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  1. Give it a try, works well enough on mine.
  2. You're not stuck with Physical! You could use Corona - which also interactively renders in the viewport - and in my personal opinion looks better than Redshift. You dont have to go GPU. Most arch vis is still CPU rendered.
  3. But you just neede the appearence right? It doesnt need to be splines. Just make a simple line texture and Flat map it onto the landscape at a 90º angle. Super simple. Maybe that's good enough. You can jst make every few lines thicker on the texture
  4. rfanoni

    Thin Film

    Perhaps I wasn't clear - I didnt mean the model needed thickness (quite the opposite). I meant the colours were by defined by thickness in the thin film settings. Theres a video below* showing what I mean about the refelction colour. Seems to be what your after, no? If you can't instert ThinFilm under the reflection colour in RS then use a fresnel gradient - it will work almost exactly the same. All Thin Film does in define the gradient colour for you. *file was too big apparently. You can see the screencapture here if you want: https://we.tl/t-h2Fi2FlMF1
  5. rfanoni

    Thin Film

    I dont use Redshift - but hopefully this is universal. Thin film changes colours based on angle but defined by thickness. Your flat holographic paoer is jusr a 2D surface without thickness or transparency. So it's probably easier to feed a coloured gradient into a fresnel shader and plug that into your reflection colour slot.
  6. I also work frequently between machines. A minor quibble - but something that annoys me every day - is the need to clunkily quit and reopen cinema after re-assigning the licence. I would prefer a seamless operation in the initial startup of cinema. I realise that it wasn't striktly kosher... But I also liked that fact that I could render on one machine and work on the other if I disconnected them from the same network in old versions.
  7. I have done similar work to you in the past. There is a steady stream (AFAIK) of freelance 3D visualiser work in London design agencies. Its one of the few areas outside motion graphic where C4D is the industry standard. If you already have suffiecient skills/work samples, then I'd just try and freelance. There no guarantees, but you can always freelance Artwork to top up your earnings if there's not enough 3D work some months month. VFX is a different industry completely and I'm not sure it'll be particularily easy to transfer to TBH. R
  8. I dont know how clean your underlying mesh is. But so long as its decent, you could use Pose Morph states to open it while keeping it a single mesh.
  9. Try and mimic reality where possible. I'm not a v-ray user - so I'm not sure how its tonemapping settings work. But the trick here may well be adjusting the exposure rather than the lights themselves.
  10. So as the original post stated. Functionality is being removed for perpetual owners in a push to get subscriber money. The End.
  11. For the next few months yes. Then after that. No. As per the original post, I am concerned about not being able to re-access some scripts/addons in CV Tools that I consoider essential and should be part of the package. I'm not I that bothered about accessing the tutorials etc.
  12. I asked MAXON about this last week. Their answer is below. Basically Cineversity access is Subscruption only after the end of the year (as the MSA doesn't exist it cant be renewed). Shame. "Since Cineversity is tied to the MSA and MAXON's Cinema 4D Subscriptions, your Cineversity expired on the same date. However, due to the Covid situation, MAXON has decided to give Cineversity subscriptions to all users of Cinema 4D license holders until the end of the year."
  13. Normally you would use a layer shader with AO as a mask to make this sort of thing. (theres no curvature map with Corona unfortuantely.) But if you want to be really specific about the placement, then you'll need to UV unwrap and paint the textures yourself.
  14. Indeed. Blocking access to Cineversity for people with a valid licence is absolutely ridiculous. Taking simple functionally away from people will drive them to other DCCs, not subscriptions. Very sad
  15. Pure magic! Thanks for all these


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