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  1. Hi No worries, your feedback was very useful. Thank you. In the meantime, will see if anyone will input their thoughts and share with us :)
  2. Hi It will be used in mobile devices like tablets and phones. The AR app it's being created with unity and vuforia. From what I've seen and researched I can use basic materials straight out of c4d. For uv unwrapped textures I can also assign them but have to link the texture manually in unity. For animation I can bake it and use PLA to export as a FBX. Am I right? All knowledge and experience you may have in this field will be very much appreciated :) If you or anyone here knows any known limitations, problems and a good workflow, it would be great if you could share it :) Thank you
  3. Hi I need to create some characters for a Augmented reality and this is something I never did before. Does anyone knows a good workflow or what type of constraints do I have? Like can I use materials full attributes? Can I uv unwrapp and create textures? In animation, can I use Ik or bones structure? And how to export? Sorry, there are lots of questions, but hopefully someone already created this type of things and can point me in the right path. Thank you
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