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  1. I use Corona on my macbook pro which works well and is very quick. Give it a trial to see how well it works with your specs. With only 8gb RAM and an i5 processor you are going to find some limitations with whatever you pick though.
  2. I must say that I think the pricing/features could be streamlined too. I would think you could break it into 3 strands: 1. Education: The cheapest version available to those with certification that they are a student. Available as the full 'Studio' product but with some limitations (max 3 years, resolution size cap, single render node?) 2. Indy: Mid-priced available to low billing (under €70k) freelancers, hobbyists. Available as the full 'Studio' product but with some limitations (single render node, limited support etc.) 3. Full version: everyone else, ie Pro freelancers & businesses & institutions. This must surely be the bulk of who pays for C4D anyway. I don't really see the point of cutting down the products capabilities, this is what sells the product. Especially as many people are already paying for a separate 3rd party renderer and particle solutions. As learning any 3D app is a big time commitment, it's better to get people using your product the earlier the better. Then they're less likely to switch later. The Indy/Education tiers should be thought of as an investment in consumers rather than an economic loss.
  3. Modelling in Cinema and rendering in KS is a very expensive way of doing things, and I'd personally rather use a different engine inside Cinema (Corona for example). But if it works for you and (you already have a copy of KS) then that's fine. It shouldn't be a lot of work though - as there is a C4d to KS bridge plugin isn't there? That should allow live linking of your model if i'm not mistaken. You shouldn't have to re-do it each time there's a modification.
  4. The cafe YT channel is looking fantastic - so much quality content. I've paid for a couple of the trainings over the years. But to be honest, it's more convenient to watch them on youtube than looking for the files on my computer. So double win!
  5. So, I was sculpting, when my hand brushed against something on the keyboard which highlighted all my polygons with white outlines. Resetting the View and Filter options doesn't solve it - and neither does restarting Cinema. Anyone know what I've pressed? And more importantly how to get back to the 'normal' display mode? It's murder trying to sculpt with the mesh always showing See attached jpg Thanks in advance!
  6. In reflection colour, use a fresnel shader made with a coloured gradient
  7. https://corona-renderer.com/blog/corona-renderer-3-for-cinema-4d-released/
  8. https://www.poliigon.com/texture/paper-crumpled-004 ;)
  9. For the .igs import try setting the tessellation to 'high'. That should make the mesh finer
  10. In the object menu of your Subdivision Surfacet there's a Subdivide UVs setting. Try changing it from 'Standard' to 'Edge'. That may help
  11. rfanoni

    Machine Specs

    For now I'd get the top end i7 Imac- and (DIY) max out the RAM to 64GB. For me that's a pleasant working experience... And when there's a need for heavy rendering, just send it to a renderfarm from within the app (Rebus Ranch etc). Better than a kludge PC solution for me. Although maybe the new mac pro is on the horizon (isn't it always)
  12. UV map a planar gradient at 90º to the displacement. Clamp white values in the displacement noise to get it to flatten at the top.
  13. I'm not sure that chromatic aberration is what you're after TBH. That is a method for making subtle colour offsets to mimic refraction within camera lenses. You seem to be after a stronger effect that mimics a light being split into it's composite elements (by a prism for example). You could try faking this by using very slightly offset R, G, B lights. (Or finding a dedicated plugin to do it)
  14. Yep, 100% correct. As fastbee suggests, you need to stop the floor reflecting with the compositing tag (see my screengrab below.)



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