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  1. Don't get me wrong - we're fully confident in the system, and in the offer and details we've presented. I was specifically referring to the 'ragged edges' - like figuring out Cineversity access for perpetual folks and communication of some details.
  2. There were no consultants - other than some vendors that helped with the technical implementation. If the edges of this plan are ragged, it's honestly because (as I inferred from an earlier post) we've been working our a**es off.
  3. Sure Jops - The main reason for introducing the subscription option is that we talk to a lot of folks that really want to use Cinema 4D, but were scared off by or simply couldn't afford the initial investment of almost $4000. The steep entry price was preventing new customers from joining the C4D community, and a big, healthy Cinema 4D community benefits all of us. There's also been a huge demand for subscription - even from current customers, and we were seeing this in the success of the short-term license program. A big part of our effort here is reducing the confusion and decisions customers have to make when they want to hop on board - that's why we've eliminated all the editions (which very few folks took advantage of) and why we're only presenting 5 options on the MAXON.net buy page. In truth it would be really hard on multiple fronts for us to offer two separate recurring options, and historically MSA has been administered differently, and the implementation and policies differed wildly by region. So really it comes down to clarity and consistency. And really for users who have been and continue to have an active MSA nothing has changed yet - you'll get R21 perpetual and you'll have Cineversity for the duration of your MSA. When we announce the next perpetual release you'll have the opportunity to upgrade. I can't say what the price will be, but I also can't say what the price for your next MSA renewal would've been. We do indeed need to sort out a reasonable option for perpetual folks to continue accessing Cineversity after their MSA expires - we missed that detail prior to announcement and we're working to sort it out.
  4. I wouldn't put much credence into any of that. It's pure speculation and many things they say are simply not true. I've had the pleasure of being part of MAXON for 20 years, and as I said repeatedly I've never worked harder and never been more satisfied with my work. As a team, we're more focused than ever on delivering incredible power and value to our users. We've had a few folks leave - which is natural in any organization especially when there's a change in leadership, but most of us 'old-timers' (including the founding programmers) are not just still around, but a key part of both daily and strategic decisions. We have a great relationship with Nemetschek, and they love having us as part of their portfolio. I'm sure they have a real passion for architecture and the stuff they do - but imagine you had to sit around all day listening to people talk about BIM and the structural integrity of bridges and somebody showed up to talk about how the end credits for Into the Spiderverse were created. We're an exciting company to have around - not because of our product - but because of what you all do with our product. And Nemetschek - like us - want to continue to give you the best tools possible to create. That's evident in the support they gave us in acquiring Redshift earlier this year. One thing I will say is as a company we're taking really big bites - completing our first acquisition and putting together this subscription plan are just the obvious ones - but there's been lots of good stuff happening behind the scenes as well. We've all been really busy, and I know I haven't had as much time this year as I'd like to connect with users. I know I'll be making more efforts to do that in the second half of the year.
  5. We know how important it is that you always have access to Cinema 4D, and we've been careful to select solutions that we (and you) can rely on for both service and security. Is it the 'whole world' part you object to, or the 'real world' part? Honestly the 'whole world' was an easy tweak to highlight the changes in pricing and our efforts to make 3D more affordable and accessible. The concept of '3D for the Real World' is - as Dave explained in his keynote - much more than a tagline. It really is the way we think about our products and the guiding principle behind our approach to the market. Dave shared several aspects of this in his keynote, and soon we'll be expanding more on this concept and providing a bit more detail on the various ways '3D for the Real World' influences our strategy and decisions.
  6. MAXON will offer perpetual upgrades, as it says in the FAQ. I can't give you a specific answer at this point as to when those upgrades will be offered, what they will cost or what they will be called, because as it states in the FAQ those details aren't yet fully defined. We'll have more communication on that going forward, based on development progress and customer feedback. As to how long perpetual upgrades will continue to be offered - we're taking our cues from the userbase on that. You seem to assume the fact that we haven't announced an end date is a signal they're ending, but it's more clearly a signal that they'll be continuing. It means we haven't predetermined a sunset date for perpetual - or even that there will be a sunset date. We're still selling perpetual licenses - they're right there next to the subscription option. The only comments otherwise are conjecture.
  7. An R21 perpetual license will activate via the internet and will validate its license online for a rolling 14-day period. There's no end date to the validity of an R21 perpetual license but it'll always be R21 (there will likely be bugfix updates but no new features).
  8. Correct. Yeah - moving forward there may be discounts that involve conversion and discounts that don't. You'll just want to make sure your sales rep knows that it's important to you to keep the perpetual and they'll steer away from any conversion deals.
  9. Correct - during the R21 cycle, customers may want to add a subscription to ramp up additional users. When later releases become available they may choose to add a subscription for access to those releases rather than upgrade the perpetual license (and indeed, some features will become available first to subscribers). Again, as long as they 'add' a subscription rather than 'convert' they'll retain the perpetual R21 even after the subscription ends.
  10. I've answered that and many other questions directly. Honestly a big part of the problem is we've got multiple threads (including this new one) going on multiple forums, and I can't even find the answers I know I've posted anymore because there's over 1000 posts spread out all over the internet. If Little Johnny has a perpetual R21 and later signs up for the 12 month subscription plan, he'll see two licenses in his MyMaxon account - an R21 perpetual license with 'unlimited' as the end date and a subscription entitlement with a specific end date. Both licenses can be used - so effectively two machines can be activated at the same time. When the subscription ends, the R21 perpetual will still be there. If Little Johnny has an active MSA and takes advantage of the discounted 2-year offer to convert to subscription, his perpetual license will no longer appear in his MyMaxon account. He'll be able to use Cinema 4D for as long as he maintains his subscription. If at some point the subscription ends, he'll lose access to Cinema 4D. The perpetual won't be restored. I've asked, and the updated EULA is supposed to go up on the website soon. - Rick
  11. Actually, considering I can start my car using my phone, I'm pretty sure Kia could decide to start or stop it if they wish. But I have faith that Kia won't stop me from using my car because I'm not sure why they'd have any reason to stop it. I've got to say this one surprises me most. I understand that some organizations have to be offline for security reasons (and we have solutions for them), but I did not expect an issue with the MyMaxon activation. Online activation would likely have come about regardless of whether subscription was introduced - it's simply easier and more secure (for both us and you) than shuffling temporary and permanent serial numbers around. And we didn't just limit users to online activation, but actually added the feature of signing in and out to activate other machines on the fly. Even as someone who has always had access to as many serial numbers as I wanted and the system for mailing them out, it's so much nicer to simply sign in with a username and password on any computer and start using Cinema 4D.
  12. In some regions the MSA was offered as part of an automatically-renewing contract, in others it was manually renewed each year - so policies differ by region. As far as the question as to why MSA is being discontinued - I think it honestly comes down to trying to simplify things. It would be confusing I think for both us and users to have two different types of subscription, and it would be really difficult to manage the accounting side for both. A real focus of this effort was to simplify the product & pricing options, because we recognized how much confusion they were causing. That's why we've eliminated the editions and why we're only presenting 5 options on the website (one of which is Perpetual - I feel I have to keep reminding folks). With regard to plugins - our vibrant community of third-party developers is one of Cinema 4D's greatest strengths. For various reasons (almost all technical), we didn't give developers as much of a heads-up as I'd like, but I hope they're as excited as I am about the potential for a large increase in the Cinema 4D user base. It's true many will have to adjust their licensing, and in some cases it'll make sense to adjust pricing. Unfortunately that's unavoidable - but I think there's a great opportunity here as well. If any developers reading this have concerns, I'd love to chat with them directly - just send me a PM so we can start the conversation. Some folks seem to be latching on to the idea that McGavran "started with Bevels". In fact, he started with Field Forces and said that was his favorite feature. The new Caps & Bevels - which happens to be MY favorite feature - was the second thing he announced. I think there's great balance in these two features - one very advanced toolset and another that's designed to make it easier to achieve one of the most basic tasks in 3D. Both are implemented in a very MAXON way - a workflow that's easy to understand, invites artistry and experimentation, and provides access to powerful real-world functionality. -Rick (Sorry for the delayed responses - I left early Friday and took Saturday off for some R&R. Wasn't trying to duck questions - just promised my wife I'd put the computer away for our anniversary.)
  13. Of course. Anyone can subscribe at any time.
  14. Just to be clear - the meaning here is "at some later date". Sorry - I don't know how that translates in any language.
  15. Sorry - thought I provided an answer - maybe it was in one of the other forums or slacks. Perpetual licenses are available to buy now and for R21 - in fact they're a little cheaper in most cases. Some future feature upgrades will only be available initially to subscribers, but those will eventually be rolled into a perpetual upgrade. We're looking into options for providing Cineversity for perpetual customers. Honestly we've been a bit surprised by how much attention that aspect has gotten - though as one of the key contributors to Cineversity over the years I'm flattered.

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