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  1. Yeah, wow you will get wildly different frame times from this one. This is where you learn to optimize your scene and sometimes use tricks to get an effect instead of a full-blown effect. Good luck.
  2. If you posted a few screen grabs of what you're rendering, that would help.
  3. Unless you have done none of them.
  4. @HSrdelicOops. Try that new one. Thanks for looking.
  5. OK so I think my best solution is to add a Displacer deformer with a Water surface. Looks great in the preview, but tend to render too subtle. I'm going to over-do the settings and try again. Vimeo link updated.
  6. Since you may be new to rigging, it's one of the most difficult things to learn in the 3D world in my opinion. Don't get discouraged, just keep at it and learn everything you can. You should have controllers in your hierarchy which are easy to find. Many people create easy to select splines (see below). Others the visual selector. Another tip is once you find the one you need often, drag it from the Object Manager right onto your viewport. You will now have a shortcut right on the screen. Very handy for many things. I posted a shot of a rigging video by the late, great Cactus Dan. See how he put a C for the chest controller, an S for the shoulder and an H for the hips? Easy to select. I don't remember how he connected them, maybe just a simple PSR Constraint. His videos live on here at the Café. They use his plugin, CDTools (based on a Maya workflow), but there is still a lot of good knowledge to be learned from his videos. They are very detailed so be prepared. Cactus Dan's Tutorials
  7. So I know the Cloth tools haven't been updated in a while, but they're still pretty cool. I'm recreating this banner rising up from a box. Our Washington Capitals finally won the cup! This is what I'd like to get closer to. Here's a rough render of where I am now. I'm having trouble getting the small scale ripples. Mine seems too stiff and believe me, I've been trying every combination of settings I can think of. https://vimeo.com/294702910
  8. BigAl3D

    Making multiple objects appear

    You can use the Cloner set to Object and place many houses on your map. Enough to cover all the areas you need. Then use the Mograph Selection brush to only show houses where you want them. From there you can use the setup @HSrdelic gave you, or try using a Plain Effector (Linear falloff) set up so the Y position is below your map. Make your Effector a child of your camera and scale it so it's in front of the camera. Now as your camera moves across the map, the houses will pop up as you fly over. Make sense? You can also make your map surface with enough polygons to cover the areas you need in detail, and select all the polys that suit your needs. Save Selection tag. You can use that Tag in Mograph to restrict your clones to specific areas. You can also do this effect using a black-and-white image from Photoshop and use the Shader Effector I think. Here's an example I made. Good luck. HousesPopOnMap_r17.zip
  9. There are many ways to create this and I have done none of them, but I have read and seen others do it. The Sculpting tools can add details like this. Some careful knife cuts and the Extrude tool to slightly recess certain areas. There is a Project Spline tool if you have an irregular model surface, it let's you send that spline onto the surface and make cuts for you. Imagine a slide projector. I imagine most good modellers would prefer to get the polygon flow in anticipation of details like that. Character modelers usually start with the polygons around the mouth and eyes and work from there. I'm sure others will chime in. Good luck.
  10. You know what, I like this solution. It's so straight forward, I didn't even think of it. This way you can also choose to go polygon center for a more grid-like appearance. The way it was done before used a black-and-white map to restrict the clones instead of selection tags. Very similar actually. Thanks for taking a look!
  11. Here's a sample of one I did recently, but it was very cumbersome. It's essentially random dots, but only in specific areas. Heat Map.mp4
  12. For those not familiar with the term "heat map" it's when you see a map full of dots (or other objects), but they are clustered more heavily over certain areas and in other areas there are none. I have managed to create something like before using Mograph set to Object, Shader Effector and a Luma map, but wondering if there is an easier way to achieve an effect like this.
  13. Ah, didn't know about putting the Dynamics on the VF object itself. Works great now. Thanks.
  14. I've only had R20 for a few days and haven't really gotten into the new features, but I thought breaking stuff would be a snap. I get everything but the actual breaking of objects. See the simple scene attached. What am I missing? The Content Browser examples work fine by the way. Voronoi Problem.zip
  15. One tip about Ai files I'll give you to have consistent color is to make sure you're using RGB colors in Illustrator. NO PMS colors, NO Spot colors. When you export your .ai file, make sure it the PDF preview. This is the only way I've been able to match the color. Now for your multi-pass from C4D to AE, that's a lot of information to share right there. I learned a lot from a guy named Chris Villa. He used to train for MAXON and now does work for Cake Studios. He taught me how to use the External Compositing Tag and the Take System. Takes is a massive time saver. He's also big on using Tokens, but I haven't had enough projects to use them really. He presented his workflow at NAB last year and you can watch it for free on Cineversity. He goes fast, but it's all there. If you have any specific questions, ask them here and I'll do my best to help. https://www.cineversity.com/vidplaytut/nab_2018_rewind_chris_villa_baltimore_ravens