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  1. If it is true that XSI was basically closed for third partys no wonder they failed. It is a fundamental requirement today to be modular.
  2. Yes the uvws are missing. I would recommend transfering the imported animation to the existing character. Import the fbx, apply a motion Clip to the joint chain from Animation menue and duplicate the motion tag over to the old Joint chain. The rig structure must be identical in this workflow Another fix would be using VAMP to transfer uvws. Align the two heads as close as possible and try to transfer the uvs in the VAMP Manager. But be aware the tool is buggy
  3. You could also simply transfer the animation using motion clips. Animate low poly chain. Create motion Clip from Animation menue. Load in high poly with same rig structure. Copy motion clip tag over to the high res joint chain. Done. It is a 5 seconds step.
  4. Hi, - Disable the skin deformer - Align the bones to your liking - Select the Weight Tag and say "Set bind pose" - Enable the skin deformer That is the workflow whenever you want to change the position of rig objects after weighting.
  5. Thanks everybody for the input. I digged deeper and found nomerous tools for Unity3d and Unreal which makes sense since it is basic need for every game character animation workflow. For those who are interested here is a Unity3d animation plugin suite: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=kfVO6HcX3Dw
  6. Seems like it is not possible in C4d
  7. Basically if I could make it work with the basic joints of a Mixamo fbx import would be enough. No controllers mirroring etc only the most basic joint chains animation. I would attach a file but I am not allowed sadly to exceed 2,8 mb
  8. Hi, I need to mirror the animation of a joint hierarchy inside C4D or another app solution. I do not need to mirror the mesh, the joints etc. I need to mirror only the keyframe values so the rig stays exactly the same. For example jump to the left must become identical jump to the right. Any ideas on how to do that? I tried mirrorx mirrory in key menu in the timeline but the result is not a mirrored version of what I have. I would appreciate hints on how to do that. Thx! Edit: I know Motionbuilder can do it. But is there a cheaper solution maybe?
  9. Do you rig in Mixamo or another software? Because for example when you receive a fbx rig from 3ds Max for example the Joint axis is along x axis while in C4d it is along z. If you combine it it will explode due to different axis orientation.
  10. I recently jumped into the system and yes in the beginning it is really confusing. I just wanted to give a warning for two bugs: When you use the Hierarchy tab in a motion clip and cut it with the cut tool into more than two clips the hierarchy settings are getting lost and cannot be changed back. This is a major bummer. Support confirmed it and called it a limitation. Second bug: when you bake a clip sequenze into a single using the bake clips function in the motion system menue the bake generates keyframes at 0 every second key which makes absolutely no sense. Seems the algo is broken. This one was replicated by a Co worker of mine but I still have to send it in.
  11. According to german buisness paper the price is 70 million Euros. Yes 70.
  12. The correction deformer is made for that.

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