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  1. First of all, love the donut detail on his tie. Very funny! Second, who has hair on the inside of his arms? •_•' Thought the other version was better, skin tone as wel! Cops are born with moustaches! =D Other than that, great model and probably superb edge flows.
  2. Haha, thanks guys! No triangles anywhere, obviously! I've learned that blocking out the model first really does help a lot. The only thing I do find it a bit hard to decide, when there are too many polygons, when to start reducing them (i.e. behind the door) Hope to start working on the wolf soon, still working on the sketch.
  3. I was doing some paperwork, paying some bills, made a couple of invoices and thought: 'my god, my invoice looks superboring and plain!'. So I thought to make some characters and models related to money, invoices, etc. First idea was a 'moneywolf', here in Belgium / The Netherlands this term is used for someone who is always out for money, a greedy person. And what better job for a moneywolf then being an armored-cash-transport driver / guard! Made some progress screenshot along the way too, shows a bit how I started modeling this thing.
  4. Why didn't I notice this before? I checked it in R20 and you're right.. You have to click 'icon color'. Never saw it before. Thanks and sorry for my enthusiasm =D
  5. Downloaded it today, went super fast, smooth and easy, no errors anywhere. Checked it our real fast, opened a scene file, and I already noticed something simple, but great: The light-icons actually have the colors they were given! Simple but awesome! Happy camper =D
  6. Looks great! It's really nice to still have this community with all these members being active and helpful! Keep up the great work, always a pleasure visiting the cafe.
  7. I was afraid of the creative cloud subscription (adobe), and had the same reaction most people have here about the MAXON subscription. But I was wrong. In the end, as a professional using these apps, it really doesn't make that much of a difference. You just always have the latest version and so much more, and you miss that big obstacle of a huge price once. I'm thrilled to see 'simple' things in the new release, such as copy / paste points and polygons, a denoiser, and from what I can read here, a faster f-curve editor. Just got an email of my local distributor, saying I need to renew my MSA license. But do I? The new release is in September, with the new subscription model, so why should I pay 665€ for the MSA?
  8. A character I made for a pitch, but unfortunately didn't make it. The concept was a partyanimal, so I made this happy guy, always in the mood for a party!
  9. Or hold ctrl and click on the spline to add a point. Keep in mind that the (length) tangents might need adjustments.
  10. CApruzzese: thanks! It actually all started with the idea of making a huge infographic about an airport.. I made a lot of items and road segments, all square. And the idea was that you could build a scene using those pieces. Since everything was square, I thought it would be fun to have a square format as well. In the end, things changed and eventually made these animations instead, but still keeping the square format. Also thought it's handy because of all the mobile stuff, smartphones, iPads, etc. So no matter which way you turn your device, it's always the same! ^^
  11. Uploaded the last animation (so far ^^) vip!
  12. Ehm, just make sure you scale on all 3 axis (xyz)?
  13. I had this idea a long time ago, and made a first setup a couple of years ago. But with paid work coming in, didn't really have the time to finish this. After a while, when I had some spare time, I picked it up again and made a still. I still am planning on making a short animation of this guy.
  14. Thanks a lot guys =) I hope my bags don't get thrown around like in the animation ^^ @cerbera: here's some more! The aircraft was a b*tch to model by the way. First I made one window, put that into a linear cloner. Made the doorpanel after that, and put one of them on either side. Connect those three part by using the 'connect'-object, and use a wrap deformer to make a half-cilinder. Throw in a symmetry to mirror the other half. After that, I made it editable and used a FFD-deformer to give it a bit of an round, cartoony shape.
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