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  1. Creating an audio spectrum

    The way to do this is using the Cloner's Blend mode, and the Sound Effector's Modify Clone Attribute. Create two cloners - one with a single clone and another with the clone count equal to the total number of dice you want stacked. Then put both into a parent cloner set to blend mode, and cloned 12 times horizontally to create the columns. Put the sound effector on this parent cloner, and set the Modify Clone parameter to 100%. I touch on the technique briefly in my intro to the new R19 Sound Effector (though the technique itself is the same in earlier verisons). Dice Test_0001.c4d
  2. Nick is spot on. I'm an Android user and would love to have an Android version, but the hardware and API aren't there yet. CV-AR makes use of the TrueDepth camera that's unique to the iPhoneX and the same API that powers their Animoji feature. So for now, it's limited to the iPhoneX. But we're excited about the possibilities of both iOS ARKit and Android's ARCore (as well as Snapchat's Lens Studio and Facebook's ARStudio), and hope to have more plugins and tutorials in the future that tie in to all the emerging augmented reality technologies.
  3. Cannot Contact MAXON

    Hi UncleBob, Sorry you had trouble getting in touch. We're in the process of changing over to a new phone system, and unfortunately it's not been as smooth as we expected. All of our main numbers (805-376-3333, 877-226-4628 and 805-716-1313) should work, but they're currently being forwarded and for some reason it takes some time to connect that sounds like dead air with no rings. If you continue to have issues, drop us an email or submit a case via the website - we'll be happy to call you back if you'd rather discuss the issue via phone. We're working with our telecom and IT provider and hoping the situation will be resolved soon, though we're told this process could continue for a couple of weeks. Again, sorry for the hassle.
  4. Cinema price confusion

    It looks like R18 Studio to R19 Studio is usually 700 gbp and discounted to 490. The MSA adds 520 gbp to make sure you get R20. There's no guarantee at this point on pricing once R20 comes out (particularly with exchange rates). At current pricing a two-version upgrade (undiscounted R17 to R19) is 1120. I work for MAXON US, and my work with Cineversity is part of that. Glad you like the tutorials!
  5. Cinema price confusion

    I'm with the US office and don't have direct knowledge of the systems in the UK, but it looks to me like you're bumping up against issues we also have in explaining the many, many skus available for C4D and fitting them into a webshop system. The Studio R19 Upgrade from R19 allows you to upgrade an existing R19 Prime, Broadcast or Visualize to R19 Studio. The 2165 price crossed out is the regular price of the Prime R19 to Studio R19 "plusgrade" (the most expensive plusgrade). The 927.50 price is the discounted price of the least expensive plusgrade, from Visualize to Studio. The R18 upgrade product is the same - it's showing prices to upgrade to Studio R19 from Prime, Broadcast, Visualize or Studio R18. The crossed out amount is the regular price of Prime R18 to Studio R19 and the sale price shown is the discounted price of Studio R18 to Studio R19. 2800 GBP looks to be about right for the regular price of R19 (it varies regionally due to exchange rate fluctuations). The cheaper "from" price here comes from the discounted pricing that's available when purchasing 5 or more licenses. Hope that helps.
  6. Broadcast + 3rd part equals Studio?

    Voronoi Fracture is part of Broadcast, although the dynamic connectors aspect isn't included. I think the big things you may be missing from Studio would be the full dynamics suite, hair simulation and Sketch & Toon. In Broadcast, only MoGraph objects can be dynamic and only rigid body dynamics are available. There's also no support for the moving mesh collision type, which can make it hard to achieved dynamics with concave surfaces. The Hair toolset includes Spline Dynamics, in addition to hair styling, dynamics and rendering - and Hair rendering is often used to render splines and particle trails. The demo offers the option to switch between the various editions - that might help you explore the limitations of broadcast and make the best choice. There are opportunities to upgrade from Broadcast to Studio, though with the flash sale next week you'll be getting the best price and value jumping straight into Studio.
  7. Studio MSA Price Increase

    The price for all MSA editions (including the cost to distributors like MAXON US) is increasing worldwide. In the US, we were able to limit the change to just the Studio edition. I'm sure news for other regions will come from distributors soon - it was announced in Germany last week. Everyone's MSA expires at different times, and there's no guarantee of release dates until announced by MAXON. But historically you'd need an active MSA in September to receive the upgrade, and if your renewal date is in August you already received R19 as part of your current contract.
  8. R19 Viewport reflection quality

    The Screen Space Reflection depends a lot on the scale of your scene. Once you turn it on in the Configure View Attributes, there's a couple of settings - Ray Distance and Geometry Thickness - which you can modify. If you're not seeing the whole object, you likely need to increase the Ray Distance, but if you set it too high the object will begin to distort. If the reflection appears striped, you need to increase the Geometry Thickness.
  9. New in Cinema 4D R19 - Full Feature List

    I think you'd just set the brightness in the luminance channel greater than 100%. I'm not a rendering expert though.
  10. R19 ProRender

    I've seen a few reports in tech support about the 5770. I don't have one handy to test, but I fear it's likely just not up to the task. It's pretty old and low on vram. Even if it worked, it would be brutally slow. I would recommend that everyone watch my new Cineversity Quicktip "5 ProRender Gotchas" - especially since I see in your screenshot you've used a floor object (they're not supported, but that's not the reason it's crashing).
  11. New in Cinema 4D R19 - Full Feature List

    The settings in the Illuminate tab allow you to tune or bias the GI - they allow you to crank up the Illumination unnaturally or bias the the GI samples towards a portal. ProRender is a physically-based unbiased render, so it doesn't have any use for these settings. It natively renders GI, but you can't tweak it in the same way as our classic hybrid GI implementation.
  12. Running R19! My pet bug still there..

    That's expected (well, not the freezing part). The first time you run ProRender, it has to compile shaders specific to your graphics card and drivers. This can take a bit (on my system it takes about 5 minutes). After 30 seconds or so, the status bar should say "this could take a while". It can seem like things are frozen though. If you're patient, you'll see the render begin as soon as compiling is finished, and it won't need to compile again unless you delete your prefs, update drivers, or install a new graphics card. I've created a quicktip video for Cineversity that highlights this and 4 other "gotchas" with ProRender. Watch for the video on Cineversity, YouTube and Facebook on Monday or Tuesday. (As a preview, the other four gotchas are shader support, bake resolution, scene elements and normals).
  13. Running R19! My pet bug still there..

    What GPU? Make sure the drivers are updated, and make sure the right cards are checked in the Preferences (uncheck any Intel cards, or Nvidia cards on Mac).
  14. New in Cinema 4D R19 - Full Feature List

    Yes - you can create a file which contains all the command and parameters IDs which should be highlighted, and users can load that file within the preferences to highlight that set of features. -- for everyone else, I'm simply answering a question - not elevating the feature to super awesome amazing ;) EDIT: just re-read and realized you were specifically asking about third-party plugins. Let me answer in your preferred format:
  15. New in Cinema 4D R19 - Full Feature List

    It's a combination of a few factors - We do actually do a bit of editing, cleaning up the live edit by patching in ISO recordings and demo reels (to avoid double-compression) We add section markers to make it easier to navigate and find content We don't have dedicated staff to the task - it happens twice a year and we run lean and mean. We publish in batches because 21 videos all at once is a bit overwhelming for folks, and smaller batches helps each presenter to get more attention We should have the first batch of presentations up later this week. Thanks for your patience.