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  1. zeden

    Selling R18 Studio

    Sold. You can delete the thread
  2. Very Nice. What you have there is the rendering nightmare because you have strong exterior light going through refraction/glass into a very bright interior. There is a lot of Light bouncing and tracing going on because the Light is refracted first in the glass and bounces around due to the bright materials from wall to wall. Therefore the rendertimes.
  3. I can only recommend not going lower than a 1080 ti 11gb with GPU rendering. Better a used 1080 or Titan X or even make the move to the 2080s. AMDs I don’t know
  4. zeden

    Selling R18 Studio

    Hi, I am selling a R18 Studio license. I will make a price that willl save you several hundreds of bucks for an upgrade to R20. Please PM me in case of interest.
  5. zeden

    Think of New Features for C4D

    You can color Nulls in OM did you know? I just learned that a few months ago :)
  6. zeden

    Gathered fabric

    There is also the syflex plugin
  7. When you deselect the selection tag a new one will be created. When you select it, it will be overwritten.
  8. zeden

    C4D Cafe Youtube channel massive update

    Yeah I also spent some 50-60 Euros on that stuff which is a bit annoying now. But I understand the move. Good for the c4d people out there.
  9. zeden

    Think of New Features for C4D

    If they implemented stuff like this before pushing Prorender, Uvw tools, Bodypaint, Particels , Cloth, Liquids, Fluids and Rigging tools they for sure would get a massive stick on the forums ;)
  10. Just a small addition for getting better performance in viewport:
  11. Either you have the axis move tool enabled or your joints are not align in the correctly in the object manager
  12. zeden

    Allegorithmic is joining the Adobe

    Hi Ayush, in Substance Painter you paint textures and more important: Materials! C4D Bodypaint only paints textures. The second point is you paint your materials on the 3d Model until it looks good and on export you can generate the textures for whatever render engine you like. You have a game? Export PBR realtime textures for your specific engine. You render in Arnold a film? Export Arnold shader textures. You render in Redshift? Export Redshift textures. etc etc. Substance Designer is a node based material generator. You design the materials there you later use in Subtance Painter. It is a major workflow boost compared to classic texture painting because all shader maps are painted at the same time and you get immediate visual feedback how the material looks like in rendering while painting. From Adobe standpoint it makes total sense to buy Allegorithmic. Because basically the Substance tools are nothing else but texture map generators/painters that often go hand in hand with Photoshop/Illustrator in production. Merging them would make complete sense. Let's see if they come up with a modeling software, too. I wish MAXON would be more aggressive in buying apps for UVW, PBR texure painting tools, cloth sims, fluid and liquids etc. Because they are loosing massive ground on the traditional VFX field.
  13. It seems like your 2nd layer is causing the glitches int he first example. Maybe try to bake your mixing into a single clip first. And in that second baked clip disable the arms and keyframe the joints in Object Manager. That might work. If not maybe load the file here up. It is hard to tell from gifs I can only reccomend to have a look at the cineversity tut. Do you have access to CV? https://www.cineversity.com/vidplaylist/mixamo_to_cinema_4d_character_workflow?utm_content=buffere6ae9&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer
  14. Priorities: the big failure of C4D UX design. Everybody I know hates them and all the other apps out there do not need them. I can't count the long hours this system forced me into because somewhere the animation was screwed up by priority issues. PIDA.
  15. Click the motion clip in the animation timeline. Go to attributes window and open the hierarchy tab. Now you see all the objects inside the motion clip with checkboxes