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  1. Let's hope they resigned him and bought his tools ;)
  2. I think it makes sense to overhaul the core tech behind the tools first. And BP still after a decade has some stuff the others struggle with. For example in Mari you still cannot paint in multiple channels up to this day, right? BP has that for ten years now. Substance painter has serious limitations regarding texture size. BP is way stronger there. They have to do some serious catch up but the foundation of BP is not sooo bad to build on. But is it really that hard to implement symmetry?
  3. So this BP version is basically a code rewrite without any new features?
  4. I guess they would have shown in the vid
  5. The most powerful renderers feature wise out there for C4D are Arnold and Vray. You just see that they are used in feature film production the way they handle things. They basically let you do everything, they eat it all. But they are slower than all the GPU renderer sadly while I have to say the new Vray in pathtracing mode is really fast for a Cpu renderer. Great engine. I can recommend Octane. It is extremely fast, feature rich and now unlimited in polycount. And gets fast development. Redshift looks nice as well. The Gpu renderers are just made for all that mograph stuff. But wait what MAXON is cooking with their new Pro Render Gpu engine. That for example looks nice:
  6. Whatever made you parting ways with was not good for us ;) Great tools! That stuff belongs into the native BP
  7. I just watched the Making of and I see massive use of C4D in Versus I seriously do not see the point here. They show Rigging, Animation, Sculpting, Procedurals, brilliant Hair use, etc. all done in C4D. Additionally they show that C4D has become a great pipeline tool with lots of ports to other software. Everything a pro 3D wants to see. Falling behind my a**
  8. According to the developer on the german C4D forum you'd have to delete the constraints and xpresso tags from the rig made with the Character tool. If done so the joints can be assign to the plugin he says. You could build a setup where this rig then drives the original rig I think via constraints or xpresso linking...maybe ask him?
  9. In case somebody would need it: The People in Motion Plugin has been released in V2: I think it's a bargain for the money.
  10. To answer the question we need to know what you want to do with it and where in th e workflow do you want to use it? Did you try the C4D sculpting?
  11. I think it is the "Motion Capture to IK Retargeting" course if I am not mistaken: It is from 2008 so pre Character Object times. But maybe it helps
  12. There is a tutorial on cineversity how to drive an IK/FK Rig with mocap which explains the 3 rig approach. It's tedious and complicated. It was sth. like this if I remember it correctly: You need to build a custom setup consisting of three Joint Rig setups to blend between Mocap and Keyframe animation: Use the character tools to build the bind rig that drives the mesh (1). Duplicate that rig and constrain it to the bind rig (2). That setup is given with the advanced Biped Rig. The bind and the animation rig are seperated to keep a modular rigging structure to stay flexible. Import the mocap rig and keyframe it into a T-pose if not there (3). Constrain it to the animation rig to drive it. Use Constrains so you can use different joint herarchies between mocap and anim rig what happens most of the time. If you have a consistent mocap->animation pipeline you should maybe equalize the joint structures what would make life waaay more easy. Once that is done you can import new mocap data at will since you can easily transfer the new mocap on the old mocap joints since structure is the same.
  13. You can also try to simulate the muscles with cloth. But it gets complicated.
  14. Yes, that is the way to go when changing rigged meshes. Keep in mind you have to repaint weights in case you change geometry. I can only add to maliohammad that he is very right: work with lower density in the mesh. It helps a lot. You can reverse the mesh resultion with the sculpting tools. The command is called "unsubdivide". Here is a plugin that can do it as well: Cheers