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  1. Ah actually I am on v21, yes I forgot about that. Thanks
  2. Hi All, We have a single licence here at my work and I have many computers to utilize for rendering. I have setup 4 computers with render clients but I am finding that keeping each client updated is becoming a pain especially since we want to use all 20 or more computers eventually. Is there a way to deploy to all computers and make updates in a more efficient way? Thanks in advance
  3. Hi c4dcafe, Wondering if anyone can enlighten me? Is it possible to have a copy of C4D on workstation rendering while working on another workstation with one license r21? Before I would leave something rendering at home while I went into the office to work on another workstation. Did they take this away from us? Can this be achieved with TeamRender? If so please explain. Any help is much appreciated.
  4. So here is the clarification. I am now up and running. Well before you would choose the option to install as a render client rather than studio or others. Now you do a regular install and there is a icon to run just a client.
  5. Hi all, How do I setup team render machines now? Where and how do I install the clients on other machines now. Can someone point me to a resource for this? Much appreciated! Steve
  6. I remember seeing an example somewhere of how to achieve this, but I cannot find it again. Thanks for the help, hopefully someone will also have seen this.
  7. I know this is a new feature for nodes in r21, does anyone know how to achieve this? I saw an example some where but I can't find it again. Any help is appreciated, so many features in r21!
  8. So I have been playing with the texture size(now 8k) and the delta setting in the tile shader. I am getting better results. This is really fine detail so I guess the resolution really comes into play.
  9. I am using a square tile texture at .1% global scale but no matter how small I make it when I bake the texture the squares are baked much larger. Is there a limitation for the tile shader and baked materials?
  10. What about us Mac users. Is MAXON gonna stop dev on ProRender? Anyone hav insight into this?
  11. Hi all, I have looked but can't find a simple answer. How do you bake a Node material. I have tried the bake texture tag but I don't get the expected results. Is there a step I am missing? Any help is appreciated. Steve
  12. When do we get our upgrade email from MAXON. I have the MSA for r20, still no email from MAXON?
  13. I have Four Groups of object parented to a null. When I move the Parent Null the Child group with a MoSpline drifts. Can anyone make a suggestion as to how I can fix this? I am pretty sure it has something to do with the mospline object. I have attached a scene file. Any help is much appreciated! tullip-v2.c4d.zip

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