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  1. Did see a better place to post this, so here it goes. We like using the Render Queue when doing animations since it really puts the rendering in the background so you can keep working. The question I have is let's same computer A sends two jobs to their render queue and they're both using Team Render. Now, computer B also has some jobs to render and they too send it to their Render Queue and utilize Team Render. Both workstations' Team Render are using the same Render Clients. How does C4D handle these jobs? When the first computer (A) finishes all their jobs, it will allow computer B to render its jobs? I can't test it myself right now, since their is a job rendering which should go another 6 hours. Right now, to be safe, if another computer already has a queue running, I'll go onto THAT computer and add my jobs to that queue. Any clue on this?
  2. I don't think this one will help with your scene since there are other items colliding with your letters, but it gives you some ideas. I'm trying an experiment and will post back the results.
  3. Are you saying these items will fall into the toolbox AND the letters will spell a word? Check that, I didn't read your title carefully. Yes, there is a way to do this and I'm trying to remember how. I remember seeing a tutorial with dynamic lotto balls rolling down the tubes, but always ending so you could read the numbers. I'll post back if I find it.
  4. OK so in my mind, I've read about this workflow over the years. CAn C4D render some sort of UV or Material pass that can be utilized in After Effects, giving me the ability to add and/or change reflections of objects already rendered? I feel there is a plug-in that enables this in AE.
  5. I'm just guessing here as I use Corona and not Arnold, but could it be the packet size being sent over the network? In Corona, there is a setting, for very large still or animations, where you can tell Corona not to send chunks of information as frequently over the network and also to wait until the chunk size is minimum size. We had an issue like this that overwhelmed the render clients and the jobs would fail every time.
  6. Yeah. I'm confused as to why you need three keyframes for this.
  7. @kbar Yeah, I thought there was a Cineversity tool similar to this, but didn't remember if it was as powerful.
  8. One way... I would render a short animation that covers just the area you need. Use a Compositing Tag and assign each object an ID. You could give each group their own ID, i.e. 1, 2 and 3. Turn on Multi-Pass and add three Object Buffers and assign the same numbers. You can now render masks for just those objects. With these masks in AE, you can ad these clips on top of that section of your video, drop a solid color and use your mask as a Luma Matte. Then play with the transparency, layer mode, etc. to get the look you want. There are other ways too,, but this seems to be the least complicated method to my brain. Try not to always think you need to get an effect in the one rendering. You will box yourself in that way. If your client comes back and says "Did I say blue? Sorry, I meant red." You would likely need to re-render instead of changing the color layer in AE and be done. Let me/us know if you need further explanation.
  9. There is also Image 2 Plane from Pixel Lab. Not only will it import a folder full of images and create a material, but will also create a plane object at the proper proportion and apply that material. Doesn't sound like you need to planes right now, but it's very cool if you do need them. Simply delete the planes and you have your materials. Image 2 Plane from PixelLab Edit: Not having used this for a while, now I see you have many more options than I remembered, including a Materials Only button. Very nice.
  10. Aha! That works. Thanks for the tip. I thought there was a randomize all colors, but maybe that's from the old CDTools back in the day. Or I'm just old.
  11. I can't find anything in the Weight Manager either. If you double-click the color swatch, it just gives you the option to change the color of the joint, not the weight. Seems odd you can do that in a program that is famous for customization.
  12. Wow, what a lonely forum section. Am I crazy (don't answer that) or do I remember the ability to randomize weight colors in a rig? Not the joints, but the weights themselves. Sometimes, when looking at a leg for example, it's difficult to see where all the joints have influence when the color for the first weight is dark blue and the next one is slightly less-dark blue, followed by medium-dark blue. I'd like to have a red, next to a bright green then a blue. Just easier to see. Anyway, I thought there was a button for that, but I can't find it in C4D or searches.
  13. So are you saying that the Timeline only shows one object at a time and its keyframes? If that's the case, look in the View menu in the Timeline window. There are some options there, but I've been confused with these in the past. Another option, if you're only seeing one object at a time, is that you can drag objects into the Timeline window to force it to be shown. Not sure if that fixes your issue or not. Maybe you can post an image to show us exactly what you're seeing.
  14. This post is marked as "SOLVED" in the list, so I assumed you found an answer.
  15. It's good practice to post your solution, even if you solved it yourself so other can learn.
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