can't export to obj at least!
  10. Does that plugin work on Mac? I t didn't say so on the webpage and the examples to be on Windows. The gigs file I got took about 5 minutes to open so not too bad, but what a mess it was!
  11. That's the plugin I was looking at, this is a new and not well financed project so I will have to see what they are willing to pay for. They also sent me a .igs file which c4d opens but in a manner that is quite abstract looking! LOL
  12. Is there a quick and free way to get .max files into c4d? I have a client who is sending files I can not read despite giving them the list of those I can. Of course there is a tight deadline as well!
  13. Quick feedback.... it works wonderfully! Nest step is the work out the swarming part. I am going to do several versions with an alpha channel so I can add them in post of have them as a texture on a plane for more distant groups of butterflies to cut down on render time and avoid use x particles caches.
  14. Nice work! I have done a few with hand animating the wings but this time I need 100s, maybe 1000s of butterflies!
  15. That is exactly the solution I needed! I can't thank you enough. The symmetry object will do the trick. I think if I use x particles and avoid collisions and maybe the flocking function I can get what I need. This project is going to be very different for me, its very personal and I want to get ahead of any problems before I start animation.
  16. I need to make a flock of butterflies for a future project. I made a close up version which has wings I manually flap but for the flocks I will need a simple model and thought I would use the vibration tag on each wing. This works well for one wing but when I use the same page with the same settings, they flap out of sync..... what am I missing? My plan is to use particles or even the c4d particles to do the flocks. I swear I solved this years ago.....
  17. This looks great! I made one a few years ago that isn't nearly as fun. I hope you rig and animate it!
  18. Love those leaves on the trees! Amazing work!
  19. Finished, I like thisnone better the first animation-wise. I figured out what I didn't like about the fur in the first one and made the motion somewhat smoother.
  20. Wow, that was incredible! I have no idea how you did those textures, they look so natural!

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