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  1. Thank you all! Everybody who messaged me should have received a reply from me (if you didn't, please remind me ). For now, I have all the testers I need. In case I need more, I'll write here again. Cheers, Frank
  2. Hello everyone! I do have a good bunch of trustworthy Windows testers, but I still need some more Mac people! Specifically, I need users of macOS High Sierra and Catalina, in order to check out the now mandatory code notarisation! If you are interested, please write me a message!! Cheers, Frank
  3. Oops, haven't been online here for some days. Thanks for the messages!
  4. I could still use two more testers
  5. Why don't you give Cinema 4D's Motion Cam a spin?
  6. Hello, For a modular terrain generation plugin I work on in my spare time, need a couple of beta testers. In short, the deal would be: You test the plugin, report bugs, create example scenes & renderings, request features. I develop the plugin, fix bugs, and give you the latest builds. Of course, everything that is shown or discussed during the beta test, is totally confidential. When the beta test ends, you get perpetual licenses for the plugin The plugin is actually still in Alpha stage, but I wanted to get some feedback as e
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