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  1. You can print pretty much anything and everything Simmy. I got about 10 models with the printer. If I find some images of what they are I'll post them. The images of them that came with the printer are awful and you can't really see what they are. I'll also share what I print off as I do it.
  2. Using the CoLiDo Compact
  3. Yeah it was the latter, the original was sat in a HN so I reduced the subdivisions and made it editable. You can't really see on the photo but there are some quite smooth parts on it where you can't see the slice lines. I've still got some playing to do with settings to try and get a better look. I printed out a pen stand for my wife last night for her crafting stuff and you can see pretty much every slice line on it. I've yet to sand it down so might find that does the job. There's the thickness of each slice and fill lines to adjust which all help with getting a smoother finish. Both models were left at the default settings.
  4. Well I finally got there and printed my 1st real print. It's been a loooooong weekend! I set the printer up Friday and managed to print off the test file that comes with it. I had to calibrate the bed slight to make it level. Once I did that, the printer decided it didn't want to talk to my pc anymore, so I spent 3 hrs playing with settings before it got to about 1am before I backed in for the night. Saturday was pretty much the same thing until I ticked 1 little box and they started talking again. So, I printed off a little tortoise type thing (another file that came with it), It wasn't 100% but not too bad. So, at this point I'm fairly excited and open C4D and find the skull I modelled back in 2007!!! I made a few adjustments to it so it had a flat base and scaled it down a bit and exported it out as an .stl file. At this point the wife's nagging as the weekly food shop needs doing, so I have to quit for the day!!! Sunday morning I opened the skull up in the software that comes with the printed, ran it through the slicer engine to create the layers for the printer, hit the print button eagerly and what happens? Nothing!!! The printer and pc aren't talking again!!! Everything is as I left it Saturday, so what the hell's gone wrong!!! I went through everything, all the settings, I uninstall and reinstall, I did everything I could think of and nothing. So this morning I phoned the tech support people to find that they're using a different slicer engine because the one that comes with the software talks a slightly different language to that of the printer. So after changing the slicer engine and re slicing my Skull I am finally up and running and have manged to create a 3D Print of it. YAY!!! I've got various photos showing 5 mins in the print, one just over an hour in, a couple of the finished print before I took it off the platform, one after it's had a little sanding, and a C4D render of the shull I sent to the printer. It's not 100%, there's 1 or 2 small imperfections , but I can't complain. I'm really impressed and already have another model printing, this time a pen stand for my wife's crafting stuff. Overall the skull took 4hrs 50mins to print. The first slicer engine had it down to 2hrs something, but the quality was no where near as good, so I don't mind the extra time if the quality of the print is going to be much better. Hope you guys like it. Jim
  5. Looks nice Vector with some good reviews. Not sure I like the price tag though ;) I'm back on my desktop today, my new liquid cooling system arrived this morning and I finally got it installed. Running on an old processor until my new one arrives, but at least my pcs back up and running and I can now get my printer set up. Thanks for the dedicated 3D printing section Igor. I'll start filling it with my models soon!!!
  6. The CoLiDo can do the PLA, ABS, and a wood type filament. Although the website only says it can do PLA! I would have liked one that can do more than one filament at a time, but you would have been adding a hell of a lot more to the price. You can pause it half way through to swop filaments so you could have stripey models if that's what's required! Personally I intend to print and then paint the models. It can from what I've seen in pretty high quality, down to 0.1mm I think it is. I've got a variety of things I want to print. My lad has just started playing Warhammer games, so wants some figures. The wife wants some bits for her cards printing, and I'm struggling a lot with arthritis in my hands so intend printing a few bits to help, and that's just to start with! Jim
  7. There are quite a few out there to look at and I think you really need to know what you're looking for before you buy. My wife makes greetings cards for her hobby and is a member of a website called Create and Craft, they have just started stocking the CoLiDo Compact. It's quite a small printer, approx 25 x 35 x 40cm total size and the print size is 13 x 13 x 13cm about the size of a large mug! We should have paid £450 for it, but being a member of the website we got 10% off, plus members get the option to make the payment over 4 months instead of one lump sum, which makes it easier. When I'm back up and running I'll let you know how it goes.
  8. Hi Igor and Vector, I'm not to bad thanks. A little frustrated without my PC, doing everything through a tablet at the moment. My liquid cooling system died and took a few other components with it, so I'm waiting for replacement parts to arrive. Should have them in the next day or two, fingers crossed. Would love that link for FB if you would send me the link please. And I think an area here at the cafe would be great. I've seen a few messages come through where people have been asking about 3D printing related things, so having somewhere specific to put those questions, tips, ideas, models, and so on, would be great. I look forward to seeing it. Regards Jim
  9. Hi guys, It's been a while since I've been here. The real world has been really busy for me and I've had little time for anything else. I've just taken delivery of a small 3D printer and I'm looking for a forum specifically for users. I've had a search and seen a couple of possibilities but wondered if anyone here could recommend one that's good. I'm looking forward to getting stuck in with it, and it's giving me some motivation to open C4D again (although I'm having to wait for my PC to be fixed!!!) and start creating again. I have quite a few models I've made over the years I can't wait to see in real life and my wife has already put some orders in for a few things she wants me to create! Maybe the cafe could have a section for 3D printer users? Cheers Jim
  10. Cheers CBR, I'll get a report to them today. It has been a while hasn't it? Had a lot of stuff on my plate and it's been hard to find any motivation to do anything. Hopefully this little project will get me going again. Cheers Jim
  11. Hiya CBR, I never thought about updating my profile, think there's a couple of things that need updating there!!! Yeah I've done the update, did it this morning actually when I loaded cinema up. This issue is after the update. Cheers Jim
  12. Hi Guys, Bit of a strange one this. When using the Plane Cut tool it seems to switch planes in different views! In Perspective view it works fine as it should, but when you switch to the front view it it changes. I've included some pics to help explain. Pic 1 in Perspective view shows the Plane Cut in the XZ plane, which is what it should be. Pic 2 in Front view shows the Plane Cut with the same settings, XZ, but the preview cut is on the XY plane!!!. Finally Pic 3 still in front view shows the Plane Cut tool set to cut on the XY plane, but the preview shows it cutting on the XZ plane!!! It's the same on the right/Left views, except instead of being XY, it's YZ! I've never noticed this before in previous versions of C4D with the old knife tool. Cheers Jim Edit:- Whilst typing this I played around with the settings a bit more and found that if I changed the 'Plane Mode' option from World to Local, the Plane Cut tool acted like it should do by cutting across the correct planes. But surely it should cut across the plane you set it to in either World or Local? or at least it should do the way I understand it. I might be wrong!
  13. Thanks bezo, much appreciated. Not sure how I'm going to get it though! There's a note on the page saying 'Due to new EU tax regulations we have suspended all purchases. We are sorry for the inconvenience' I'm going to email them, to see what's happening. Thanks again Jim
  14. Hi guys, Hope everyone has had a good Christmas and looking forward to the new year. I'm trying to track down an old tutorial I followed about 5 or 6 years ago. It helped me no end and changed the way I model buildings. I thought I kept a copy of it but can't find it on any of my externals so I'm hoping someone here will be able to help me. The tutorial was on how to model the building in the picture below using splines. It was created by a someone who used to be a member of the cafe with a long strange name which I believe started 'Conf...........' I can't remember the rest of it. I'm hoping someone can help me find this. My son is hoping to go into architecture and wants to try lots of different methods of modelling buildings. He's done a few architectural tuts but would like to try this one. Any help would be much appreciated Warm Regards Jim
  15. Yeah I think the postage might be a bit steep to the Philippines! And yes that is the book I'm referring to.