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  1. Thanks for explanation, I was thinking it was something like that, I agree with the bug, and if it is not, this is no way to work - with dirty hacks
  2. Damn, looking at solutions I only got more questions... hah
  3. Ohhh, yea adding it with buttons works, I was doing it on right click, it never added the variable to prev/next group always separate under. Thanks!
  4. Hello, there is an example in help https://help.MAXON.net/r23/en-us/index.html#html/NET_MAXON_NODE_LOOPCARRIEDVALUE.html that has a loop carried value node that has 2 variables that are carried trough, I tried everything I can think of to make this from scratch, but I can't get a variable to include itself into previous / next group, how do you do this?
  5. Hey @flyingdango, I am going trough it and it's so eyeopening, thanks again for this, awesome learning material. Did notice a small issue, there is some snapping sometimes when you start moving them, I tracked it down to the part where you double the radius to check for neighbours, it lacked knowing if the sphere was scaled by the random scale you introduce at the start, so propagated max_x from there and piped it into main group to multiply with radius before doubling it.
  6. Yep that was it, thanks so much, now comes the hard part trying to understand
  7. Same thing, maybe we found a bug?
  8. Hey! Yea I actually got to the step where I created the array of neighbours and it was a pain to get it done, so I wasn't gonna plan to continue anytime soon @flyingdango Thanks for the file but it looks like something got lost when saving? I imported the zip and all but lets say this group is empty.
  9. Ohh, so simple, thanks a bunch!
  10. Oh, thanks, that works, so obvious now Btw I can't get array to print with console out, works fine with print, thats why I use that. Is there a special syntax for console? like @[0] or something to get array to display?
  11. Yep this works, now I got to another problem, I have a condition that should trigger an Append, but there is no ON OFF for a node like in xpresso, any idea how to do that? All I want is to append the value to array if the value is bigger then 50 (checks for it in the loop). I feel so lost with nodes, stuff like this is so easy with few lines of code ArrayAppend_01.c4d
  12. Ohhh! Thanks so much, will check it!
  13. I am trying to build an array of arrays to no avail, is this even possible?
  14. The part I posted is just the geometry math between 2 spheres, now I need to make it for a bunch of spheres, that's why I tackled this separately. Can you help me guide on how to make this array just for the example I posted? Thanks! Will post the full asset when finished sure.
  15. Hello, I am trying to follow this tutorial on houdini and it gets to a part I get quite lost in c4d, it is creating arrays. So I am asking help with some basic understanding of arrays and how to build them. The example (extracted from houdini tut) I am working on is very simple, we have 3 clones - 0, 1, 2 as shown in the image. Now I need to find out which clones have neighbours that are closer then certain distance, for the sake of an example lets say: clone 0 has neighbours 1 and 2, clone 1 has neighbour clone 0 clone 2 has neighbour clone 0 So I guess t
  16. Thanks so much for this, this is actually much easier to read if you connect it like you indicated with orange lines. I am not sure yet if I get it, but now as I understand it - Op stream is a container (object builder) and Distribution is just one of the things (cloning data) saved in it. What this results in that it looks like the nodes go in reverse, quick example: I connected it like your alternative, and if you disconnect the grid -> sphere, you get it cloned only on first object (sphere), so when connected it looks like it is going backward, sphere.1 cloned on vertex AND t
  17. That's what I am asking, how? I would like to be able to read this node networks and I can't, since it is unclear what is happening behind.
  18. Hey @Hrvoje, finally had a look at your example on a computer, is there a way you could explain why is that connection Geometry Op to Sphere.1 so important for it to work correctly. I guess this is incorrect when I expect for "Vertex Distribution Op": "Op Input" is the object to copy and "Geometry" is the actual points to copy on. I am guessing it has something to do that the result after Geometry Op has geometry and instances? Not editable geometry? Thanks.
  19. Yeah, sure, I went a slightly different way to get the same result, so that is not the issue. It is rather something fundemental you have to understand about the nodes that is not intuitive, at least to me. What I posted is how I would read nodes and expect them to behave going from left to right. I understand this is a tech demo and thete is hardly any online explanations available to learn from, so I guess Ill rather wait a bit. Sry for the file, was on mobile, only had some screenshots from chats with noseman
  20. Ok how about this example where you have geometry available all the time, even do modeling operations on it, then you want to distribute over the result again and it ignores first distribution (grid) completely. This is not how I personally would expect nodes to work. Move this post freely into new thread, less related to cloner now
  21. Pozdrav Hrvoje, yea looks like since r16 hah, been looking for a place to discuss scene nodes and get some deeper understanding. I was actually working on another setup that had the same problem as above, luckily Athanasios Pozantzis came to help, but we don't know why it works like that. I wonder why geometry op can't extract geometry out of your cloner, we see the geometry, one would expect we can simply extract it. Tried reading help, couldn't find anything covering this. Thanks, Sandi
  22. Hey, any way to add geometry to its output, tried extracting it with geo op and it is empty. Thanks.


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