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  1. Thanks for the mention @Hrvoje. Wish Gap Effector solved this problem, but its main goal was to create gaps between every Nth clone. @kaluginseems to have figured it out though... well done sir! Regarding my gap effector, someone on twitter posted an effector they made which is my gap effector on crack. I was mighty impressed... just wish I could remember who it was or what they called it
  2. I'm in the process of rewriting my Control4D plugin for R20. It's a free plugin, works with 3D Connexion devices and can record their input in real time. Shoot me a DM and I'll be sure to notify you when my first alpha builds are ready. If you're using R14-19 you can just grab the current version from my site (link in sig). Caveat when working with 3D Connexion devices: The 3D Connexion driver conflicts with input directly through Control4D but you can still use it with the inbuilt Space Mouse features of c4d, just put a Control4D tag on the object you want to animate and activate PSR recording and it will record your realtime animations just the same:) If you want to use your 3D Connexion devices directly with Control4D you have to disable/uninstall the 3D Connexion driver.
  3. Try duplicating your floor. Add a comp tag to that and uncheck seen by camera. Then add a comp tag to your original floor (that has the shadow catcher on it) and uncheck seen by reflection. Now your rocket will reflect a gray floor (like your original setup), but not render it. The comp tag on the shadow catcher floor is needed because it doesn't knock out the non-shadow areas like the old shadow catcher plugin used too (oh how I miss that plugin... not a fan of the new shadow catcher), it just turns it all black and sends the shadow data to the alpha buffer. Hope that helps!
  4. It might still be possible, it's just that the formula deformer seems to have a limitation in regards to the modify clone setting. Perhaps a custom python effector?
  5. The index refers to the generated clone, not any of the sources for the clones. If you turn off the voronoi and activate index in the cloner itself you'll see that the indices increment by 1 from left to right.
  6. Gig is finished... monies deposited. Orders have been placed. We might not know exactly which was the culprit though, as I'm not taking any chances... bought both the replacement RAM and the new PSU. Went with a 1000W EVGA supernova G2. It's rated as a Tier 1 PSU, so should be way better than the junk PSU CyberpowerPC supplied me with (and it was the only Tier 1 PSU that was on sale on Amazon lol). I'm happy to see that the days of crypto-mining artificially inflating prices on GPU's are coming to an end... which means the cost savings of building your own PC will return and my next PC won't be plagued by these types of problems;) Thanks again for the very helpful advice all!!!
  7. Ah, yes, that makes more sense. When all ram sticks are the same the included profiles are preferred, but in my case I'd need to do them all manually to get around the minor differences between the different included XMP profiles. Thanks for the recommendation on the PSU, will definitely be getting that first!
  8. I'm actually not surprised at all... I've found that AE has become much less stable over the lifetime of Creative Cloud... like Adobe is just phoning it in because they know they have people on the hook already (just as many of us subscription haters had predicted). In true Adobe "go f yourself" fashion, I can't downgrade, as CC 2018 is the only Media Encoder version Adobe has available now and previous versions of AE don't work with it. I don't even think they had the "don't uninstall previous versions" options when I installed 2018 (may have been added as a result of their entire user base raging against them for screwing them over yet again). I certainly will be now! Believe me, it's not what I wanted lol! I tried getting 16gb of AData so there would be memory parity... but because it's the standard ram provider for a lot of systems sold on Amazon (mainly through CyberpowerPC) the price is artificially high... I figured I'd save a few bucks (like, $40, actually!) and get the corsair ram. Both are 3000mhz, but I'm sure you're both right that there's minor timing/voltage differences that are likely reaking havoc on my system. The idea was to get this freelance project off my plate, get more corsair ram and put the 16gb of ADATA in my wife's machine (she has 1 stick of AData 2400mhz... take that sucker out and put it aside as backup and let her have 16gb of dual channel performance). I'm a little scared to ignore the included XMP profiles. I can understand them being problematic when mixing ram, but if I end up with all identical ram I'm leaning toward trusting the XMP profiles included, as they've been thoroughly tested by the manufacturer (though I might just ignore XMP and just run the ram at stock speeds and not take the negligible speed bump that may only be there in some circumstances). PSU: Thank you for pointing that out Hrvoje... I just looked up the standard PSU that came with my system... it's actual brand is called Standard and they are apparently total sh**! This mixing ram thing might not actually be the issue at all. I think I might have to swap that out before addressing the ram, as the things I'm reading about their PSU's are quite troubling! Like, the word "rippling" comes up a lot... Anyway, thank you all for your help! This was partly a panic post seeking reassurance. You see, I had to buy this machine mid-project after my mac pro died. So, no only was I mid-project, but I had to switch computing environments too. Sure, I use windows at work, but solely as a win7 operator... I don't get to tune my machine the way I want to. Any problems I just throw up my hands and call for tech support lol. So, despite having experience working on Windows, this is still a big change after 10 years as a mac user. Some of the issues were bad project planning (applying costly effects on too high resolution content exacerbated the issue), but the thing still doesn't like being messed with too much when AE is running and rendering... even if the load isn't all that heavy at the moment. But this had led me to question a component I hadn't thought to question... so this thread may have saved my new PC's longevity! So, again... thanks!
  9. Apologies, have to walk back that "never breached 50C" . I must be way off on that because I ran another encode kept a real close eye on my temps and they're in the high 70's. Sure, it'll throttle down to the 50's and 60's for a moment. Had another one of those strange "crashes" again too. Numbers froze with high 70's temps for all cores, all working at around 70% and RAM usage was only at about 15GB. The freeze seemed to start (or at least became critical) when I came back to check on it and unhid the AE window and clicked in it. It didn't respond, and neither did anything else. I don't even know how to describe this type of crash to a search engine! I turned off XMP in BIOS and have another test going right now. Temps still high... <crash, bravo to the cafe's post caching for saving my draft lol> Canceled that test and began recreating a test I did at work to compare the results... crashed again. This time it didn't even get far enough along in the render for the cpu usage to reach "heavy" load... it was only at around 40% and temps were (for real this time!) in the 40's and 50's. So, it's not XMP, it's not CPU temps (though I am a bit concerned at nearly 80C under full load!). The enduring culprit is some part of AE that isn't the UI, as it has happened with just Media Encoder running (which does run an AE process)... I'll test a couple of gpu drivers then start messing with the AE install... I'm on 15.1.2, maybe 15.1.1 fixes the problem? Maybe it's just a bad install?
  10. I've got a Corsair 120mm water cooler + 3 other exhaust fans and 4 intake fans. I keep a rainmeter based system monitor open at all times. All temps were good, cpu cores never breached 50 C and GPU pretty much always maintains 52-53C except when just awoken from sleep (then it's in the 30's). OS and AE cache on my main 500GB SSD, project and asset files on a 7200rpm 2tb HDD It's Windows 10 Home, so I have no choice but to be up-to-date. Actually, an update just installed the other night, if I'm not mistaken. I updated my Bios, and the graphics driver was updated maybe 3 weeks ago (sorry, not at the machine so not sure exactly which version). I'm trying to recall if there were any other drivers that I updated after getting this PC besides those, but I don't think so.
  11. So I recently got a new PC to replace my aging MacPro 3.1. Thought this thing was going to be a huge improvement, and as it relates to c4d it generally seems to be just that! However, the moment I leave the sweet confines of c4d land and enter Adobe-ville, my brand new PC starts acting like a pile of . I know this is generally an Adobe/After Effects/Media encoder issue, but since we all generally make use of Adobe software I thought maybe you fine folks would have some insights. Specs: i7 8700k (not overclocked) Asus Prime Z370-P motherboard EVGA GTX 1080 Gaming Edition 32GB DDR4 RAM (16 is ADATA XPG Z1, the other 16 is Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro) 800w PSU Windows 10 Home AE CC 2018 (latest version as of 2 weeks ago) What I've been experiencing is a bit weird and I'm thinking it comes down to either the RAM (XMP profile conflict?) or GPU (driver?). So, if After Effects is running and RAM usage is especially high (90%+) my open apps will sometimes gradually stop responding, until nothing responds except the mouse. I'm forced to do a hard reboot. There was one time when AE wasn't running and it did this... but Media Encoder was running... and it was encoding an AE sequence (so AE was technically running, just not the UI). I can generally deal with random crashing (save often!), what's really concerning me is the extremely long encode times I've been encountering. I just encoded a video at work that took just over 1 hour for 4 minutes of video with heavy effects (and a lot of c4d rendered sequences). This same video would take roughly 4-6 hours to render on my home PC, which is technically superior to my work PC (i7 4790, 32GB DDR3, GTX 970 Win7 Pro). During that instance where Media Encoder caused my system to freeze up that I described above, it was 6 hours into encoding the same sequence and was only half way complete, with an estimated 6 hours left to go... something was definitely off. I don't know if the two issues are related. My rendering trouble (currently the most important matter as I'm at the very end stages of a freelance project and need to be able to deliver videos) might have something to do with google drive? I've noticed issues with slow upload and locking of large files so I can't save over them (problems I didn't encounter with the old google drive desktop app) Maybe encoding to my google drive folder (and what drive is doing to the file on the fly) is what's causing my long encode times? During that last failed encode (the one that looked like it was going to be 12+ hours) 19 random frames from an image sequence failed to upload to google drive... not sure if that's relevant... So: mixing XMP profiles of different RAM brands? GPU/drivers? (these tend to be hit and miss) Google Backup and Sync app? Windows 10 Home is just a sh*** OS? AE CC 2018 is just sh***, non-production ready software? Any of those? Something completely different? Spanish Inquisition? Thanks in advance for your help!
  12. Your models don't have any UV's. You may want to try a different format, as Dan suggested, and if that doesn't work, ensure that the 3d object converter is actually exporting UV's along with the model.



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