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  1. Just realised you can drag and drop renders in the picture viewer in case you need to rearrange them.

  2. I meant what I said.

  3. Ahhh....Grilled Cheese sandwich! The secret to making a grilled cheese is to make the sandwich first then butter the bread on the outside before you put in the frying pan.

    1. rasputin


      That's the lowfat version, I'm guessing. (-;

  4. I don't see the point in making everyone wait another week for a download link.

    1. 3DKiwi


      It's going to be a long week :)

    2. mmVRay


      That's cruel

  5. Can anyone out there loan the U.S. a few trillion dollars until payday?

    1. Rantin Al

      Rantin Al

      Hang on and I'll check down the back of the couch. There's always a bit of loose change hiding there.

    2. SKP


      I think China maybe already did.

    3. bobc4d


      let me get some out of my petty cash jar

  6. 7.8 Mag Earthwuake of NZ coast. Tsunami warning!

    1. 3DKiwi


      Get the surfboard out!!

      We're fine folks. The Earthquake was thousands of km's away. There was no tsunami.

  7. Playing around with the MOI demo. The NURBS modeling is so much easier for modeling manufactured objects and the spline export function is nice.

  8. After the excitement starts to wear off you start thinking about the 2K you blew on software

    1. Ernesto


      Tell me about. Geesh. At least it was on sale.

    2. dbassett
    3. elcine


      mmVray, did you already sell your R12 or did you decide against it? If not, I'm interested. Can't send you PM though (full inbox?)

  9. Window Generator

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