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  1. Am I allowed to do this...

    ??? You know there actually people out there who know how to work with uvws. Weird comment.
  2. Redshift and C4D - In over my head?

    If you struggle with c4d material mapping be sure to understand that first because that is fundamental to all rendering in c4d. The thing is Redshift is waaay easier to render animations with in comparison to the PR once you get there. You can be lucky to come to 3D in these days because until 3-4 years ago or so we had to create very nifty setups to render full GI Animations with Vray or PR for example. We had to prebake Light passes and all that annoying stuff to make flickering go away. The nowadays renderers (pathtracers) like Redshift, Octane, Arnold and the current version of Vray (and the new Prorender for C4D) make this so much easier because you basically control all quality with one setting: the samples. Increase them and the flickering goes. That is a simplified description but is the core of rendering today. Samples! Once you understand that you jump from render engine to render engine quite easiliy for 90 % of jobs. The problem is the materials are different for every engine. But you find so many presets and tutorials online today from where you can break down the mats that it is doable to learn it pretty fast. I just searched "redshift c4d" on youtube and like 10 tutorials pop up. Work yourself through them. We all spend our countless nights in the beginning doing it. Another tipp is: Read how photographers and camera men set light on real world sets and product stages. Because even your best materials will look lame when not lit interestingly. Shading and lIght cannot be seperated. Good luck!
  3. Just a reminder: in R19 they simplyfied the weight mirroring process. Worth checking out if you have R19 at your hands
  4. Electricity/lighting

    Hi here is a file where it is working. You need adjust uvws correctly to make it work. Throw your texture in the mat and create the alpha from png. cheers electricity.rar
  5. Pose Morph not working

    Yes this thing is deeply hidden in the docs. I have to check out the tuts....haven't seen them so far I dreamed of building a custom muscle simulation system with it but miss the collision detection sadly for high end sim. Maybe someone finds a collision solution here. Hope never dies ;)
  6. Pose Morph not working

    The key to combine cloth and morphs is C4D arkward priorities system. You need to increase over 100 in generators priority. You sadly loose collision detection...otherwise one could build awesome stuff with it. This file works in R18: Morph_Cloth.c4d
  7. What's the render settings for this pic?

    Hi this is often done with Fesnel shader in alpha or transparency of a material. I added the glow here during rendering but I recommend doing it in compositing. Play with the fresnel gradient for the look. And a detailed modeling gives good optical effects. Cheers Xray look.c4d
  8. Electricity/lighting

    In Vfx for realtime you create a flipbook with rendered effects which is thrown into the effects shader in the engine. The shader is applied to planes with alpha, right. In your example it seems like the uvws do not match the texture...hence the screwed up stretching. As first step Create a lenghty plane with correct uvws and model the plane around the object in the way you want the effects to appear. Be careful not to stretch the plane to preserve uvws
  9. Feeling discouraged about the industry

    That is a question I am still thinking about after a decade in cg. I am quite the multimedia generalist with strong focus on cgi but sometimes regret not having build superstar skills in one or two 3d areas because for the really cool projects they are almost ever build with specialist teams. But on the other hand there are more generalist jobs out there because even your small 3 guys neighborhood ad bureau needs guys they can throw all kinds of work at. Also maybe start learning a game engine like unity or unreal. If you are a solid unity dev with c# skills you have 20 job offers by tomorrow here in Europe ;)
  10. Bret gives an overview here:
  11. Hi, 1) please select your material tag in the screenshot so we can see if the mapping is correct. 2) Show us the uvws of your object by holding shift button and double click the uvw tag Otherwise we sadly cannot help you....
  12. Transfering UV's?

    No C4D has done it's own thing ;) The C4D Obj. exporter changes point index during export or import. Age old bug that never was taken care of. The second problem: VAMP's uvw projector is broken as well for several years now. So there is no hope as well. Possible solution: The plugins from here: skinprops.com The Riptide Pro plugin exports/imports obj. files and preserves point order. The Morph Mill Plugin is able to align point order between two meshes. First align the meshes perfectly as possible. Now with the Morph Mill you align point index and after that you can try VAMP with "normals mode", "Transform: off", "World" If after that the uvws are still broken you can try morphing the uvws with C4D's Pose Morph Tag. If all of that does not work: use the skinned mesh as a mesh deformer (see deformers menu), hide it and drive the clean uv mesh with it. I tried to repair your mesh since I own both plugins but I am waiting for several weeks now for my R18 keys.... Cheers
  13. Affinity Photo The New Photoshop?

    I have Affinity as well and to be honest while I like it a lot it is 1/5 of Photoshop right now feature wise. But the price is a no brainer. I hope they continue developing it like they didi in the last 2 years. We need a PS challenger for sure. On a side note let's see if MAXON comes up with new BP features in the next 2 releases.
  14. Animation project

    Great project!
  15. David And Goliath Petit Fabrik Uses C4D

    Maybe they talk about faster rendering? Still no clue what this is about