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  1. Thanks for the mention @Hrvoje. Wish Gap Effector solved this problem, but its main goal was to create gaps between every Nth clone. @kaluginseems to have figured it out though... well done sir! Regarding my gap effector, someone on twitter posted an effector they made which is my gap effector on crack. I was mighty impressed... just wish I could remember who it was or what they called it
  2. I'm in the process of rewriting my Control4D plugin for R20. It's a free plugin, works with 3D Connexion devices and can record their input in real time. Shoot me a DM and I'll be sure to notify you when my first alpha builds are ready. If you're using R14-19 you can just grab the current version from my site (link in sig). Caveat when working with 3D Connexion devices: The 3D Connexion driver conflicts with input directly through Control4D but you can still use it with the inbuilt Space Mouse features of c4d, just put a Control4D tag on the object you want to animate and activate PSR recording and it will record your realtime animations just the same:) If you want to use your 3D Connexion devices directly with Control4D you have to disable/uninstall the 3D Connexion driver.
  3. Try duplicating your floor. Add a comp tag to that and uncheck seen by camera. Then add a comp tag to your original floor (that has the shadow catcher on it) and uncheck seen by reflection. Now your rocket will reflect a gray floor (like your original setup), but not render it. The comp tag on the shadow catcher floor is needed because it doesn't knock out the non-shadow areas like the old shadow catcher plugin used too (oh how I miss that plugin... not a fan of the new shadow catcher), it just turns it all black and sends the shadow data to the alpha buffer. Hope that helps!
  4. It might still be possible, it's just that the formula deformer seems to have a limitation in regards to the modify clone setting. Perhaps a custom python effector?
  5. The index refers to the generated clone, not any of the sources for the clones. If you turn off the voronoi and activate index in the cloner itself you'll see that the indices increment by 1 from left to right.
  6. Your models don't have any UV's. You may want to try a different format, as Dan suggested, and if that doesn't work, ensure that the 3d object converter is actually exporting UV's along with the model.
  7. Hey Cactus,

    Sorry I missed it, I should be notified of all posts on my forum, but for some reason I wasn't. Glad you got it working. You're the first to attempt an xbox controller on Mac with Control4D:) So it works fine under usb? Have you tried connecting it via bluetooth? I'd be interested to know how that works:)

  8. Hi kvb,

    I was wondering if your forum on your website is working. I posted a few days ago without any response. btw your Control4D rocks

  9. Igor

    My Disney HERO!! :D

  10. Hrvoje

    Hi there kvb, I cant seem to send you a pm?

    is your inbox full?

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