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  1. I believe seating at sporting stadiums are lined up to be even on the isles. My guess is that you need to figure out how many FEWER seats there are on each loop as they get smaller. Right now, your seats are slightly offset, which is good for spectators, but bad for neat isles up the stairs. Plus the stadiums get more paying seats with even isles. Does that make sense? If I've misunderstood your issue, then explain in a different way.
  2. Look in the Content Browser. There are several characters in there. Find the mesh and turn off the Subdivision Object and you'll see this. Look how basic his geometry is except where he will bend. There are always a few extra loops and they are angled in a specific way to avoid stretching. Character work is quite complex and takes a while to get your head around it. Now, if you have a character that won't bend, but moves more like a robot with hinges, the mesh isn't as important.
  3. Also would be helpful to see your polygons, Turn them on so people can see how you modeled him and the flow of polys. That will make or break your spirit when learning character stuff. My first try I had a triangulated mesh and it was a big mess.
  4. Alright so in the end, the winner was a simple spline wrap on 1/5 of the rim, then cloning it around and welding the seams. I'm using Corona Render on this. They have a shader called Round Edges. Check out how nice this is. The first image has nice, beveled/welded edges. The second is without it. Keep in mind, I did NOT connect these pieces together, it just looks like a did. Amazing. I guess the Connect Object might be able to pull this off, but I find it very difficult to get any usable results. This Round Edges just gets loaded into the bump channel, adjust the number down usually, then render. Boom.
  5. IES profiles that are provided with C4D are really great, except it is a total guessing game. There are hundreds that look very similar in the thumbnails, but have very different properties. I've tried going to the German company's site, siteco.com, that is referenced in the content browser, but there doesn't seem to be a way to cross reference anything. Since I mostly make scenes with cars, I'd like to get as realistic as possible and find an IES profile that gets close to a real car or whatever I'm designing. Somehow the name "5NA291E1MS08_1xHIT-CRI_70W_28652.ies" just isn't too clear for my brain anyway.
  6. I was having some success trying the Spline Deformer. I'll take a peek at the FFD though.
  7. Would the Surface Deformer work here? I remember a Vertex Pusher tutorial showing the rigged Flabio (from the content browser) and he put a shirt on him with the Surface Deformer.
  8. FYI - I'm getting an expired certificate from the Cafe. If I override in Chrome, the site is completely broken. Firefox gives me the site as normal after I override the warning and continue to this "not safe place."
  9. Thanks for the reply, but that deformer is for when you have an object that is already deformed so you can adjust the deformed shape. I'm looking for a good way to deform the center of that rim. It's proving harder than I thought.
  10. Long story short, in modeling this car rim, I should've built the bend into the model before cloning and welding stuff together, but I didn't. Now I'm looking for the best way to bend my geometry to simulate this look. Some of the deformers I've tried distorted the geometry too much. Maybe there's a better way I'm not familiar with?
  11. The Depth of Field is making me think this is a small model.
  12. Great. That's why the Cafe is awesome. There's always someone that can help you learn. When you finish this piece, would love to see the final animation.
  13. OK, I have a few thoughts. First off, there are many missing textures, all the one that point to your Downloads folder on your PC. Anyway, I'm rendering on a very old 2008 Mac Pro with 28 GB RAM. I just hit render a single frame (1st frame) and it took around 13 min. A good 4-5 min. just to calculate, mainly SSS somewhere in your scene. Not sure where the SSS is and I would make sure you really need it. That could shave a lot of time. OK, if you need SSS, that's fine. I like the Physical renderer, and in many cases, it renders faster, but not in this case. I even simplified the settings to Fixed and 3 passes. Render time was down to 04:13 min. to render. I then switched to Standard render and Best setting. I also removed the Physical Sky object. This is slow to render and you can just use a Sky object with a texture map to get the stars. Total render time only 3:25 min., but they looked very similar, again the only the first frame. Again this is only a 2008 Mac Pro so if you have an i7 or Xeon, it would render very quickly. Hope this helps.
  14. What's happened to me in the past is when I don't see the features of Enhanced OpenGL, it has been because my view was set to Quick Shading. Make sure it's set to Gouraud Shading and shadows is ticked on.
  15. ***Correction*** I posted too fast. The scene was slow to load and seamed like it didn't load. I'll take a look. You're going to have to post images. Your scene was created with an educational version and I can't open it with my retail R20.



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