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  1. Version 1.0.0


    This materials are made with Corona before they added the node system, but they are perfectly compatible. Corona uses a system that the nodes let you look at all the materials, not each material contains its own node window. Anyway, I started with this great material from Corona-Materials.de https://www.corona-materials.de/en/material-library/car-paint/advanced-car-paint-xpr/235 I then tried to match as closely as possible real-world Honda car paint colors. Please make something nice and post back. Enjoy.
  2. Adding shoes to character

    I've had mixed results using PSR where objects slid out of place on occasion. My solution was to make the object a child of the actual joint object. This really only applies to objects that are not bending, like in my case, body armour.
  3. Adding shoes to character

    Not if you weight it to the proper foot joints. As long as you have enough joints to represent the toes, the ball and the heel, just add the portions of the shoe that should follow those joints. Just like a real shoe.
  4. import SVG without Adobe Illustrator

    I believe with a simple free account at Cineversity, you can download the CV-ArtSmart plugin. It doesn't specifically say it handles SVG, but I just tried it and it works. You only need a free account. If you have the MSA, then of course, you have access to everything. You can also find many web sites with free converters, however, I cannot vouch for where your files may end up. https://www.cineversity.com/vidplaylist/cineversity_resources/artsmart_overview
  5. Pavement Peel - off effect

    You could also just animate a few Bend Deformers to get a nice peeling effect. Check out this scene. Peeling Floor.c4d
  6. I get that, but aren't standard clones also not real objects? If you untick the checkmark, they're gone. I always thought it was a memory usage thing.
  7. Can't select points

    Are you in Points Mode when trying to select points?
  8. I was making a simple scene to post here, but then I realized what the cause was. Ah, well it seems that the cause was having Render Instances turned ON for the landscape cloner. Can you explain why Render Instances breaks certain effects? I've always been a little confused. Maybe I should dig up your old Mograph Demystified and re-learn a few things.
  9. Well, I found one way to do this. I cloned the trees to the landscape, then grouped all this. I then drop the group into a clone. This works fine, except that each section of landscape has identical trees. Not perfect, but it works. Still wondering if there's a way to clone objects onto another set of clones.
  10. OK so I have a problem. I have a landscape object converted to mesh. This landscape is cloned onto a spline so I have easily animate it's movement with the Rate parameter. I also have some planes with tree cutouts in another Cloner. This Cloner is set to Object mode targeting the Landscape object. Obviously, I want some quick trees on the clones of the landscape, but the tree clones only show where the original landscape object is before the cloning. So I have a set of trees in the shape of the ONE landscape. How can I can these tree clones to mape to all 6 landscape clones? Since this is a simple scene, I could convert to one mesh and just keyframe, but wanted to keep things adjustable.
  11. How to do the Time Remap?

    Wouldn't it be better to do the time effects in After Effects? You can render you animation at 240 fps and do all sorts of time remapping in AE or other apps.
  12. I thought this was as simple as adding a Constraint tag and disabling whatever axis I didn't want the object to rotate in, but I'm missing something. I'm not rigging this simple crane, it's just a parent-child setup for simple, quick FK animation for a pre-vis project.Do I need to figure out some Xpresso for this type of thing? Thanks.
  13. So coworker is making a Star Wars scene for a DVD menu, and he has set up a planet in the background (image) and a few ships orbiting. To make the engines look better, he has a light with Lens effects turned on. The curious thing is, the flares seem to render offset from the engines the farther away the object is. I know the Lens effect is a post-process element, but I'm curious if anyone else has had this issue.
  14. I'm assuming that's the idea with ProRender, it's just not a fully developed product yet.
  15. Whoa! I've never heard about that engine. I assumed Cycles was their baby. That looks very nice indeed. We just need @INSYDIUM to start porting it over!