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  1. Printer Ordered

    Awesome Simmy. The Pangolin was my first articulated print, think I spent about 30mins breaking the joints. I think it has to be one of my favourite prints so far.
  2. In Search of Models....

    Yeah I will do. I'll post some wips up tomorrow when I make a start on it.
  3. In Search of Models....

    Yeah, sorry. I meant once the model was complete it would be printed as one. During the modelling process I'll do it as you suggested, although knowing my character modelling skills I'll probably end up modelling each part separately and try to stick them altogether at the end. @Simmy Thanks. Yeah I tried both Thingyverse and MyMiniFactory, as well as a few other places. They're usually my first stop on the hunt for models. They did have one or two baby mobiles, but nothing anywhere near what I wanted to create. The only thing I found was the unicorn.
  4. In Search of Models....

    Yeah I was thinking something similar to that, but as 1 piece instead of having it separate. I want to try and keep the models as one piece for when they get printed. I found this little guy this morning, which printed as 1 piece and it turned out really well. Think he'd fit in quite well, although at 15cm high he's a bit big to go on a mobile.
  5. In Search of Models....

    Yes please. That would be awesome and very much appreciated. I'm going to try and tackle that giraffe in the morning. The arms, legs and tail look pretty easy, it's the transition from the body to the head and the ears I'm not to sure of. I've got a few ideas on where to start.
  6. In Search of Models....

    Yeah that would be awesome. I might just have to have a go at that. That giraffe doesn't look toooooo hard!! I'll have a look in the morning, see if I can create something. I may have to fire some questions your way for some help, if that's ok?
  7. In Search of Models....

    Thanks, I'm really not looking forward to it!! Sorry I meant to say I'm really looking forward to it . I'm looking for cartoon style animals, similar to the pics below. I did want 3D animals one as I thought they'd look better, but if I can't get them I thought I could use the images below and do them in a 2D style. Thanks @teknow much appreciated, I'm sure they'll come in handy Cheers Jim
  8. In Search of Models....

    Hey Guys, I just found out today that I'm going to be a Grandad (God Help me!!!) Sooooo, I'm in search of some baby animal models, preferably free ones. So I can 3D print them and make a mobile for it's crib. I have tried a google search but found very little suitable for what I wanted to do. I have got a back up plan if nothing comes up. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers Jim
  9. Anycubic build plate upgrade - CR10S

    Yeah, I saw your FB post about it after I'd posted here. I might look into getting some at some point. The mirror is great and I get really good adhesion every time now, but some times you don't want the mirror finish you get when you take the model off the printer.
  10. 2 colour print

    I put part of it down to the cheap filament I used. I use cheap stuff for testing and experiments, although I've had some really top quality prints with the cheap stuff! I'll check that script out and try changing the nozzle diameter. What's the logo of yours? Is it from a game?
  11. 2 colour print

    A little test of the weekend. I was testing 2 things this weekend. The first test was to see how well I could get a 2 colour print to work. I knew it could be done, but it's not something I had tried before so wanted to have a go. I think it's safe to say it was a successful test and it turned out really well. The second test was to see if I could get the printer beep at a certain point, making me aware it was time to change the filament without me having to stand over it watching. In S3D you can split processes, so can have different print settings for different parts of the model, and if you are printing a couple of models at the same time, you can have different setting for each model. The idea was to use this split process and have the printer beep half way through so I'd know it was time to change the filament. Unfortunately it didn't work, but I think I know where I went wrong! So they'll be another test taking place very soon.
  12. Anycubic build plate upgrade - CR10S

    I thought you'd got printing on the glass pretty much perfect? It's not a bad price. I'm curious though, some on the pictures on Ebay show wires coming of it? Can it be wired in to heat the bed as well as the stock bed or do you use it instead of the stock bed? Or was that a different type?
  13. Time for the next level!

    You can use both. At the end of the day it depends on the type finish you're looking for that decides what you use.
  14. Time for the next level!

    Well I've pretty much got my prints perfect now, so I thought it was time to take things to the next level!! That means painting!! I painted Warhammer figures when I was a kid, but never airbrushed anything. So I've picked up a kit from Amazon that came with 2 types of airbrush and a compressor, then picked up a selection of acrylic paints and other bits from my local HobbyCraft store. Now I just have to learn how to use it. I've got some failed print to test on before I try and paint this little guy. This is going to be a fun and messy learning adventure!
  15. I'm sure this will be useful for a number of users out there. cgchannel.com have done a report today on this Free Tree generation software today called Tree it! This is the link to the report on cgchannel.com This is the link to the software Tree it and this link takes you to a library of 100 trees created with the software. You just have to enter $0 into the 'Name a fair price' box and download it.