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  1. While I havent specifically looked at your file. There is a brand new tutorial from Niko Schatz using toilet paper below. Take a look at thet first Tutorial Part 1: https://youtu.be/QqdSbPSyn1Y Tutorial Part 2: https://youtu.be/3qjx3iaV6Aw
  2. one noise displacing a sphere for the undulations and another noise added into volume builder in subtract mode for the holes?
  3. Hi EAlexander, do you have any clear conclusions on Redshift compared to Corona yet? I'm really interested in image quality and ease of use rather than render speed. (I'm a stills guy) I'm using Corona on my laptop as I'm mac based - and am very happy with it. But was wondering if there was much to be gained by adding Redshift to my home workstation? Love the sketchbook BTW
  4. Hmmm, from experience, glass 'problems' are frequently not really problems at all. But rather the material reflecting/refracting something in the environment or lighting that you weren't expecting. That said - try going to Mode > Modelling > Mesh Checking first, just to be sure. And definitely untick use edge breaks in the phong tab
  5. Ha! Yep - sounds like work in almost every industry! Big companies are bureaucratic. Sociopaths and self promoters get to wield the power. But hey, I’d rather be doing this than working down a coal mine
  6. I bought a PC last year. I concentrated my energy getting the specs right - but in reality the thing I still find most unsettling is the monitor. Definitely allow for a good chunk of money to make the adjustment from the imac's excellent screen easier! Also - why not get a high spec threadripper and stick with Corona instead. There is a good coversation on builds here: https://corona-renderer.com/forum/index.php?topic=21416.780
  7. Not wishing to hijack the thread. But I'm also running r21 on a new 16' mbp. And while I'm not using pro-render (I'm Corona)... I do find there's something a bit odd sometimes. There's more crashes than I'm used to with cinema. Heavy files particularily seem to be causing issues. Its difficult to pinpoint the problem. Is it r21, catalina, or the MBP hardware... time will tell I guess.
  8. It would be excellent if that is the case. A .5 release for those of us on r21 perpetual is going in a good direction! (If its sub only - ie an extra €700 next september...... well.... you could guess my response)
  9. My cynical side thought that perhaps a feature was being held back from the main release.... with it being added to the subscription release as an incentive to get people on that train. I dearly hope that is not the case.
  10. In r20 I would often render on my workstation and keep working on my laptop - which worked well (as long as the wifi was turned off so they werent on the same network). I found this incredibly useful, but reaslise that its not structly allowable in terms of the licence. In r21 this is no longer possible unfortunately. There has to be a single running copy linked to the the licence server (which I loathe). As a solo freelancer, the chance of me buying a second licence is precisely nil - so MAXON will not make extra money form this. They will just make my workflow more clunky. That said, it is still possible to use a 2nd machine to render while you keep working using team render. You just need to make sure that the render machine is running the C4D render client instead of the full version. But how this would work using a computer on a different network (as in your case) is beyone me.
  11. They are not materials per se. The objects have been assigned a display colour (see example attached).
  12. Hi, I want to do a seemingly simple task - clone anumber of spheres along a helix. But I'd like there to be fewer clones at the beginning and more at the end. (I will fan it out a bit with the scale apart effector). I'm drawing a blank as to how I can do this. Is there some sort of plain effector parameter that effects amout? Cheers R
  13. Normally a pearlescent type finish is achieved by adding a coloured fresnel gradient into the reflecton colour channel. But as the coloring in your sample is a bit more 'directional', it may simply be reflecting a coloured gradient on a sky object
  14. Brilliant! And intriuguing.... I havent a clue as to how some of thoes are set up.
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