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  1. You're not being clear. One at a time in rows, columns or random locations?
  2. @mattbowden Very nice work for such a short time in 3D! The camera work is also excellent, but I suppose you have a lot of expertise in that area.
  3. That's pretty awesome. Interesting that it's the math teacher, but I guess it gets the students engaged and breaks the ice.
  4. Sign me up for this section! Oh wait, I'm already signed up.
  5. @everfresh Ha! Maybe you can get a goat? I would like to go fishing in your puddle, I mean pond. At least, I hope you have fish in there or you have lots of mosquitoes.
  6. Can we assume your flyby was just over and around the structures and not inside them? Now THAT would be too much work. You got beat by someone that is desperate for any work at all, or by a company that has a room-full of modellers that can crank it out quickly. Hell, they could be outsourcing to India or Malaysia for all you know. I lost out on a steady side client doing videos for TV. He found a new company that would do them for half of what I was charging and my price was already very low. I decided that I couldn't justify the work and late nights for half the money and away they went. I definitely missed the money, but my quality of life was better for it.
  7. @everfresh Yeah, my lawn looks great from certain angles until you get up close and walk on it. Then you see all the brown spots, bare spots, weeds and bumps. You know what? My neighbor's grass has the same problems.
  8. I have Team Render on a render box with Windows 10 and have no issues with darker frames being rendered. My only gripe is this box blows my Mac Pro out of the water with its 40 physical cores.
  9. I just followed the tutorial posted here recently by C4D Jed and his trick was to have low-poly dummy objects that handle all the dynamics, then you make your high-poly car a child of the various parts and restrict the Dynamics from influencing the child. It works great and you can watch your car zoom around in all it's high-poly form.
  10. Hmmm, I had never heard of Looks interesting, but it requires Mac OS Sierra 10.12 to run. I'm one version behind because of RAID issues.
  11. My first question is did you check out the humans that come with C4D's content browser? There are a nude man and woman, and the Visualize folder has 48 clothed and posed models. Also, if you have the Adobe Creative Cloud, you have access to Adobe Fuse CC ( Basically an Adobe version of Poser. You also would have access to upload that model into Mixamo's site and apply mocap data. It's pretty awesome.
  12. Great tutorials indeed! I gave up trying to get my cars to be dynamic because it was so slow it was pointless. I had totally forgot about using the primitives to make the calculations fast. Thanks for sharing!
  13. I have been told by someone working in LA, that this is the best blur plug-in for After Effects. Of course, you need to render your animation passes and/or masks.
  14. I looked at Maya's 3 year deal with support and it works out to about $1,600/year. Cinema 4D with MSA works out to about $1,800/year. MAXON includes Cineversity premium with the MSA, not sure what Maya has. Not exactly a third of the price, however, it's not a good perception to be a little more expensive than the industry leader when not all of the tools are equal.
  15. Don't forget about the Mesh Deformer. Very powerful. In fact, I saw a tutorial by @HSrdelic where he showed how to use the mesh deformer instead of any cloth at all.