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  1. From the screenshots shown, it looks like you could also use a spline and a lathe.
  2. If you want, you can pm or email me the file. Still have R19 on my machine.
  3. Thanks for the reply Bezo! Well, yeah. I started modeling in symmetry, and when I was done with the modeling I made the symmetry editable, so I had one object. Initially I unwrapped everything, and for example, the left and right arms and legs were identical in UV mesh. So in order to save some space on my texture file, I placed those on top of each other. This saved space and I only had to paint 1 time for both legs and arms. After that, I did a sculpt, and when I baked that, obviously a complete mess! So I redid the UV mapping, put everything correctly, not overlapping, and sta
  4. Opened the file yesterday to save it so I could send it to you guys, only thing was: my sculpt object is for some reason completely messed up. One side is ok, the other is checkered. See below Didn't change anything to the file, because when I did the baking-thing, I saved it as a v3, and started on a new file v4 (this way I always have backups of previous files) UV-map is still exactly the same as before.
  5. Baking was done inside cinema4d, in the sculpt menu > bake sculpt objects. I did see a tutorial where they were talking about raycasting and cages (because yes, I do look things up first before hurling questions on the cafe ) In that tutorial, they lowered the raycasting emitter significantly, so maybe I'll have to give that a try. And I'll have a look at xNormal as well! Thanks!
  6. Thanks for the reply! I'll have a look if I can zip the file(s) and send them over via wetransfer this evening. Pretty big file (with texture map and sculpt file)
  7. Hi there! Trying to bake a normal map out of a sculpt, it's working pretty good, except I get a few weird spots randomly. Any thoughts what these are and why they're there? And maybe how to get rid of them?
  8. Well, a fast and easy solution is to put the cone as a child under the Head_c controller
  9. Thanks for the replies guys! Didn't have time this weekend (working) but here's the file of the character I was talking about. binnie rig upload.c4d.zip
  10. My agent asked me to make a simple, fun animation. 'Something with an astronaut' was the complete and very detailed briefing.. =D So I made him this: Agent very happy now! ^^
  11. Yes. I'm yet again annoyed about an IK-spline. Probably has to do with me and the fact I'm at rigging =D Anyway, here's my problem: I've made a character with 4 tentacles, and they all need to move. No problem, slap in a spline, bunch of nulls, an IK-spline and presto! It works actually pretty good, except for the fact that some joints (randomly) start twisting when I either scrub the timeline, or start moving nulls around. I can manually fix this by rotating each joint, but that's time-consuming and unnecessary. Probably has something to do with poles or banking
  12. use the split command to split the spline you selected from the group.
  13. Hello, I tried this in R21, with a torus, and animated the pipe radius and ring radius, like your example. In F-curve mode (not in dope sheet), it works just fine here. Just select the points you want to adjust, and drag the handles. Every point selected (no matter where they are) will be linked and will be adjusted accordingly. If this doesn't work in your F-curve mode, maybe upload the file so I can have a look.
  14. That introduction text sure made me laugh =D If your joints and bones are placed correctly, and your mesh fits all the joints but you get this 'shift', try this: Disable the skin tag (click the green V next to it), select all weight tags of the mesh, and press 'set bind pose'. If you now enable the skin tag, it shouldn't shift anymore.
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