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  1. Can't Add Material to Bevel on Boole...

    Thanks for testing that there. It seems that R19 is able to solve my initial problem, with the native Cinema tools. However, I'm curious what further experience you have with MeshBoolean? How does it handle really tough things, like imported CAD .OBJ files? The MeshBoolean video demos only show it working with easy primitives. But they never show it being used on a nasty ol' bit of tri-poly goodness...
  2. Can't Add Material to Bevel on Boole...

    Yeah, I don't know. Pretty sure I bought that (or something just like it) years back, only to find that it was no better or more reliable, than just using the native boole tools.
  3. Can't Add Material to Bevel on Boole...

    Interesting. Thanks, for also having a look. Keep us posted, when you get time to investigate further.
  4. Can't Add Material to Bevel on Boole...

    It's odd that there would be a difference even down in R17. I can't find any mention of changes to the boole nor bevel deformer in either R18 or R19. The options for both seem to be identical in R17 & R19. But who knows what may have been tweaked in the intervening years...
  5. Can't Add Material to Bevel on Boole...

    My R19 Studio is the current .053 build. I'm Mac 10.9.5.
  6. Can't Add Material to Bevel on Boole...

    Okay, so I had tried MY original example project in both R17 & R19 - and the results had been the same. But I only tried YOUR fix in R17. So I just tried it in R19, and it looks like yours! I'm going to have to open your file in both versions, simultaneously, and scrutinize the exact differences.
  7. Can't Add Material to Bevel on Boole...

    Oh, yikes. That's not good. What in the world would cause such a clear difference?
  8. Can't Add Material to Bevel on Boole...

    Hey, thanks for taking this on! However, when I open your project, the bevels are still not materialized (see screen cap). I'm able to get the material on the flat sec ion of the boole cut, however, it's the actual bevels which refuse to accept a material, once another is applied to one of the component objects inside the boole. Did it not look like my attached image, on your end? I get the same result in both my versions of R17 & R19...
  9. Please see the attached file. I need to make an animatable boolean object, but something in this combination of settings is NOT allowing any material to apply to the active bevel. Can someone please take a look and let me know what I can do? Thanks! boole bevel material issue.c4d.zip
  10. Odd Team Render Issue...

    Okay, so I tried TR with a full-fledged active work project, and it worked with all computers. However, I had put both client machines to sleep prior to the new test, and I found that I had to go through the whole process of manually re-entering all the IP & token info. Is that a result of having Bonjour deactivated?
  11. I've hit a major workflow snag with R17. I'm finding that I can NOT get cached AO (when added as a render effect) to appear in my rendered images, when using physical render and reflectance. I can add AO in the diffuse channel of a given material, and that works. But that totally misses out on the major time-saving from the cache AO option. With cached AO, C4D does all the usual pre-pass stuff, and you can see it fully computing AO, but then when it renders the final image, AO is not applied. If I enable "multi-pass" then I can AO to spit out as a pass - so that works. But that's not my interest, for so very many of my projects, I want to have it applied directly to the image, just as I've always done with R15. Has anyone else noticed this? Either I'm missing a setting someplace, or this is a flaw / bug with Reflectance and or R17.
  12. Odd Team Render Issue...

    ...quick update. I ran through the simple instructions, and performed the task of turning "off" bonjour and manually adding the client machines. Easy. And in my first test, it worked. Both client machines immediately contributed to the test animation render. Granted, I still need to test out a real work project to see that it still works. But so far, good sign. Thanks again!
  13. Odd Team Render Issue...

    Eric, thank you so much for the detailed advice! As of now, I have both clients running exactly as they came, in factory settings. I'll try the IP address thing to see if that helps. It's odd, though, that one of the two client machines has no trouble finding the local machine, even though it also has the same settings as the one which fails. Regarding the project folder. I forget where, but someplace else, I recall reading a similar suggestion. So I right-clicked on the folder, and enabled "shared folder". That's all I need to do, in that regard, correct? Thanks!
  14. I'm running Team Render (R17) on three 12-core Mac Pro machines (one is the local machine, and two are the clients). All is well and good when I render still frame tests. I can see all three machines contribute, and the two clients indicate all is well in their console displays. However, when I try and render an animation, one of the two client machines fails to cooperate. Why in the world would it work fine for stills, yet not for animation? I'm including the info I get on that failed client, in case someone can understand what it means: 2016/07/12 19:53:56 (Error) Download of Asset(s) failed because of: getaddrinfo() failed [network_ip_impl.cpp(441)] Cause: nodename nor servname provided, or not known [network_ip_impl.cpp(441)] 2016/07/12 19:53:56 Peer-to-Peer Statistics: > Mac Pro Download-Speed 53.29 MiB\s (7x) 2016/07/12 19:53:56 Peer-to-Peer Statistics: >Mac Pro Download-Speed 53.29 MiB\s (7x) Peer-to-Peer Statistics End