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  1. zeden


    In case you want it the easy way there is Welter's atmosphere shader: http://www.welter-4d.de/fplugs/freeplugins_en.html
  2. zeden

    MAXON Prices - Give us your feedback!

    MAXON had a profit increase of 15% in 2017. Now you see why they do not need to lower prices. They are selling like S***.
  3. zeden

    Skinning problem

    Hi, tried several approaches and getting better results. I expected that to be an easy one. Thx
  4. Hi, can someone have a look at this and show me my failure in skin weighting? I am hitting a wall here. Rig_fail_01.c4d
  5. Is your plugin using TP as a mesher or do you simulate with the TP engine?
  6. Hi Bret, please make it happen ;) I could use it to no end. Also would pay for it of course.
  7. Hi Dan, I am only stating what other say...I did not use I it myself. So I do not know if it is true. If you take a look at this video I have to say it looks very very similar to C4D Hair workflow. https://vimeo.com/265312075
  8. Hi, yes they say you can work the hairs and not only the guides. That initial hair flow around the meshes comes from maps. You have to paint them manually with ornatrix tools
  9. On another forum (german) the 3 main differences were described as: - A layered approach to grooming - Gpu acceleration = viewport performance? - Access to groom every single hair
  10. Yes you are right
  11. Yes I had the problem when saving to a NAS Server. It was an onside freelance Job so I do not know the exact specs. But everything was really fast except for saving out of c4d.
  12. No that would be a tangent normal map. What you have here is a world space normal map. You can use different normal maps in compositing to relight objects, or add lights, or to place textures onto rendered objects in 2D.
  13. Awesome! What is the problem with hard surface?
  14. zeden


    if that is true do we have volumetric skinning now in C4D? Meaning skin weights independent from mesh?
  15. zeden

    Isn't R20 Just Around The Corner?

    From different hints on forums you can be pretty sure that Prorender will get a big update and most likely Bodypaint will see a lot new things. Maybe node materials will com with PR and new uvw tools with BP. I personally hope they implement a new dynamics suite with new cloth, particles, fluids and liquids. Maybe all together with a new mograph. Mocap would be great but I do not belive in it. Maybe a free noncommercial licence model will be offered.