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  1. I tinkered with V-Ray years ago, and now I use Corona which is similar. With these types of render engines, it's all about the number of passes. Corona doesn't have an AA setting, just the passes and the Denoiser. Try increasing the number passes. Not sure what V-Ray calls this, but I'm pretty sure it has a setting like that.
  2. Ah OK. You might want to check out Eyedesyn's tutorials and, when you're ready, his plugin Bendy Limbs which is exactly what you're looking for. Don't forget to post your results! https://www.eyedesyn.com/tutorials/modeling-rubber-hose-style-characters-in-cinema-4d/ https://www.eyedesyn.com/tutorials/rubber-hose-style-rigging-in-cinema-4d/ https://www.eyedesyn.com/product/bendy-limbs-rig-for-cinema-4d/
  3. From all the hands-on reviews that are out now, these Apple chips look very promising.
  4. Let me start by saying that character modelling and weighting is difficult, at least to me. Since you're a beginner, you need to read up on this stuff. To my semi-educated eyes, your mesh has many issues that would make it nearly impossible to bend correctly. Your elbow weights are all wrong. Since the green blends all the way to the orange shoulder, it bends as expected. Look at the image I posted. I added two loop cuts on either side of the center of the elbow. Also notice the angles. This is so when it bends at the elbow, the back won't stretch too much and the inside won't crun
  5. A couple things you could do quickly that will help sell the realism. First is the scale of the floor material. It looks took big which makes the car look small, like an R/C model. Second is the tire sidewall material. There is too much going on breaking up the reflection. I think you need to reduce the amount of texture in the reflections there. The headlights look fantastic! I agree about the floor. Soften the reflections just a little bit.
  6. I think an image of the Team Render console window would help. Usually the answer is there.
  7. What render engine did you use?
  8. I love this series. Nice work, although this label say Cool BLUE Freeze so I'm scratching my head a bit.
  9. BigAl3D


    Nice render and modeling. What render engine? How long did it take you to model it? It's a little odd that light on the front fender near the headlight.
  10. Do you have permission to edit the file on that drive? I'm on a Mac, and sometimes I'll have to Right-Click to Show Info. At the bottom of that window is the Permissions setting. Sometimes it get changed to Read Only. I just change it to Read and Write and then it will work. Might be worth a look anyway.
  11. I believe if you move it, restart C4D and you shouldn't see it in your library, then drag it back into the browser from the new location. I think that would work.
  12. Much like your eye, a camera needs to be adjusted when pointed at a darker area. Your eye will open your iris more so your 3D camera should have a lower f-stop number too. One other tip I'll throw at you is make sure you're working in real-world scale. This will give you more realistic results.
  13. I couldn't find a forum for Team Render, so... Yes, I have reached out to our IT guy to help with this, but in the mean time, maybe someone here can shed some light. I'd like to start using Team Render Server since I'm still stuck at home. I also have a VPN to the office network. I can mount the office server on my desktop. So, I'm trying to figure out how to get my three render clients to show up locally at home. I have the IPs and the port numbers, but it won't connect in Team Render Server. Anyone have experience in setting something like this up?
  14. Depending on the level of realism, Physical render with Global Illumination can get close. You show R15 in your bio there, I don't remember the capabilities of that version off the top of my head. You might want to look into using IES light profiles to help with realistic-looking lighting.


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