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  1. rfanoni

    Machine Specs

    For now I'd get the top end i7 Imac- and (DIY) max out the RAM to 64GB. For me that's a pleasant working experience... And when there's a need for heavy rendering, just send it to a renderfarm from within the app (Rebus Ranch etc). Better than a kludge PC solution for me. Although maybe the new mac pro is on the horizon (isn't it always)
  2. rfanoni

    How to achieve this?

    UV map a planar gradient at 90º to the displacement. Clamp white values in the displacement noise to get it to flatten at the top.
  3. rfanoni

    Rainbow refractions?

    I'm not sure that chromatic aberration is what you're after TBH. That is a method for making subtle colour offsets to mimic refraction within camera lenses. You seem to be after a stronger effect that mimics a light being split into it's composite elements (by a prism for example). You could try faking this by using very slightly offset R, G, B lights. (Or finding a dedicated plugin to do it)
  4. Yep, 100% correct. As fastbee suggests, you need to stop the floor reflecting with the compositing tag (see my screengrab below.)
  5. rfanoni

    Misbehaving Polys from MOI3d

    I also don't have octane - but can confirm that the problem is not present in corona. So I think we know what the culprit is ;)
  6. rfanoni

    Misbehaving Polys from MOI3d

    Ah - may be a problem with octane reading the normal map. Try deleting the normal tag.
  7. rfanoni

    Misbehaving Polys from MOI3d

    You're attachments are missing. Scene file would be better than screenshots though.
  8. rfanoni

    Best basic After Effects training?

    Hartelijk bedankt meneer Snake. And MikeA too - although I don't think my casual budget will stretch to a weeks personal training TBH :). Any more recco's appreciated.
  9. After many years basically being a C4D stills guy, I'd really like to start adding After Effects to my workflow for more for 2D animations. Can anyone recommend any good paid training for a beginner? In term of tone-of-voice I really rated 3D Fluff and MILG 11 C4D training. Whet are the AE equivalents? Thanks in advance!
  10. rfanoni

    New render engine advice

    if you're mac based +1 for Corona. What sort of work do you do though? That may define what suits best (some arch-vis guys avoid GPU renderers because of memory limitations for example)
  11. rfanoni

    Triangles appearing in renders?

    Is it imported from CAD? I expect there is problem with the normal tags. Try deleting them and see if adjusting some parameters in the phong tag will help
  12. rfanoni

    Displacement acting strange

    Uv mapping is different i expect.
  13. I've had very little success with x_t files. The software that most people have in their pocket in case they're sent CAD (ie Rhino, MoI) wont open it. If at all possible contact whoever sent you the file and ask then to re-send as at .step file (a more usable CAD exchange format). R20 should open that fine.
  14. rfanoni

    Looking for pricing advice

    Hi Bolos, I don't want to be negative, but are you sure that you can actually do the job to a good standard? Its fine to learn a bit on the job - we all do it. But you can't really charge for the time it takes you to learn how to model something. Good modelling skills are not something you can pick up in a couple of days.
  15. rfanoni


    CAD import could be very useful actually. It's all going to depend on quality of meshing which is as yet unknown. I'm assuming that this is for MAC AND PC?