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  1. HI, thx! Yes I know of the xpresso node but my problem is I want to activate every dynamics tag no matter which object is hit and enabled. I basocally need a loop through all tags in every frame. That is where I failed so far.
  2. Hi, I have a scene with multiple Rigid bodys and I want to deactivate the dynamics using the "on collsions" function inside the tag. I now want to animate a collider that hits a random single Rigid body object and on the collsion frame I want to activate every other single rigid body in the scene as well because the thing is connected with connectors. Is there a way in xpresso to check if a single tag is activated and activate all others as a result of it? I found a solution with clones but I need it for single poly objects. Thx!
  3. I personally have 4 freelance colleagues who all do Archviz and all use C4D. Maybe it is a German thing but there are quite a lot of people here doing Archviz in C4D. And I see it frequently in job descriptions.
  4. Apply joints to the object and constrain them in C4D for animation. Bake the object's joints and delete the constraints for export?
  5. Nice! I have a Mr Burns in the pipeline for years but never finished it ;)
  6. Well, I give max another 5 years untill it is finally replaced by Maya. Learn Maya if you want to broaden your skills. It is the most powerful tool off the shelve.It is the tool that needs the least of external plugins because most of the stuff is there already. But yes it can be painful. If we only had proper simulation tools in C4D....
  7. How much is the MAXON One Bundle? Great release.
  8. You can render the AO only when using this "Info channels" render setting: http://www.aoktar.com/octane/OCTANE HELP MANUAL.html?InfoGeneralSettings.html
  9. Hi, first solution: - Duplicate your mesh only (not the rig) - Apply morph tag in points mode - Drag original mesh as morph target in it - Apply Point Cache Tag to new mesh - Bake the point cache - Offset time inside cache tag It is not dynamic but works. Cheers
  10. Have a look in the Weight Manager under Auto weight. There you can give a number of joints. I am not sure it works the same but other than that I do not know of an option.
  11. You might try this workflow maybe? http://www.welter-4d.de/fplugs/freeplugins_en.html#uvtoobject
  12. Hi, here is a workflow. It is a bit twisted in the beginning: - Pose your mesh - Current state to object for a seperate mesh in that pose - Apply a pose morph tag and drag new mesh as target inside - Disable skin deformer and in weight tag say Set Bind pose - Enable skin deformr and your new rig has a new basic pose New pose rig.c4d
  13. If you only need the one pose keep the rig as is and apply a correction deformer for the posed state. It enables modeling on top of a deformed mesh so you can adjust the mesh to your liking
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