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  1. Apparently there's some issues with offline help on Mac. We're chasing them down. Stay tuned.
  2. Hey Macyver, Have you installed the same help language as you're currently using for the C4D interface? If you remove all plugins does it work? Cheers, Rick
  3. Hi FLima, It's likely another plugin. Could you add plugins one by one to determine which is the culprit. We'll follow up with the developer. A bit of background on this - in addition to re-enabling offline help and the embedded help window in R21.1 we also addressed concerns from plugin developers because the initial release of 21 removed the option for them to add context-sensitive help to their plugins. The way we did this relies on developers to handle only the help requests from their own plugins and pass the remaining calls on for other plugins and C4D to handle. Since it's a change in behavior some devs haven't adjusted their code yet. As we're able to identify them we'll work with them to sort this out. BTW Paul has let me know an update to DEM Earth which fixes the issue is on the way. Cheers, Rick
  4. Thanks for the update Mike - I'll follow up.
  5. Hey Mike, Do you have any plugins installed? Perhaps they're getting in the way . . . Cheers, Rick
  6. Hey Mike, It's working here. What exactly is happening for you - does it not open a window at all, or not navigate to the context specific information? Is Online Content enabled in the prefs and is the computer online? Is External Browser enabled or disabled? If External Browser is enabled which browser? What OS are you running? If you change the Online Content or External Browser options does it work as you expect? Please test with a generic parameter like Cube.Size.X so we can confirm if this is a global issue or limited to specific pararmeters. Cheers, Rick
  7. We'll have some news soon on this. We've heard your feedback and are working to address it. - Rick
  8. @ajHaines The best way to update Team Render Clients at the moment is to download the updated installers and install over the top of the existing installation. This has the benefit that for larger farms you can use the silent install options to more easily deploy the update to all the slaves.
  9. @connartist you can tweak these yourself - find the file interface_icons_2x.tif within your C4D application directory (/resource/modules/c4dplugin/icons). The visibility dots are in the middle vertically near the right side of the layout.
  10. The current strategy is designed to encourage educators to engage with us. The advertised cost is for institutions that simply want to purchase, while the grant provides an avenue for us to start a partnership with the instructor and the institution. And as I mentioned in my first post, instructors at many institutions (here in the US anyway) benefit from winning grants, so it becomes a win-win. Admittedly, our communication of our education programs needs work, and in fact I know it's being worked on right now as we prepare to relaunch the education programs with MyMaxon and R21 support.
  11. For classroom licenses, as Nick mentioned above MAXON does offer grants to educational institutions - you'll want to check that out. A grant can offset much of the sticker cost - and at many US institutions winning a grant is seen as a feather in your cap. We do also offer free student / teacher licenses, though that system is still being integrated with the new MyMaxon accounts. Stay tuned - we should have R21 available soon for students and teachers. -Rick
  12. Yeah that's exactly what I was inferring - we're working towards a new CMS, and there's a few hurdles we have to overcome to provide the files offline - including how to actually spit out the files and how to redirect to the proper help page from each parameter entry. I'm hoping (and in fact fairly sure) we can find solutions - we just couldn't do it in the R21 timetable. Ok feedback received. How about displaying relevant Cineversity tutorials? Not making this a free-for-all but providing a few curated pathways to additional MAXON-managed resources.
  13. We're very concerned about user benefit - and it is top of mind. We have had a lot of requests from other folks for exactly this - more integration of Cineversity content and up-to-date information. We've also already had reports (as every year) of typos and inaccuracies - and in truth, the current system is such that I can't even correct them. I realize that may sound to you like a MAXON benefit but I think accurate and up-to-date help is a customer benefit. I understand the concerns about Adobe-style help, and I recognize that my question made things seems as though they were going that direction. Personally I think there's a middle ground, and that's what I'm hoping we can achieve. That said, we're hearing your feedback about offline help and will see what we can do. In truth the internal system had to / has to change because it's not maintainable, but it's a tricky thing to support all the languages we do and the level of integration with each new parameter. Thanks for the feedback as it'll help guide our process. -Rick
  14. Two questions - Which would you choose id offered the choice between offline help in its R20 form and online only help that can be more frequently and easily updated, integrates video tutorials and community links, and perhaps even moderated community contributions? If the help was still online only (and with the benefits above) but within a dockable window would that suit your needs? I realize some have offline limitations but it would help a lot of you'd consider whether offline help is really necessary in your situation. I'd absolutely love to be able to move in both directions (and maybe we can), but getting a clear picture of priorities will help us determine the best way to use our limited resources. Rick
  15. The entire team at MAXON is pleased to announce that Cinema 4D Release 21 is now available for download. That also means our new customer portal and licensing system is officially live. Everyone can now create accounts on the new MyMaxon portal (my.MAXON.net) and download the latest version of Cinema 4D. Customers with an MSA (annual maintenance agreement) should use the email associated with their existing MSA agreement in order to immediately access their commercial entitlements. Enjoy! -Rick

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