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  1. Good point, Icecaveman ^^ This is actually just one of the 3 houses. The concept is: you have a house for worries, one for the good things in your life and one for your dreams or things you would like to see different in the future. Kids can draw on these houses to illustrate what they go through in daily life or what they like to change, or write keywords to have a better look at the situation. It's a great way for kids to express certain things that are hard to talk about. I only sketched one house (have 2 more to go) but made that one in 3d because I thought it was fun to do =)
  2. Thanks a lot guys! =) @natevplas: Sketch&Toon? Ha, no thank you! =D Never fancied that, way to tricky and complicated for me! @CApruzzese: Thanks! I saw this trick on a video of @Neil Stubbings: using spheres, connector and hair. Did cost some time to get it right, but works pretty good.
  3. My beautiful wife works as a social worker at the juvenile court, and she uses the signs of safety-tool: the three houses. These three houses are a great way to talk to children about the good things in their lives, their worries and the dreams they have for the future. She made an example sketch for me, so I had a very good idea of what she wanted. I made a new sketch (below) because she really likes the old skool pencil-on-paper style. I thought it would be cool to make a 3d version of the house, so here it is!
  4. Could you maybe upload a screenshot or file where we can have a look at the problem? I just tried it with an animated character, and it works fine here. Are you using joints for a rig, or a character object?
  5. When I clicked this post, and read your text, I was like 'an animation lasting 8 minutes? That'll be way too long for it to be good. It'll probably have horrible timings and crappy animation.' I'm really happy I clicked the link, because MAN! This was really extremely good! Loved the character design on the penguins and other characters (those teeth are brilliant) Loved the design of the machines, the little car, scooter, everything! Loved the texture / look and feel, really special! Wondering how you managed that! Loved the story! Loved the humor! Very nicely animated, perfect timings, sound effects are a big plus too. Overall, everything was great about it! Thanks a lot for posting it!
  6. you can scale it by using the object mode.
  7. No idea actually. Haven't been able to practice on those fields yet. EDIT: You can make a paperclip in about 50 seconds. Here's how: https://we.tl/t-vphJSnEaOw (link contains a quicktime movie)
  8. Because the fourth bend deformer conflicts with the first one. You'll probably have to use a falloff on the fourth bend. By the way, why not just use a spline and a sweep?
  9. If I have to insert a circular shape, I always take a disc object, set the parameters, put it where I want it, make it editable and then do a 'connect and delete' from the attributes manager. I find it a bit faster, and you have a bit more control in 3d space. You can also see the polygon better, because they're already there, unlike a spline.
  10. As what are you saving your file in illustrator? .ai version8? Not having any problems when I save it like that, and import these directly into cinema4d. Also, what do you mean with 'a way to constrain angles when creating them'?
  11. Ok, small update. I installed R17 on my new iMac Pro, because I knew for sure the audio worked there. But apparently, not on my new machine. I opened the same file on my old machine in R17, worked fine. Same file in R17 on new machine: doesn't work and sounds really crappy. So I guess it's not a cinema4d problem, more of an Apple problem. LAME! Have to work on my old Mac now =(
  12. Hi JLinton, Thanks a lot for your time and effort! I downloaded the file and tested it both on R20 and R17, but it's the same thing: clear and understandable in R17, unclear and chippy in R20.. I'm trying to make an example with a screen capture, but it only records the screen, not the audio :roll eyes:
  13. Hello, I've been doing character animation for quite some time now, and sometimes I have to do lip-synching aswel. However, since R18 (and I'm now at R20) if I load an audio file (either via the dopesheet or a soundeffector) I can hear it clearly when hitting play, but when I scrub the timeline manually, I hear these really unclear bits and pieces of the audio. Which obviously is a disaster when manually lip-synching characters. In the previous versions (R17 and below) it worked like a charm. It isn't the audio file that's not working properly, because I tested the exact same file on several machines with several versions of C4d. R17: great! R18: doesn't work. R19 / R20: computer says no. I have tried .wav files, .aif files, different Mhz, different bits, all sorts of things. Am I the only one with this problem? If you guys load an audio file and scrub the timeline, can you hear the audio clear, or bits and pieces? My only option at this stage is to go back to work on an old machine, and work in R17 again. But that's stupid, don't you think? =/ Would love to hear what your experiences say! Thanks in advance, Martijn / Kingcoma
  14. @Robotnik: Yes! awesome! Works like a charm! Thanks a lot for the tip! =D
  15. Thanks for the replies! I run macOS Mojave 10.14 Tried looking up my graphics card for updates, but can't seem to find it for Mac.. :/ It's a Radeon Pro Vega 64 16Gb I use the eyedropper a lot, so it's quite irritating!



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