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  1. So here is the clarification. I am now up and running. Well before you would choose the option to install as a render client rather than studio or others. Now you do a regular install and there is a icon to run just a client.
  2. Hi all, How do I setup team render machines now? Where and how do I install the clients on other machines now. Can someone point me to a resource for this? Much appreciated! Steve
  3. I remember seeing an example somewhere of how to achieve this, but I cannot find it again. Thanks for the help, hopefully someone will also have seen this.
  4. I know this is a new feature for nodes in r21, does anyone know how to achieve this? I saw an example some where but I can't find it again. Any help is appreciated, so many features in r21!
  5. So I have been playing with the texture size(now 8k) and the delta setting in the tile shader. I am getting better results. This is really fine detail so I guess the resolution really comes into play.
  6. I am using a square tile texture at .1% global scale but no matter how small I make it when I bake the texture the squares are baked much larger. Is there a limitation for the tile shader and baked materials?
  7. What about us Mac users. Is MAXON gonna stop dev on ProRender? Anyone hav insight into this?
  8. Hi all, I have looked but can't find a simple answer. How do you bake a Node material. I have tried the bake texture tag but I don't get the expected results. Is there a step I am missing? Any help is appreciated. Steve
  9. When do we get our upgrade email from MAXON. I have the MSA for r20, still no email from MAXON?
  10. I have Four Groups of object parented to a null. When I move the Parent Null the Child group with a MoSpline drifts. Can anyone make a suggestion as to how I can fix this? I am pretty sure it has something to do with the mospline object. I have attached a scene file. Any help is much appreciated! tullip-v2.c4d.zip

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