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  1. If the height and width of the hexagon are identical, you get round numbers. The logic behind it? No clue =D
  2. You measured the width of the top of the hexagon and the middle, could you measure from top to bottom? Is that also exactly 20cm?
  3. kingcoma


    Awesome! I'll have a look at it. I've heard many good things about redshift (my agent was also bragging about it) so maybe it's time to jump on the wagon ^^ Guess I just have to wait a bit when there are drivers for Mojave.. As for backups: of course I make backups =D But it's always lame to go back to a previously saved thing, and trying to find everything back.
  4. kingcoma


    I read about those eGPU's yesterday, and also read about that script via terminal. They did say you should make a back up of everything, just in case. A bit scary, as I have a pretty constant flow of commissioned jobs. And I run Mojave, but I reckon there will be Nvidia drivers pretty quickly for that. And this was a personal project, so time didn't really matter. That's why I rendered it on my old Mac on the side, so I could continue working on my new Mac. For commercial projects I try to keep the render times as low as possible, and if it's too much, I use a render farm instead. This works great, but like you said earlier, it costs me money, and download time. Which would be the best Nvidia card to have? There are so many! I'll have a look at corona too! Thanks for all the tips and info guys! =D
  5. kingcoma


    Ah yes. Nvidia. I have an iMac Pro, with an AMD Radeon Pro Vega 64 16Gb card.. Would that work? 4 to 5 minutes in redshift? Versus 14h (on my old Mac Pro by the way!) physical? That's a HUGE difference! :O
  6. kingcoma


    Well, first, I'm not really that technical, so cpu, gpu, such and such, no idea. Second, I have a lot of versions of cinema4d, but at the moment, I'm very happy with R18. I've had a lot of problems with R19, crashed lots of times. Superlame. R20, with it's new material node system, completely new to me, so have to find some time to learn.. Third, time! I don't have any time to really get into it and do some tests and experiment =( And lastely, I'm not sure if it's my computer or my ability to get something good (Probably both =D), but it doesn't render that fast.. Is it THAT good, gpu rendering?
  7. kingcoma


    Thanks for the kind words, guys! =) @everfresh: I'm not the biggest hero when it comes to rendering, so I mostly use a combination of the physical renderer with GI and AO. There's also some SSS involved, which takes a lot of time preparing, and the hair and fur also needs quite some time to prep. I work on a 5K screen, which makes HD renders look ridiculously small. I tend to make things double that size nowadays.
  8. kingcoma


    FINALLY! Finished a new personal project! It took me quite a while to get started, was flooded with commissioned work, had lots of other stuff to do around the house, and had a bit of an artist block (lame!) Anyway, hope you like it! Also made a 'making of' so you can have a look how it was made. M
  9. kingcoma


    Thanks, man. Last year was extremely superbusy work-wise, not much time for personal work. And if I had time, been struggling a bit with an artist block =( Hope to post something new soon!
  10. kingcoma


    Lookin' good as always! =) I like the shape, and the simplicity of it (in shape and mesh) I think it's even possible to have him stand on all 4 feet this way. IF you're going to animate him of course ^^ Funny btw, I work exactly the same as you do!
  11. kingcoma

    WIP: Human skull

    I actually never use the polygon pen :/ I just use the snap function, put points on it, and bridge those. Works like a charm for me.
  12. Hey, that's a great little tip there! I didn't know that one about the clipping =D Nice little project! I don't want to know what the inside of the 5 would look like when trains and cars all come together ^^ Fun!
  13. kingcoma

    Barry BBQ

    fun character! Gotta love the details, especially second picture, left character =D Ha!
  14. kingcoma

    Houston, we have a problem.

    Ha, exactly! I do have a little holiday planned for the summer (Dominican Republic!) so I think I'll live =D