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  1. Have a look in the Weight Manager under Auto weight. There you can give a number of joints. I am not sure it works the same but other than that I do not know of an option.
  2. You might try this workflow maybe? http://www.welter-4d.de/fplugs/freeplugins_en.html#uvtoobject
  3. Hi, here is a workflow. It is a bit twisted in the beginning: - Pose your mesh - Current state to object for a seperate mesh in that pose - Apply a pose morph tag and drag new mesh as target inside - Disable skin deformer and in weight tag say Set Bind pose - Enable skin deformr and your new rig has a new basic pose New pose rig.c4d
  4. If you only need the one pose keep the rig as is and apply a correction deformer for the posed state. It enables modeling on top of a deformed mesh so you can adjust the mesh to your liking
  5. You might want to have a look at this: https://gumroad.com/l/fTRFN
  6. Load all of your textures into Photoshop, stack them as layers and convert them to a Smart object. Now you can scale, move, stretch or duplicate the Smart object to your likings and all textures remain untouched and aligned in the source file. You are nondestructive now and can add more textures to it also.
  7. The classic tools are all there. The only problem there is is animation retargeting. In C4D your rigs need to have the same axis orientation to transfer motion between rigs otherwise you need manual constraining of the joints which is annoying. Maya especially shines here with HumanIK. If you want high end vfx muscle simulation you are in problems with C4D too because the cloth simulation often used for it is broken for over a decade now and they don't care. I work together with a Blender guy and I think C4D is way more advanced in character animation than blender. The NLA sys
  8. Hi, thx for looking into it. Appreciate. This is working nicely yes but I am looking for a direct way of saving the clip with pivot to a motion source. The state before you bake the Keyframes in your video. To do that in your video workflow after baking you would need to create a new clip from the bake and save it as a motion source. So a two layered workflow that overrides the Initial clip is what I want to avoid. It is not really a huge problem but I was looking for an elegant solution here
  9. I use R19 but the motion system is untouched in over a decade so no difference here. I am producing around 30 character animations by mixing homemade motion capture with Mixamo and keyframe animation. Both mocap and Mixamo are converted into clips for a first step because I very often have to add a Pivot to a clip to align or correct the position to blend with an Idle animation or for example the character jumps and I correct the length or height of the jump using a pivot. As soon as I want to save that corrected clip as a motion source the pivot correction is ignored and only the Keyfram
  10. Hi, I have problems with baking Motion clips with animated Pivots to a Motion source. The Motion source fails to recognize the animated pivot and only bakes the pure clip data. My workaround is to duplicate the joint chain, delete keys and retarget it to the animated one and bake the new second chain as a motion source which feels kind of redundant. Any solutions out there for that issue? Thx!
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