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  1. C4d Visualisation VS C4d Prime

    i started off thinking i didn’t need mograph, but quickly found out that its cloner tools are really essential. definitely for arch viz work. so i would not advise Prime. Also, i would consider Corona instead of V ray. And that is free while it’s still in beta!
  2. Try turning off specular in the material and use reflection only. I think that cures it
  3. Aaargh, retopologize horrible mesh?

    Ah yah, that’s the sort of thing I was looking for Cerbera. Thanks for for the other replies too. I know I can do it ‘properly’ with the poly pen and snapping. But it’s not the sort of project I want to spend too much time on. If i hit on any other bright ideas I’ll lrt you know
  4. Hi, I've been supplied an .stl file of a bottle. Naturally it has a horrible finely-triangulated mesh, which I need to convert to a nice clean quad version. I don't expect a magic bullet solution. But does anyone have a workflow to get me half way there? I have access to Rhino MoI and Modo V9 if that helps. Can't supply the file unfortunately. But any suggestions welcome!
  5. C4D Corona - Paris Apartment Scene

    Hmmm, yeah something's very wrong. On my modest iMac it only takes 2 minutes to reach 4 passes. I know there are multiple setups in that scene. Perhaps you have more than one turned on? It's probably best to just re-download the scene and the latest corona build and go from there
  6. Merging spline from illustrator

    Also, take a look at using copy/paste from Illustrator by using the CV-Artsmart plugin instead. It's free from Cineversity if you have a MSA. Much better than downsaving to Illustrator 8.
  7. Corona alpha material

    Material stacking is in the roadmap for corona, and I believe that it is the next thing that they're going to implement now that the interactive render is finished. MANY people are waiting for it and the Corona team know.
  8. MSA

    I'm often curious about this sort of thread. No-one likes paying for what they don't need. But if you're earning money from it, you can probably expense quite a bit of the cost, no? That's certainly why I keep up to date. If it's just a hobby, then it's a very expensive one and i would stay at the bare minimum version. Or more likely switch to blender.
  9. Chaos Group Purchased Corona

    Fingers crossed for this. Forgetting the CPU/GPU wars, Corona simply produces the some of the most exquisite images around. Perhaps the release will even be moved forward if there's more hands working on it.
  10. Coming to C4d - few questions

    to be honest I think you'll really need Mograph. If you absolutely can't afford the studio version consider the broadcast version instead of visualise. Also take a look at Corona renderer... its free at the moment, integrates extremely well with C4D and makes absolutely stunning Architectural renders: examples here https://corona-renderer.com/gallery/
  11. This may well be irrelevant to you, but remember that the Polytrans plugin is Windows only. That made it a no-go for me An despite it's limitations, I find that MoI does make the cleanest meshes compared to other converters
  12. Solidworks to C4D

    People (me included) seem to think you get the cleanest meshes from Moi, which is pretty very reasonably priced (moi3d.com). Export .stp from solidworks. Import .stp into MoI, convert and export as .obj mesh. Import into c4d.
  13. Cinema 4D R19 discussion!

    Corona too!
  14. Not sure if the Razer laptops are available in UK unfortunately - maybe buy one while you're traelling!
  15. For coloured or black translucent plastic, add a colour in 'absorption colour' and play with the bluriness and absorption distance fields (see attached). White translucent may be more difficult - perhaps adding a fresnel effect to mask the transparency or even a fog shader may do it.