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    There is a small creek behind those trees. I'm thinking a bright sun glint off the moving water perhaps?
  2. 3D people? 2D with alpha channel? How many? How close will they be seen? Mograph is the tool for this type of thing. The variation shader can also help make it look like there are more individual clones.
  3. One thing to keep in mind, is if you're using this model in a render of some kind, the how does it render? Not one single client cares what a mesh looks like if they only see the final result. If you're delivering a model to a client, then yes, the poop emoji may come into play. In fact, some render engines, like Corona, have a very nice feature you can use in the bump channel. It's called RoundEdges and will make a model like that, bad polys and all, look amazing with subtle bevel at every joint.
  4. Wow, that was amazing. Thanks for sharing that.
  5. Look at your Layers pallette. Then look in the V column and see if the little eyeball is white.
  6. There is no CUDA for us Mac peeps. They are supposedly working on a version to utilize all GPUs, but we'll see. Like ProRender, but it ain't there yet. OK, technically, if you find an old Mac Pro tower (cheese grater) you can set it up with an NVIDIA card and get CUDA, or set up an external GPU box. I've seen people do these things to use Redshift and Octane.
  7. For what it's worth, I have the 2013 Mac Pro trashcan which is from that time-frame, but with a better chip. Mac Pro (Late 2013), 3 GHz 8-Core Intel Xeon E5, 32 GB RAM. Rendered in R19: 1 min. :59 sec. Rendered in R20: 2 min. :01 ec.
  8. I forgot to mention, as you will see in my scene file, make sure to add plenty of subdivisions so you get smooth bends as you go. In that file, I think I also added some displacement using the animated water texture for added effect.
  9. C4D loves cores. The more cores, the faster the render in most cases.
  10. You'll be surprised at how easy it is to make that. In C4D, make planes that would be your ribbons. Create splines you want the ribbons to follow, then use a Spline Wrap Deformer. Either group your "ribbons" and the deformer, or make the deformer a child of a ribbon. I recommend setting the Mode to Keep Length, then just animate the Offset slider and you're on your way. Here's a quick example. RibbonExample.c4d
  11. Perfect. I think that's what I was thinking when I tried keyframing the Initial Velocity. Thanks.
  12. So for whatever reason, I wanted to do a quick little 3D doodle and a tried something that I thought was easy, but it didn't work as I thought. So imagine three spheres resting on a plane, all dynamic. I want each ball to shoot up in a staggered fashion. Simple I thought. Just keyframe the Initial Velocity setting from 0 to 500 or something and let the fun begin. Nothing. Tried a couple of Effector tricks, but I got nothing. I'm going to hit my forehead with my palm when someone points out the obvious. Thanks.
  13. @teknow I'll tell you what, Cycles 4D has the best designed node editor I've seen for C4D. The only other one that is close is Unreal Engine 4. I know what you mean about confusing things. A while back, I demoed Cycles, Arnold, Maxwell and Corona at the same time (although Corona didn't have nodes at that time). The main thing that may be a little different is in the PBR workflow. Some engines use different names for the same thing, i.e. Displacement/Height, Glossiness/Roughness, Metallic, etc.
  14. Oh wow. I never really looked at their pricing.
  15. Sketchfab has a bunch of amazing models for viewing and for sale and they're all "interactive" in the sense that you can rotate, zoom in and out while retaining high-quality. Check them out. I'm guessing might be able to use it for clients to view as well. Not sure if there's a private/password protected system on there, but it's worth a look. https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/ivy-herb-a5f070f15c304e3eb7111e782e5b8636
  16. Yeah either you need $2,500 worth of Nvidia cards, or if you only have a fast CPU, there's Arnold and Corona. I personally use Corona and, even though I haven't upgraded to a modern CPU yet, it's remarkably fast. I'm running the old Mac Trashcan™, but it's still quick. I'm hoping to get that new elusive new Mac Pro they keep talking about, but even on an iMac Pro or a Windows machine with a Threadripper, Corona is as fast as any GPU engine. Plus, it's a fully raytraced engine so there are no compromises with certain effects. I also had Cycles and it was very slow on my hardware. If you only do 3D rendering and other video CUDA stuff, then a GPU solution may be worth it. If you do lots of other stuff on your PC that doesn't use two monster GPUs, then a AMD Threadripper setup will give you super fast CPU rendering with engines that support it, AND speed up everything else you do with that PC. Your choise.
  17. This solution is just a quick fix. Cerbera's is the proper way. Yes what Cerbera said is true. Planning a model and creating the proper polygon flow is critical, depending on what you need to do with it. I took your shapes and combined them, then selected all the points and hit Optimize. This cleans up a lot of weirdness. Then I deleted the polygons on the top. Now when you choose Close Polygon Hole, it seals it up nicely. Repeat for each set of polys. Now, in my file, I duplicated the model and selected the new faces, right-click and selected Remove N-gons just to show what is really going on. I also enabled the Phong tag which fixed some shading issues. If you are going to deform this shape or drop it under a Subdivision Surface (still want to call it a HyperNURBS), then this solution won't work well. If you just need this as is and drop a material on it, then it works. Gap2.c4d
  18. Not sure I'm understanding exactly what you're trying to do. Can you post the scene?
  19. Very cool indeed. Funny since the industry we're in is so good now, at first I was asking myself if that was animated. Ha. I will always have a soft spot for Animusic though:
  20. Bummer. I was hoping that I missed something. Thanks.
  21. I want to use XREFs, but every time I do there's a problem. From the bug about absolute paths to all the parts of the model moving apart which can't be undone. Seems like a great idea, but I am tired of getting burned. Anyone using XREFs successfully?
  22. Yeah, that's why I added this line to my reply. Unless you're desperate for hard drive space, just move it to another location is what I'm saying.
  23. This is simple. Library files can be located in two places. These are Mac file paths so you should see the same thing. If you really do have R16, then the first path is where to look. If you Command-Click the C4D icon in the dock, it will take you right to the main folder. Find the library you want to remove and move it out of that folder. Restart C4D. Simply move it back and restart if you change your mind. /Applications/MAXON/Cinema 4D R20/library/browser/XXX.lib4d Newer Version of C4D /Users/user/Library/Preferences/MAXON/Cinema 4D R20_XXXXX/library/browser/XXX.lib4d
  24. Whoops. You are 100% correct. My bad. Yeah, Redshift already had GPU, but Arnold is just now adding it. Thanks for correcting me.
  25. I don't use either engine, but I just saw a preview over at Greyscale showing the BETA of Red Shift GPU, so I don't believe it is out yet. Hard to say it is the best right?



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