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  1. That introduction text sure made me laugh =D If your joints and bones are placed correctly, and your mesh fits all the joints but you get this 'shift', try this: Disable the skin tag (click the green V next to it), select all weight tags of the mesh, and press 'set bind pose'. If you now enable the skin tag, it shouldn't shift anymore.
  2. Hi everyone, I wanted to start lip-synching an animation, and because there's a lot of scrubbing in the timeline, this is something super annoying for anyone around to hear. Not for me though, because I have to hear every little sound and synch it. So I wanted to use my headphones, but the audio from cinema4d R21 isn't coming from the speakers, but from the built in Mac speakers. Everything else works just fine.. Spotify: headphones. Youtube: headphones. Quicktime: headphones. R21: speakers. What? •_•? Does anyone else have this problem or does anyone know how to fix it? Thanks in advance! Edit: R20 doesn't have this problem, by the way.
  3. Hello, After a few years I had a go (finally) with the character object and it works just fine. I'm just wondering: how does one add additional joints and controllers for i.e. the eyebrows, or in this case, the top of the hat? Do I have to dig in the HUGE hierarchy of the character object and add joints and controllers there? I'm a bit hesitant to do this, because I'm afraid to mess the whole character thing up.. Or do I add i.e. an 'eye component' and change that to an eyebrow thing? Any tips, welcome! Thanks in advance!
  4. Smart! =D And fast, a 288x145 render as a final image! Ha, awesome. Nice client too!
  5. Did you do an optimize? Or an 'align normals' ? Switch 'use edge breaks' in the phong tag off?
  6. Nice! Really digging the nuclear blast and wave!
  7. Been messing with the fur / hair, and fixed the textures. Also did some compositing and color corrections. (maybe too much? Not sure!) What do you guys think? Any pointers?
  8. Almost finished. Was testing some poses, but I think this one will do just fine. Just have to attach his arms back on his torso, model some gloves (these are just a test) and than start working on the fur!
  9. Hi Vozzz! I didn't drop off, just been very busy with commissioned work. Trying to find some time for personal work! Cool you still remember those videos! They're pretty old.. I think that monkey animation you mention is over 10 years old Progress update: fixed the head, made it asymmetrical and tried to fix his expression. Working on the bulletproof vest now.

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