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  1. Yeah there's no way for C4D to know that your legs should be behind that object. You will have to do it in Photoshop for stills, and for video use masks in AE and keyframe or, better yet, use Mocha AE to roto your legs.
  2. I was checking them out after clicking their ad here on the Cafe. Just wondering if anyone has used them for a real job. Always a little confusing getting a feel for costs. https://www.dropandrender.com/
  3. I agree, Xrefs should've been fixed by now. It would be a very powerful tool in production, but it's unpredictable. One thing though, and I think someone answered it for me on the Cafe at one point, when you first create an Xref, first thing to do is change the link to Absolute, I think or whatever the opposite is when you see the setting. Seemed to help a lot. For me, when I scaled a Xref, it would do this funky explode thing and you couldn't undo it.
  4. If you're going for realism (for the water anyway), keep in mind that small areas of water don't have many "waves" or movement in general unless something hits it. Even then, the movement is very quick and done. Don't forget to post your results.
  5. @shaddI'm using Corona which does have a Nodal material system, however, I have yet to dive into it. Not sure if Corona has that feature or not. I'll ask on their forums. @Vizn Yes, I'm aware of this trick, but if I have 10 red cars and I need to make three of them white, then they will all turn white.
  6. So I often have scenes (yes with cars) where I have more than one model in use. Most models have separate parts for all the sections that are painted. Many times these parts are in different groups throughout the parent group. Right now, in order to change the paint color, I have to scroll through and find every object and select it's material tag, then I can drag the new color and change them all. I don't want to eliminate the old material, so I'm not drag-replacing it in the Material Manager which also works great for large numbers of objects IF you want to remove the old material. Is there a trick to use some sort of master button or maybe some Xpresso that would let me drag a new material somewhere and it will replace all the material tag links for that object WITHOUT deleting the previous material? Does that make sense?
  7. Could be that after your collision objects move through and push the middle chunks away, the structure then collapses down which would explain why they might fall in that direction.
  8. You also might be able to use the Cloner Selection tool or the Mograph Weight Paintbrush. You can ad your shape somewhere as a guide and just trace it. The way you're doing it now makes my brain hurt.
  9. Here's a different way. If you create a black and white image of the shapes you want your clones to follow, just use an Cloner and Shader Effector. In this example, I found a cap in the Content Browser and used a Plane and a Cloner set to Object and Polygon Center. The Plane is the Object and you can control how many clones simply by adjusting the number of Segments. Set the Plane to not be visible or render. You should be able to open this file, I think. It's r20, but uses the same tools you have. CapsClones.zip
  10. I got this from MAXON when I asked about my strategy moving forward. I'm in my Studio and Cineversity Prime almost a year. The bit about still owning the perpetual is interesting. "If you renew your MSA by August 31st you’ll get R21 automatically when it comes out in September. You can also get a reduced price on Subscription should you choose to convert. The sooner in the MSA period you convert, the cheaper buying subscription will be. Once you convert you will still own the Perpetual license in addition to Subscription. The Subscription version will include exclusive updates."
  11. Adobe's entire universe is based on their development of the Postscript language. That is was started the desktop publishing revolution, fonts and scalable graphics. The rest is mostly to get Postscript used in every graphics shop. At least that's my fuzzy recollection from 1989.
  12. Ha. You're right. The page I got dumped on earlier was /maintentance.html and not the home page. Carry on and act casual.
  13. Speaking of MAXON's site being offline, if this is a planned upgrade or a revamping of the site to correspond with announcements, why not have the new site already done and on standby, then just hit "publish" today? Anyone who got excited and wanted to learn more only got a big cyber hand to the face. Just my opinion of course.
  14. BigAl3D

    Reflection Issues

    Greyscale has many other options. Look for one that has large softbox type lighting and those will give you better reflections in my opinion.
  15. I don't see any reason this wouldn't work. I mean, you can save your files anywhere you want. The machine that launched the job determines where the files will go. Could even be a thumb drive.

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