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  1. Thanks Cerbera, that answers my question. I did see some SplinePatch tutorials but it didn't seem like they'd compare it to features in Coons Mesh. Looks like its worth the purchase for what I want to do.
  2. Does anybody know if there are significant differences between the Coons Mesh and SplinePatch 3.0 Plugins? It seems like Coons Mesh is a free version of the SplinePatch, albeit less stable. I can't find any comparison tutes or forum threads on Google, at least easily. Is anybody familiar with these tools and can elaborate? Cheers,
  3. Awesome! That solved it. I wasn't dragging to the LHS & RHS. Very subtle feature. I still have to drag them one by one, but much faster than right click navigation. I added a screen cap of how to do this, in case somebody runs into this problem in the future.
  4. Thanks for the suggestion. However, I'm unable to drag the sliders into the Xpresso node. Also, what do you mean by RHS & LHS? Right hand and Left hand sliders?
  5. Update. I realized I made a small error in my example file with the same pose morph tag shown. Here is the corrected version. Same idea.
  6. Hello I'm trying to create about 30 set driven keys without time-consuming right-clicking. (See attached images) I'm trying to connect two very long lists of identical pose morphs that were auto-generated by the Mixamo auto-rigger. Body Geometry on the left, Eyelash Geometry on the right. Identical pose morph lists inside each pose morph tag. I'd like to be able to select and then drag a specific pose slider into an Xpresso node and have it show up in the input or output ports. The only way I can see how to do this is to right click on the input or output port. This involves a lot of manual sub-menu navigation. Is there a drag and drop option that could speed this up? Something similar? Or is it only possible with custom scripting? I remember seeing a trick for this in a video tutorial, but it was shown in an offhand way. Cheers,
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