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  1. ​​Apart from Softimage, according to some, and arguably, Modo… although Modo's UI for it is simultaneously almost non-existent and excitingly dangerous. Mind you, I haven't used Maya since M 2012, so I may be out of date.
  2. Arnold isn't great for interior renders, as I understand it, so I doubt the Cinema architectural fraternity would be delighted with that. Mark
  3. ​Actually, that's not true of Modo. From 401 and the switch to the service pack system, new features have been almost entirely restricted to the major upgrades (12 to 18 months apart) while the service packs are dedicated to bug fixes with (very) occasional workflow streamlining enhancements. Mari updates include feature enhancements and additions and are released very regularly throughout the maintenance cycle. Mari has a slightly different business model from Modo but maybe these will converge a little as time goes by (note: I do not know this, I'm speculating). It does look as though the 901 service packs will have to go deeper than previously, simply because of the extent of the changes wrought by the main upgrade. It is much, much more difficult to add features and maintain stability and compatibility than most users imagine. 3D software is incredibly complex and interdependent. Even with Houdini, which is exposed at a much lower level than any other similar application, the 'daily' builds don't suit all users because sometimes a fix to one part of the code will have adverse effects elsewhere. Mark
  4. ​Nope. Nexus is the core application development framework/architecture, from which Modo or related applications can be baked. The Modo render engine part of the Nexus technology is licensed to Bentley for its Microstation CAD application and to Solidworks. You say it's not a popular render engine but between those two customers alone there are well over a million individual installations (actually, I think it's somewhere around two million just for those, but let's go for the lower bound). The renderer has never been offered as a plugin or standalone in the same way as Vray, Octane, Maxwell etc. Mark
  5. Indeed. Here are 6,000+ user images from the forum gallery: http://community.thefoundry.co.uk/gallery/image/ , almost 100% of which were rendered using Modo's native renderer and material system. These are not images begged or commissioned from select users. Yes, Modo is far, far more high-strung than Cinema (or perhaps any other front-rank 3D application), and much less stable than I'd like it to be. But it is unquestionably highly capable, and it's clearly moving forward. Mark
  6. Dave, not sure from your point 3 whether you've seen the news about this but the majority share sale has been completed. The holding has been taken on by a well-respected equity partner - the tech, media and telecomms arm of HgCapital. Their investment strategy is rather more long term than Carlyle's. So it looks as though the medium to semi-longterm future of The Foundry is settled. Linky: http://www.thefoundry.co.uk/about-us/news-awards/the-foundry-announces-new-investment-from-hgcapital/
  7. I have a 6 year-old bad back that's also available if anyone is building a collection



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