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  1. Honestly we can't always say. Your crash reports point our developers at the portion of code where the crash is occurring, but we don't always know the actions that trigger that code. These issues were appearing often enough to merit a hotfix, but C4D is incredibly stable and most users will never encounter the issues. Now that they're fixed, nobody will ever encounter them.
  2. The vast majority of these fixes pertain to new features added in S22, including the UV workflow enhancements and the implementation of the new modeling and viewport cores.
  3. Thanks for the kind words - I'll make sure the feedback is passed along to the team. I do have to give a lot of credit to the team at MoGraph.com that has been instrumental in our streaming efforts for the past couple of years and especially helpful in pulling this week together. Your feedback is extremely valuable - we're continuing discussions on how this experience can shape our future streaming endeavors, whether as part of live events and as standalone / replacement efforts. The presenters this week were primarily those that had already been slated and scheduled fo
  4. The issue will be fixed in the next service release, which is coming soon. Cheers, Rick
  5. Generally you can swap files back and forth between R20 and R21. The biggest gotcha would be with spline-based generators like Extrude, Sweep, Loft. The changes to the Caps & Bevels in R21 will cause unpredictable results. Field forces and some volume aspects also won't translate backwards. We do plan to offer access to older releases with subscription, but can only support it with releases that use the MyMaxon authentication - so R21 and onward. In other words, when the next release comes out R21 should still be available to subscribers, but unfortunately R20 currently isn't.
  6. Hey everyone - I think many of you know me - I've been part of MAXON and around this and other C4D communities for 20 years. For the past year or so I've been part of the Product team helping to communicate what you as users need and prioritize development for Cinema 4D. First - you're absolutely right that we can improve in the way we collect ideas and the feedback we provide when ideas come in. I try sometimes to reply to ideas that come in via the support form, but that system isn't well designed to avoid duplicate ideas, discuss ideas and communicate status. It's a
  7. Apparently there's some issues with offline help on Mac. We're chasing them down. Stay tuned.
  8. Hey Macyver, Have you installed the same help language as you're currently using for the C4D interface? If you remove all plugins does it work? Cheers, Rick
  9. Hi FLima, It's likely another plugin. Could you add plugins one by one to determine which is the culprit. We'll follow up with the developer. A bit of background on this - in addition to re-enabling offline help and the embedded help window in R21.1 we also addressed concerns from plugin developers because the initial release of 21 removed the option for them to add context-sensitive help to their plugins. The way we did this relies on developers to handle only the help requests from their own plugins and pass the remaining calls on for other plugins and C4D to handle.
  10. Thanks for the update Mike - I'll follow up.
  11. Hey Mike, Do you have any plugins installed? Perhaps they're getting in the way . . . Cheers, Rick
  12. Hey Mike, It's working here. What exactly is happening for you - does it not open a window at all, or not navigate to the context specific information? Is Online Content enabled in the prefs and is the computer online? Is External Browser enabled or disabled? If External Browser is enabled which browser? What OS are you running? If you change the Online Content or External Browser options does it work as you expect? Please test with a generic parameter like Cube.Size.X so we can confirm if this is a global issue or limited to specific pararmeters.
  13. We'll have some news soon on this. We've heard your feedback and are working to address it. - Rick
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