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  1. Did you do an optimize? Or an 'align normals' ? Switch 'use edge breaks' in the phong tag off?
  2. Nice! Really digging the nuclear blast and wave!
  3. Been messing with the fur / hair, and fixed the textures. Also did some compositing and color corrections. (maybe too much? Not sure!) What do you guys think? Any pointers?
  4. Almost finished. Was testing some poses, but I think this one will do just fine. Just have to attach his arms back on his torso, model some gloves (these are just a test) and than start working on the fur!
  5. Hi Vozzz! I didn't drop off, just been very busy with commissioned work. Trying to find some time for personal work! Cool you still remember those videos! They're pretty old.. I think that monkey animation you mention is over 10 years old Progress update: fixed the head, made it asymmetrical and tried to fix his expression. Working on the bulletproof vest now.
  6. Finally had some time to work on the sketch, and started blocking out the model.
  7. First of all, love the donut detail on his tie. Very funny! Second, who has hair on the inside of his arms? •_•' Thought the other version was better, skin tone as wel! Cops are born with moustaches! =D Other than that, great model and probably superb edge flows.
  8. Haha, thanks guys! No triangles anywhere, obviously! I've learned that blocking out the model first really does help a lot. The only thing I do find it a bit hard to decide, when there are too many polygons, when to start reducing them (i.e. behind the door) Hope to start working on the wolf soon, still working on the sketch.
  9. I was doing some paperwork, paying some bills, made a couple of invoices and thought: 'my god, my invoice looks superboring and plain!'. So I thought to make some characters and models related to money, invoices, etc. First idea was a 'moneywolf', here in Belgium / The Netherlands this term is used for someone who is always out for money, a greedy person. And what better job for a moneywolf then being an armored-cash-transport driver / guard! Made some progress screenshot along the way too, shows a bit how I started modeling this thing.
  10. Why didn't I notice this before? I checked it in R20 and you're right.. You have to click 'icon color'. Never saw it before. Thanks and sorry for my enthusiasm =D
  11. Downloaded it today, went super fast, smooth and easy, no errors anywhere. Checked it our real fast, opened a scene file, and I already noticed something simple, but great: The light-icons actually have the colors they were given! Simple but awesome! Happy camper =D
  12. Looks great! It's really nice to still have this community with all these members being active and helpful! Keep up the great work, always a pleasure visiting the cafe.
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