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  1. Do you rig in Mixamo or another software? Because for example when you receive a fbx rig from 3ds Max for example the Joint axis is along x axis while in C4d it is along z. If you combine it it will explode due to different axis orientation.
  2. I recently jumped into the system and yes in the beginning it is really confusing. I just wanted to give a warning for two bugs: When you use the Hierarchy tab in a motion clip and cut it with the cut tool into more than two clips the hierarchy settings are getting lost and cannot be changed back. This is a major bummer. Support confirmed it and called it a limitation. Second bug: when you bake a clip sequenze into a single using the bake clips function in the motion system menue the bake generates keyframes at 0 every second key which makes absolutely no sense. Seems the algo is broken. This one was replicated by a Co worker of mine but I still have to send it in.
  3. According to german buisness paper the price is 70 million Euros. Yes 70.
  4. The correction deformer is made for that.
  5. Yes at first sight this is an odd merger. There are like 25 C4D plugins I would have preffered to be aquired by MAXON before soemthing like this happens but well...maybe they combine the node editor with picture viewer and make a compositing tool out of the two. Or maybe it is just a buisness move. Who knows.
  6. Hi, first: your low poly model is not really fitting the highpoly very well. The guards low points a not matching with the high points for example. Snap the low onto the high. Same with the blade. Second the low poly shape is maybe too low. You do not really fit the form of the high poly for example on the grip and the blade. The low mesh should match the high silouette as best as it gets. Otherwise it leads to problems because the distances to bake between the meshes are too far most likely. Substance Painter has a brilliant baker for high to low normal maps etc.. But you still need to help it with clean fitting models ;) Another tip: you are wasting a lot of uv space. They say you should cover at least 70% in game models. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5e6zvJqVqlA
  7. It will most likely lead to deformation of the head of the lamp which is not wanted, right? Better check out spline IK...
  8. Like bezo showed: - first define the uv seams using the edge Selection tools - second select the polys you want to unwrap -frontal projection - unwrap with Lscm or Abf with cut selected edges enabled - last step Equalize Islands function You basically work yourself from the right uv Tab to the left Tab. That brings you quite far in 90% of cases.
  9. That. Some of the major issues are there for a decade now. For years I thought they are simply ignoring it. Today my conclusion is: they do not know about the shortcomings. They are simply not aware. The sheer existence of the Xparticles suite is a simple example. The Insydium buisness model is: close the gaps in C4d. They are building a whole small company around it. And we even haven't talked BP and Uvws. R21 was maybe the thinest release ever. But they sell it like crazy. No need to fix things.
  10. The skin weights are most likely your problem. Open the weight manager and click through all Joints. You will see that the arm mesh is influenced most likely by other joints than the arm joints. You will need to correct the weights with the weight tool.
  11. You could load your character as fbx into Mixamo, do an autorigging there with the T Pose file from Mixamo and export back to C4D. You then have the Mixamo Rig as a start in C4d which is very similar to the character objects version. The Mixamo preset is in fact a very simple rig without any controllers. You might work on the skinning after the Import because autorigging always fails to be perfect.
  12. I did exactly the same. I stayed with R19 and invested in Xparticles, Octane and Substance to fill the massive gaps in C4d. Seems we did the right thing. Very thin release this R21
  13. It is the Zbrush Zremsher technology. Which means while it is quite good on simple stuff and especially good for background objects it still fails for animation quality. But it is getting better and a cool tool. But not yet there for production meshes.
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