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  1. What's flickering here

    Second what @ABMotion is saying here. I still do tests with every scene to see if the Standard or the Physical renderer is faster and which looks good. Soft, hard or area shadows. I have one scene that I am able to get away with a fixed, 3-pass Physical render and it looks fine with all the movement going on. Plus, I through some Pixel Motion Blur in AE to finish it off. It's a compromise with quality vs. deadlines. I have been using the Corona render engine (totally FREE beta even for commercial use until it ships) and the renders are really smooth and never flicker. It's a CPU-based engine and it's very fast for the results you get out of it. They're still adding new features all the time. Also, with this type of flythrough animation, couldn't a baked material solution work here since only the camera is moving around? I remember doing a tutorial on this many moons ago.
  2. Cinema 4D R19 Service Pack 2 Available

    I had previously tested the Teacup scene in r19 using the new ProRender on my Mac Pro. It finished in about 10 min. 40 sec. I updated and tried it again and it finished in 4 min. 24 sec. That's a nice improvement. Good job. P.S. Just realized I need to update my profile. Where is the edit button in my settings?
  3. Physical Render Speed VS. Quality Knob?

    Remember that Team Render now can handle still images too. Of course, like @Cerbera mentioned, it's not that simple. We don't know what's in your scene (scene or screen shot would help), what your settings now or what machine you're running on.
  4. So to my surprise, the new iMac Pro we just got yesterday is the 18-core model and an insane amount of RAM. So here's my grapes test result and the Cinebench scores. Grapes are pretty close to my big renderbox so that's impressive for an iMac.
  5. Just posted my final animation in the Corona Club section. I really like the Corona Renderer. It's CPU based, but it's fast and looks great.
  6. New Corona Project

    OK so here's the final piece. Very fast motion, but it works. Also, the interior shot is a photo that I made into layers and did a simple 3D camera push in AE.
  7. I am doing my first real job using the latest Beta 1 of the Corona Renderer. I love this engine. Even without some major features yest to be implemented, it rocks. Here's a still from an animation I should have done by tomorrow.
  8. @climbingair What machine is that exactly? A new Mac Pro trashcan?
  9. Team Render SSS Flicker

    I know there's a Cache setting in the SSS Effect, but I don't see any option to save that info. Are you using GI? If so, I wonder if the SSS Cache is saved to disk along with the GI Cache. IF, if this is a yes, then you need to render a GI pre-pass only pass. Then you can render the beauty pass with the Load Cache button ticked on. TeamRender will distribute this pre-pass to all the nodes so they all will render the exact same result. Different CPUs can have nano-differences in how they calculate things which causes some frames to be subtly different. This results in flicker and splotches. But like I said, I'm not sure these two items work together or not.
  10. Why would you need to prevent someone else from editing your file? If they shouldn't be in it, then don't give it to them. Yes, a ZIP with a password would work. Most people don't have the skills or software to bypass a ZIP file. If this is just to prevent accidental changes from people that don't know what they are doing, on my Mac anyway, I can do a Get Info on the .c4d file. On this window that pops up, there is a little box called Locked. This will prevent the file from being saved over. It also will give you a warning that a file is locked if you try to put it into the trash. If you try to empty the trash, it will again warn you there is a locked file. To a savvy user, this will not prevent them from unlocking the file, but to a novice, it's very effective to protect a file.
  11. @phobos 3:46 isn't bad at all. My trashcan 8-core does it in 8:30. We have some thin-bezel i7 iMacs and they render in about 10:45. I also have a renderbox with two VERY strong E5 v4 Xeons in it (very expensive). It will render the grapes scene in 2:30 max if I remember, but I have 40 physical cores and 80 virtual cores doing the work. Thanks for doing that.
  12. @phobos Exciting. Always fun to unbox one of those. Do me/us a favor. I like to run my own more real-world Cinebench. When you get back home, open the scene Grapes from the Content Browser. Don't change anything and hit Render to Picture viewer and post the render time. CB scores are nebulous at best and difficult to relate to the real world.
  13. Thick cloth in C4D

    I increased the Mass parameter since I wanted a heavier feel. Larger number adds to the stiffness. I removed any Bounce since, well, we don't usually want bouncy fabric. I also increased the iterations, but not sure if you need that or not. My Cloth tag was for a dropping effect and a higher number seemed to help. Flexion is odd. Doesn't seem to make a difference in this case. BUT, if you zero out everything in the Forces tab except for gravity, AND increase the Global Drag it will keep movements to a minimum and give the effect of a stiff material. One more thing about Gravity. Since we are making a heavier, stiffer cloth, I jacked up the Gravity. It default to -9, but I think after you make these other adjustments, crank it up to -50. If you don't, it may look like slow motion waves and that will break the illusion. You're welcome. I've learned a lot on these forums so happy to pass it along. don't forget to post your success!
  14. Thick cloth in C4D

    I assume you redid the Belt tags? Also, in order to avoid a big flap when the animation starts, I play it to let it settle into a good position, then in the dresser tab hit Initial State. This way, your cloth will begin the animation in a desired position. Much less movement when you do this. It might be remembering my Initial State so you need to refresh that to be flat. Remember in my scene, the belt objects were in the position of the chair in the upright position. If you get stuck, send me the file and I'll take a look at it.
  15. Thick cloth in C4D

    My post right after your YouTube link.