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  1. Thanks Decade! It worked like a charm! I can't belive it. Yuo're my hero! This opens up so many possibilities for complex animation. Love it! /Erik
  2. Thanks! I think I understand what you mean. I'll give it a go! /Erik
  3. Hi guys! I'm pretty new to the wonderful world of Expresso, and I think I'm beginning to grasp the fundamentals. However, now I'm stuck on a problem: I want to execute two events after one another. I have a circuit board with fastening clips on it and want to animate opening the clips and then removing the board from the rack. So with one slider I want to control first the rotation of the clip, and when that reaches 90 degress I want to trigger the position change of the object. I guess I need to use some kind of condition node but I'm stuck. Is there a way to do it? Thanks! /Erik



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