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  1. Time for the next level!

    You can use both. At the end of the day it depends on the type finish you're looking for that decides what you use.
  2. Time for the next level!

    Well I've pretty much got my prints perfect now, so I thought it was time to take things to the next level!! That means painting!! I painted Warhammer figures when I was a kid, but never airbrushed anything. So I've picked up a kit from Amazon that came with 2 types of airbrush and a compressor, then picked up a selection of acrylic paints and other bits from my local HobbyCraft store. Now I just have to learn how to use it. I've got some failed print to test on before I try and paint this little guy. This is going to be a fun and messy learning adventure!
  3. I'm sure this will be useful for a number of users out there. cgchannel.com have done a report today on this Free Tree generation software today called Tree it! This is the link to the report on cgchannel.com This is the link to the software Tree it and this link takes you to a library of 100 trees created with the software. You just have to enter $0 into the 'Name a fair price' box and download it.
  4. New material - flexible PLA / TPU

    I've got some flexible filament sat in the draw which I haven't tried yet. I bought it as a sample to try it out, but I'm not sure if they sent the wrong thing or I got conned. The flexible filament I've seen in YouTube videos has been stretchy and elastic like straight off the reel, where as this stuff is too rigid. I'll have to try it and see when I get a chance, the list of things my kids and wife want printing is endless!! I like your feet, with all the problems I had with mine I don't think I managed to do enough printing to need anything like this. Print quality looks pretty good too. I only tried the raft setting once which didn't work out. But it seems like a waste of filament to me. The only thing a raft seems to be used for is to help with adhesion, but if you can get the build plate spot on for adhesion like you do with the mirror, glass, or PEI then there's no need for a raft. Let me know how it goes with them.
  5. Mirror Printing Bed

    Glad it's worked out for you. Are you having to watch and adjust it for the 1st layer? I did think about using the stock glass, but I've got PEI stuck to it one side so well that I have a feeling I've got to buy a new piece of glass!! So I went with the mirror until I get round to sorting it out. What are you printing?
  6. Happy New 2018 & 50000 members mark!!

    Happy New Year to all that are already there and to everyone as they get there!! Still got a little less than 10hrs before we reach the new year! Thanks to @Igor all the admin, and all the mods for keeping the cafe going.
  7. Raspberry Pi 3 & Octoprint

    Not to bad a price, at a quick glance on Amazon and Ebay it's cheaper than what I could do it for here in the UK. Although if I shopped around I could probably do it cheaper. Thinking about the way I have my setup the only real benefit having the Raspberry Pi would be the ability to send files wirelessly. My printers sat about 5ft from my desk so I just have to turn my head and I can see it all! lol
  8. Mirror Printing Bed

    Straight off the printer before doing any sanding or post work. Love the mirror finish from the first layer. It's just a shame this is the underside and will never be seen!!
  9. Raspberry Pi 3 & Octoprint

    How much did this lot set you back? If you don't mind me asking.
  10. Mirror Printing Bed

    It's great, the adhesion is amazing. You have to wait about 20+mins for it to cool down to get your model off the mirror, as it sticks that well there's no chance of it moving whilst it's hot. You have to watch the first layer so you can adjust the level of the bed as it goes down, if you don't then you can pretty much guarantee that the print will fail. When it's done I just give it a quick wipe over with hot water, dry it with a paper towel and it's good to go again. If you haven't used it in a few days then it takes a bit more work to get it going again. Don't think at this point I've got a bad word to say about it, fingered crossed I won't ever!
  11. New material - colour change PLA

    There's nothing worse than an badly wrapped spool of filament. I've not tried the colour change filament yet, it's on my to do list. I've got a couple of those owl tealight holders, one of my wife's favourites. Print quality looks great.
  12. Raspberry Pi 3 & Octoprint

    £40 ain't to bad. My wife got me a camera for Christmas which I'll be using for my printer. She got me 4K sports camera, it's basically a GoPro under a different name. Can't broadcast live video like you can with a web cam, but it will record photos at specific intervals, record 4K videos, and time lapse videos. I'll also be able to take it out and about with me in the car and use it for other things as well. I'm in the process of modelling an arm for it to be attached to the build plate at the moment, once I've got it up and running I'll post something.
  13. Raspberry Pi 3 & Octoprint

    Looking to do this in the new year. Need to list everything needed to do it and price it up first. There's a ton of cases for the raspberry pi out there that you can print off.
  14. A Bit of Fun with the CR-10

    For those that have the CR-10 you may have noticed that it beeps when you press the dial on the control box. Well it is possible to generate a certain amount of audio sounds by modulating the output signal of the display buzzer! In other words you can get it to play you a song when it finishes a print. This website can explain it better than I can, but I've been trying out today and it's a fun way to find out when your prints finish. There's a link on the site that will take you to another site where you can convert your own tunes to the required .gcode format, or you can download some that are already converted. This download has just over 11,000 tunes ready to be used. As long as you have an LCD display with a Buzzer, an electronic board supports an audio output, and your firmware supports M300 commands (Marlin, Repetier) then you'll be able to have your printer play you a tune.
  15. Lithophanes

    They do take a while, I've found that the flat ones print quicker laying down than they do when they're stood up. Unfortunately when you use a different style such as the curved one you have to do them stood up!