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  1. "syncing animation between cars and cameras" what does that mean? You want the camera to follow exactly the car?
  2. You are using procedural animation techniques with the noise in the fields. It is very hard to match the in and out point of the animation this way. Most likely the problem is the noise setup and not Octane. Renderers do not change animations. You could try to animate the noise intensity in at the beginning starting from zero percent and animate out in the end down to zero again to have a matching frame.
  3. Here is your mat with a simple studio HDRI rendered in Octane 4. You need light and reflections in your scene
  4. You could use one of the rigged humans from Content Browser and pose them. Then you throw them into Volume Mesher... But that would be a dirty way ;)
  5. First you need to create clean Uvw maps of all objects you want to bake. Then decide if you want to bake in C4d or Unity because the two use different material technology. Most people bake in the game engine because you see what you get in the game. In Unity you can also bake with Octane render for very high quality. In c4d "bake texture" or "bake object" are the commands.
  6. zeden

    AI and Animation

    I recently had frequent discussions with coworkers about the impact. A lot of cg jobs will move back to customers because there will be dead easy tools to create pictures in your browser or with relatively cheap software. I have no clue where our profession will be in 10 years. At least rendertimes will disappear.
  7. You cannot create Unity materials in C4d the easy way. Because like mentioned already C4D has no workflow implementiered to create or render them. The reason is that MAXON gave up Bodypaint 10 years ago so there is currently no way to paint state of the art PBR materials for games. Pixelberg is the only way right now to render them inside C4D but it is a renderer only. Have a look into Substance Painter or 3dCoat. They are designed for PBR materials. You also want to check out Xnormal because it closes the gap for baking inside C4D.
  8. That is stange. Did you contact support?
  9. Hi, digitvisions is right. C4D Lite is a teaser version to make you buy one of the packages. For character animation only studio makes sense but you need at least prime to see the joints I guess: https://www.toolfarm.com/images/uploads/vendors/MAXON/r19/MAXON-R19-comparison.html
  10. Do you have the chance to work with Zbrush? The autoretopo functions it has are the most Advanced out there. Doing it manually would be a nightmare with complex irregular forms like this.
  11. Do not forget animating believeable human faces is still by far the most challenging task in cg. Making stills of them is possible now but as soon as they move it gets incredibly difficult. I guess to bring it to the highest Level would simply have exploded the budget and time frame for such a show.
  12. As awesome as the animation is I agree the show comes by as animators horror show off pieces with thin story in most cases. But I would have loved to work on it ;)



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