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  1. Yeah, I'm not sure whether to book a vacation or offer advice on how to increase the realism of this render. ???
  2. BigAl3D

    Character challenges

    I'm curious if your character mesh and the cloth mesh are being used as one single mesh or is there still some cloth dynamics going on there? Reason I ask is that Nitroman has a plugin that combine meshes and deletes the interecting/hidden polygons and make a new, streamlined, single mesh. Maybe post a pic of the character to see what you're doing with the cloth in this case. If there is minimal movement, you might want to consider the Jiggle deformer in certain areas to add secondary movement on the cloth. Probably more predictable results and faster to compute.
  3. BigAl3D

    Character challenges

    My guess would be that since you skinned (weighted,) your original mesh before adding the cloth and deleting the hidden polys, then you deleted those polys after the fact, you have altered what the Skin tag thought the polygon/point count of the mesh. I think you would have to do the Binding AFTER you finish all the modeling.
  4. BigAl3D

    Character animation at Pixar in 1995

    Wow, that's great. Everyone making 3D for movies back then always used Silicone Graphics computers. Maybe have been Unix based. At first I thought it was a NeXT computer, which would make sense since Steve Jobs owned it. I'm also amazed at how great the animation was considering the process was very non-artist friendly. Like a programmer who wrote the software being asked to create the artistic portion of the movie as well. I can't imagine not being able to pose a character on-screen, but relying on a spreadsheet looking thing. Crazy. Thanks for posting.
  5. BigAl3D

    Modelling license plate

    Yes, displacement will do the trick. I'm sure you can find many tutorials for using displacement to make a credit card. Same effect, just larger. Make sure to enable Sub-polygon Displacement and many times, you will need to increase the mesh density for fine details. All depends on how close your shot will be. Don't go crazy with perfection and detail if you won't get close to the plate, or if it's moving and/or blurred. As a follow up, since your profile says you're using the demo, grab the R20 demo. I think the new Volume Mesher might be able to achieve this effect as well. I watched this video the other day and really shows of the power of these new tools.
  6. BigAl3D


    Thanks. Really loving Corona. So easy to get great results.
  7. Do you really need softbody for the skulls? There is an old tutorial over at Greyscale Gorilla that makes something similar, but the outer structure is the softbody. Who knows, there may be a few usual tricks in there. https://greyscalegorilla.com/tutorials/how-to-build-a-softbody-glass-mesh-with-dynamics-in-cinema-4d/
  8. Maybe you can post a still of your scene. 15 min. per frame is a lot for a cartoon I think. I have Cycles and two FirePro 700 6GB cards and it's still slow. I switched to Corona CPU engine. Much faster than cycles. I have yet to see ANY company make a GPU render engine that works well with AMD. Even ProRender is slow.
  9. BigAl3D

    Lip Sync

    I totally forgot about that iPhone X mocap deal. Wow, It's crazy! I just tried it and had no idea it would create a mesh of my face and map the video do it. Amazing. Not sure how to utilize that data into another character though.
  10. BigAl3D

    Lip Sync

    Second what @CApruzzese says. The less realistic, the more leeway you'll have. If you're trying to get more realistic, the challenge is that it isn't just using a sound effector to change the shape of a spline that drives the mouth. Phonics are much more complicated than that. I have that Stop Staring book also and it's pretty advanced. Done with Maya, but translates fairly well I think. Character work can be a full-time job, so be prepared.
  11. BigAl3D

    Big Al's Cinema 4D and Corona Renderer

    I'm really loving Corona and it is amazingly fast. They are at Beta 2 now and will be delivering v1.0 in January. Let's hope The Chaos Group's acquisition doesn't derail this great engine.
  12. Recently added an album with several Corona renderings. Keeps getting better.
  13. Well that was an obvious question I missed. Yep, MAXON's site say Mac OS 10.11.6 and up. I'm running 10.10.5. Still runs most stuff though. Thanks.
  14. So I wanted to check out some example scenes from the Content Browser, in particular Volumes. I get the error saying I'm missing several plugins. Upon further inspection, I don't see any Volumes or ProRender for that matter in my R20.028. One thing to note is this is on my old Mac at home (Cheese Grater and Yosemite), but I could've sworn I saw it before. Before I reinstall, is there any other tricks I can try?
  15. BigAl3D

    Vray for C4D now by Chaosgroup

    @Rectro Just curious, was your experience with Corona the fully released Max version, or the Beta for C4D?