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  1. This is awesome. Skulls are one of my favourite things. Would love to put this on my 3D printer.
  2. Just realised I did mine in the coffee window and not the python window! However when I redid it in the python window it still didn't work! Just done some messing about with bits, such as deleting the \\\\\\ and have now got it working and have added it to my layout. Thanks for all the help, much appreciated. Jim
  3. Thanks @bezofor putting all that down, not sure what when wrong though as when I hit execute nothing happened! I copied and pasted what you had written above into the script mgr and pasted in the line from the script log, but as it is now nothing happens!! In the line where it says 'if __name__==' should I have changed that to say the name of my object? Cheers Jim
  4. Don't think the first option will work as I've made this sphere from scratch, so can't save as default. Could do it with the a script, but I wouldn't have a clue how to do that! In all the years I've been using C4D it's one area I never touched.
  5. Hi Guys I've created a sphere which I'll be using a lot. How do I go about creating a button for it to add to my layout, so I can just click the button and it appears without me having to go searching through my files hunting for it every time I need it? Is there a tutorial somewhere for doing this kind of thing? Cheers Jim
  6. @VECTOR Is it congratulations or commiserations I wish you? At 41 I'm too young to be a grandparent yet. I did try and persuade her to keep it inside for at least another 10 years but she was having none of it. Jim
  7. Just spent a painful day looking at baby stuff for what will be my 1st grankid. The wife can't wait, I'm just glad I can hand the thing back at the end of the day! Just seen this and it put a smile on my face. Thanks Vector. Great work mate. Jim
  8. When using the knife tool, if there isn't one already, is there a way to create a shortcut that will allow you to turn the angle constraint option on and off? Cheers Jim
  9. Awesome Simmy. The Pangolin was my first articulated print, think I spent about 30mins breaking the joints. I think it has to be one of my favourite prints so far.
  10. Yeah I will do. I'll post some wips up tomorrow when I make a start on it.
  11. Yeah, sorry. I meant once the model was complete it would be printed as one. During the modelling process I'll do it as you suggested, although knowing my character modelling skills I'll probably end up modelling each part separately and try to stick them altogether at the end. @Simmy Thanks. Yeah I tried both Thingyverse and MyMiniFactory, as well as a few other places. They're usually my first stop on the hunt for models. They did have one or two baby mobiles, but nothing anywhere near what I wanted to create. The only thing I found was the unicorn.
  12. Yeah I was thinking something similar to that, but as 1 piece instead of having it separate. I want to try and keep the models as one piece for when they get printed. I found this little guy this morning, which printed as 1 piece and it turned out really well. Think he'd fit in quite well, although at 15cm high he's a bit big to go on a mobile.
  13. Yes please. That would be awesome and very much appreciated. I'm going to try and tackle that giraffe in the morning. The arms, legs and tail look pretty easy, it's the transition from the body to the head and the ears I'm not to sure of. I've got a few ideas on where to start.
  14. Yeah that would be awesome. I might just have to have a go at that. That giraffe doesn't look toooooo hard!! I'll have a look in the morning, see if I can create something. I may have to fire some questions your way for some help, if that's ok?
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