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  1. You cannot create Unity materials in C4d the easy way. Because like mentioned already C4D has no workflow implementiered to create or render them. The reason is that MAXON gave up Bodypaint 10 years ago so there is currently no way to paint state of the art PBR materials for games. Pixelberg is the only way right now to render them inside C4D but it is a renderer only. Have a look into Substance Painter or 3dCoat. They are designed for PBR materials. You also want to check out Xnormal because it closes the gap for baking inside C4D.
  2. That is stange. Did you contact support?
  3. Hi, digitvisions is right. C4D Lite is a teaser version to make you buy one of the packages. For character animation only studio makes sense but you need at least prime to see the joints I guess: https://www.toolfarm.com/images/uploads/vendors/MAXON/r19/MAXON-R19-comparison.html
  4. Do you have the chance to work with Zbrush? The autoretopo functions it has are the most Advanced out there. Doing it manually would be a nightmare with complex irregular forms like this.
  5. Do not forget animating believeable human faces is still by far the most challenging task in cg. Making stills of them is possible now but as soon as they move it gets incredibly difficult. I guess to bring it to the highest Level would simply have exploded the budget and time frame for such a show.
  6. As awesome as the animation is I agree the show comes by as animators horror show off pieces with thin story in most cases. But I would have loved to work on it ;)
  7. I wonder about that VFX budget... 10 Mil? 15? 20? Truly global production. I heard the base rig of the earlier dragons from Pixomondo had around 500 Joint controllers because they need to be able to make very quick changes to basically every single scale under tight deadlines. I am sure the current big ones have even more with all the simulation layers of skin etc. I wish we had functioning cloth in C4d to make dynamic skin like this...
  8. Is the GPU Mode in VrayforC4D working now? Or is it still buggy as hell?
  9. Hi, that is a prime example for the problems we are having for years with mocap in C4d. As soon as the rigs are different you have a hell lot of work. If the rigs are the same you just need to copy the motion Tag over. The stable solution in cases like this is to build an inbetween rig that is the same like the mocap rig but without Animation. To that you constrain the bind rig via constraints or xpresso to compensate for the different joint structure. It is tricky to set up. Now you import the mocap rig and drag the motion tag over to the inbetween rig which drives the bind rig. conclusion: build a consistent rig pipeline from the beginning or you enter the world of pain :) Edit: Or buy Motion Builder for half a fortune :
  10. First test: - Very fast and easy workflow for basic rigging - The plugin uses the internal algorithms from C4D for skinning so there is no heat map skinning coming with it just the normal C4D features - The skinning therefore result in mediocre weights that is why they do not show shoulder movement for example in the presentation. - Tip: When selecting the placement vertices on the mesh use the loop tool for fingers etc. since the plugin places into the middle of selection. If you only select on one side placement will be off. Conclusion: It is a quite simple workflow plugin and nice helper for people with no rigging experience for a very quick rig. But joint weights have to be manually adjusted to get better results like always with auto skinning.
  11. That looks like simple heat map skinning with delta mush functionality or some simple smoothing applied. Both are implemented for years in other apps but not in C4d....what a suprise. Delta mush at least is there as a plugin for c4d users. Edit: wow only 29 Dollar? Basically a must have. Waaay to cheap.
  12. Always the best. Going through it frame by frame is just hilarious. That Rig must be insane.
  13. zeden

    Selling Cycles 4D

    Hi, I have a cycles 4D license I do not use and would sell it for 100 Euros. PM in case of interest. Cheers
  14. The only reason Xparticles exist is because MAXON is ignoring liquids, fluids, cloth and particles for over a decade now as they do with BP and uvw Tools. For the price of 3570 Euro C4D is currently way overpriced because it only has half the tools of Maya for example which has working tools like ncloth, Effects, particles and a new UV suite implemented. Even Blender is better in all those areas. It is not even funny anymore.
  15. Get Moi3D. It is the artist's CAD modeller. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X5r3xc_Go3o
  16. zeden

    Selling R18 Studio

    Sold. You can delete the thread
  17. Very Nice. What you have there is the rendering nightmare because you have strong exterior light going through refraction/glass into a very bright interior. There is a lot of Light bouncing and tracing going on because the Light is refracted first in the glass and bounces around due to the bright materials from wall to wall. Therefore the rendertimes.
  18. I can only recommend not going lower than a 1080 ti 11gb with GPU rendering. Better a used 1080 or Titan X or even make the move to the 2080s. AMDs I don’t know
  19. Hi, I am selling a R18 Studio license. I will make a price that willl save you several hundreds of bucks for an upgrade to R20. Please PM me in case of interest.
  20. You can color Nulls in OM did you know? I just learned that a few months ago :)
  21. There is also the syflex plugin
  22. When you deselect the selection tag a new one will be created. When you select it, it will be overwritten.
  23. Yeah I also spent some 50-60 Euros on that stuff which is a bit annoying now. But I understand the move. Good for the c4d people out there.
  24. If they implemented stuff like this before pushing Prorender, Uvw tools, Bodypaint, Particels , Cloth, Liquids, Fluids and Rigging tools they for sure would get a massive stick on the forums ;)



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