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  1. Hey, I picked up a couple old mac towers that'll I'll be able to get running high sierra and R20. I don't have monitors for them though, so question is can I still get them to act as render boxes just by booting them up and having team render launch on them somehow? Has someone out there done this before, use machines to render that had no monitors? Thanks. /R
  2. Howdy, I don't model much and have not done so since they updated the knife tool. You use to be able to define where your cut happened in an object so you could place cuts at the same depths in on different parts of the model. HAs this option be 86'd with the new Line Cut tool? Gracias, /R
  3. Ah ha, thnxs CBR. That did the trick
  4. In older versions you use to be able to select random poly's , then select Move Down Sequence and triangulate. This would let you have triangles in different directions. I can't seem to get that same process to work in R20 & R21.
  5. Ola Café, Going to dive into the Affinity software as soon as I have a few free days but was wondering if anyone already uses it and if C4D reads path files like Illustrator. I still actually save all my paths as Legacy v8.0 from Adobe to import to Cinema. Haven't bothered to see if its not needed anymore cause I'm just so use to doing that. /R
  6. A plane thats the aspect ratio of your footage as a child of the tracked camera but not the zoom camera would do what you want I think.
  7. Here's a simple rig that does what you need. Click open the xPresso tag and there is a node that has some instructions on what to do. Rock on. /R Camera_Buddy.c4d.zip
  8. Hey there, Film Move, Film Magnify & Film Zoom does what you want but I find these tools confusing sometimes. I'll make up a simple rig in xpresso that does what you need and post it shortly. I'll probably make use of it myself one day. /R
  9. Been trying to mess around with a rig that I can keyframe & swap different versions of an object using the instance object but my objects loose the jiggle deformer when used with the instance. I tried the jiggle as a child of the instance object and also kept it as a child of the object that gets referenced but neither seem to give the jiggle effect as it would be if just the actual object was in my rig. Any tips on how to achieve this? Thanks. /R
  10. whoa ya fore sure, was't thinking about those but just checked it out and can see how quick setups in a main controller can one click turn on/off grid, light cages etc but also turn on action & title safe or what ever. Super handy. When you say Opening Project are you referring to the Project Settings tab? or something different. /R
  11. Awesome, Thanks ABMotion. Ya I definitely wanted to do it via xPresso so I should have been more clear on that. Had no idea about the trick to drag the icon back into the xpresso window. I wonder why MAXON didnt just put all that extra functionality into the Range Mapper (and other nodes) under the Calculate fly out. But this is sweet, it's going to be so helpful using this with other nodes as well. Cheers. /R
  12. Hey Café Random question, is it possible to enable a range mapper node on & off. Cheers, /R
  13. Noseman pointed me in the right direction and all I needed to do was make sure I had MoGraph colour shader set from within the colour channel in the material itself.
  14. Hey there Café Forgive me if this is a novice request but I don't actually use the shader effector much. I am learning how powerful it can be so I'm trying to remedy my neglect of it. Anywho, I've been hunting the forum and other tutorials online to try and get answers to my set up, so far nothing has answered what I'm after. Perhaps Im just not understanding how this effector operates which is causing me to not get the results I'm after. I have a cloner grid , made up of have a shiny dark orange material I made in the material editor. I then have one instance of the Shader Effector used to scale up a chunck of the cubes. This chunk I want to apply a 2nd material I made which is a shiny light orange. Finally I have a second instance of Shader Effector inside the first one which is smaller and scales down the cubes and these cubes I want to apply my third material which is a shiny white. Right now I am getting the proportions of the scaling as I like it, but am not sure how my colours are the way the are or how to get them to the materials I want. The initial cubes are orange because I told my cloner to have an orange colour. If I drop a material on my cube in the cloner or on the cloner itself it makes the whole setup have that material but then I loose the colour effects of the two shader effectors. Inside the shader effectors I can set a user defines colour within the Parameter tab, but these light orange and white colours do not have the look of the materials I made which I wish to apply instead of just using the user defined colour mode. Also it seems that in the shading tab for both the shader effectors the way my cubes scale up and down is based on how I have things set. Right now I like the scaling and both are happening with a colorizer , input set to luminance then the texture set to colour shader with a black to white gradient. If I mess around in here or change from a colorizer to something else then the scaling of my cubes change which I don't understand why and in ways I do not want. I've attached a screen grab & also my project file for anyone who doesn't mind taking 10 minutes to help a guy out. Thank you kindly. /R Shader_Effector_Test_Stndrd_Ren_01.zip
  15. Ah right... didn't realize render viewer doesn't show 16 or 32 bit. All looks good when seen in AE or PS. Thanks everyone ;-)
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