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  1. Transfering UV's?

    No C4D has done it's own thing ;) The C4D Obj. exporter changes point index during export or import. Age old bug that never was taken care of. The second problem: VAMP's uvw projector is broken as well for several years now. So there is no hope as well. Possible solution: The plugins from here: skinprops.com The Riptide Pro plugin exports/imports obj. files and preserves point order. The Morph Mill Plugin is able to align point order between two meshes. First align the meshes perfectly as possible. Now with the Morph Mill you align point index and after that you can try VAMP with "normals mode", "Transform: off", "World" If after that the uvws are still broken you can try morphing the uvws with C4D's Pose Morph Tag. If all of that does not work: use the skinned mesh as a mesh deformer (see deformers menu), hide it and drive the clean uv mesh with it. I tried to repair your mesh since I own both plugins but I am waiting for several weeks now for my R18 keys.... Cheers
  2. Affinity Photo The New Photoshop?

    I have Affinity as well and to be honest while I like it a lot it is 1/5 of Photoshop right now feature wise. But the price is a no brainer. I hope they continue developing it like they didi in the last 2 years. We need a PS challenger for sure. On a side note let's see if MAXON comes up with new BP features in the next 2 releases.
  3. Animation project

    Great project!
  4. David And Goliath Petit Fabrik Uses C4D

    Maybe they talk about faster rendering? Still no clue what this is about
  5. Hi, that should be possible via FBX export from C4D. You need to be careful though because in C4D joints are rotated around the z-axis while in Max the rotaion axis is x if I am not mistaken. You need correct axis adjustment for stability and to avoid gimbal lock problems. In C4D you can determine the joints axis or the TD does it in Max. I do not have Max so I cannot check the exported result, sorry.
  6. David And Goliath Petit Fabrik Uses C4D

    I know. But it is claimed in the article. See under the head rendering: "R19’s updated sub-surface scattering for physical render helped Rodrigues make David’s face look more realistic. " What are they talking about I am curious?
  7. David And Goliath Petit Fabrik Uses C4D

    What is the R19 update in SSS? Did I miss something?
  8. The main difference between the two Apps is that in Maya everything is a node. That means all the objects inside maya can more or less be handled and connected as nodes which is a vastly different setup than C4D. It is powerful but in many cases makes things a lot more complicated to what we are used in C4D. Rigging is completely different from what I hear. In general you have workflows possible that are focused on heavy VFX productions like multi UVW (UDIMs for example) objects etc...that are difficult to handle in C4D. You will laugh at how tedious some things are to do in Maya and on the other hand things are deeper integrated to what we are used to. In my opinion in 90% of the jobs I would say you are faster in C4D but in the last 10% high end stuff Maya outclasses C4D (Fluids, Dynamics, Cloth, Multi UV objects etc). And MAXON does not want to compete there as you can see that cloth is untouched in a decade, Fluids aren`t even in there and the new renderer is aimed at mograph people and Maya bought the ultimate VFX renderer Arnold. Two different paths they go.
  9. Career Change Questions

    If I had to start all over again: 1. Sign in to cineversity 2. Sign in to FXPHD to all courses by Tim Clapham. The fxphd stuff looks like has the very important Pipeline with the After Effects in mind which will be central in your everyday work. The only problem is that the course is in r14 and in R16-18 the modeling in C4D has changed considerably.
  10. Are we talking cartoon or quasi realitstic? Because the movement of facial anatomy in a realistic way is insanely complex. I think the snappers rig for max and maya has hundreds of joints which are controlling each other...and that still looks a bit cg (but very very good cg).
  11. Please help I'm freaking out

    The thumbnails show sth. rendered....go to the right tab to the thumbnails: they are all inside a folder when you scroll up. Right click the folder and save the folder as animation(stiil image is default setting). Or make right click to see where the files are located on your hdd by choosing show in explorer If else we would need to see the render settings Cheers
  12. That is exactly the problem I guess. There are two main schools in facial rigging as I read: Jonit driven rig and morph based rig. Since morph based is highly individual for every mesh it wouldn't make sense to put sth like it into the C4D character object. The only thing that would make sense is to create a joint based rig as a preset, right? I would love that but I once asked a very good C4D TD to do it and he said it is A LOT of work to create...and expensive
  13. Cinema 4D R19 discussion!

    I am far away from being a specialist in laws but I think I've read that somewhere (cgtalk?). But imagine they give away a .5 update away on one continent and aren't allowed to give it the customers on another. Would cause an uproar right?
  14. Cinema 4D R19 discussion!

    Considering how much they talk on cgtalk and show about Prorender it is more of the opposite. They cannot release it as a .5 release due to tax law constraints they said somewhere (Adobe has the same problem, thanks to subscription systems). And no I do not need Prorender because I never render with Physical or Standard etc. . I have VRAY, Cycles and Corona beta on my private machine and work with Octane/Vray on my day job. Like so many. And why are so many using 3rd party engines? We all know why: because they are way better. And that has to change. Because every single one of them has problems. A renderer that has equal quality and in addition is tighly integrated will most likely kill some of the 3rd party engines I fear. From a product management point a new gpu renderer is 100% the way to go for MAXON. This kind of renderer is exactly what all the mograph and product viz people need. A LOT of them are using the inbuild engines. And the now slowly appearing pics show convincing quality. Good move.
  15. Cinema 4D R19 discussion!

    Look at this video. It is one of the very few Prorender stuff that can convince besides the Glen Johnson renderings: With that render quality out of the box on the GPU 90% of the C4D users can pay their bills without purchasing 3rd pary engines I am sure. And you can choose Cpu or Gpu. Ok, it will take them untill R20 or so to make it production ready as they say. But it is worth it. But when I have a renderer that gives reliable Viewport Representation, painles material stacking/layering, working multipass and deep integration in genereal etc inside C4D...how on earth can I not want that? Imagine the thing in combination with realtime painting in BP...