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  1. Beautiful work! in both the modeling and the rendering. Great job utilizing ProRender. Which GPU are you using and how long was the render times? @3D-Pangel I couldn't agree with you more I would be exhausted with just modeling the radiator as well!
  2. R19 ProRender

    Hi @Studiom, The GPU you have in your Mac Pro is very, very old. The Mac Pro can take non standard PC GPU's but in some cases you will just have a black startup screen until the system boots up completely, but Its give you many more options of more modern and much, much more powerful GPU's. If you go over to the web site macrumors.com under the mac pro hardware section you can search under the topic GPU's or start a new thread asking for opinions on which modern GPU will work best for you with ProRender and you Mac Pro. Good luck!
  3. V-Ray for C4D...

    Thanks All! I think I will give R19's ProRender a quick look but I don't hold out to much hope for that until it gets more development under its belt. I think I will upgrade my Vray to 3.4 in the near future. Thanks again!
  4. V-Ray for C4D...

    Thanks @Visionnext and @Rectro for your response. @Rectro that was my problem as well the price of arnold and no render nodes makes it a no go and since I use macOS and the new Mac pro Octane is also a no go. I used Vray 1.9 for a while but it was a bit hit or miss for me and the setting were a little convoluted. I was wondering if the IPR window works with macOS or an AMD GPU? I haven't heard a lot about Vray these days and was just wondering if less people are using it, but as a mac user its seems like it would be the best 3rd party option? PS @Rectro the 3D Tyrion Lannister that you created is amazing!!! Thanks again!
  5. V-Ray for C4D...

    Is anyone still using V-Ray for C4D and if so are you still happy with the results/speed. Thanks!
  6. No problem. Sometimes its easy to over look these things.
  7. Hi notalk, Did you look into the HDRI link plugin that GSG has. I believe they have one for use with Corona render. https://greyscalegorilla.com/downloads/hdri-link-2/
  8. AMD's Radeon ProRender.

    I know that Maxon is doing some work with Radeon ProRender but I didn't know to what extent. This is an interesting article about it's adoption of ProRender. I don't know if it has been discussed yet? but it seems like a big reason for the adoption is the fact that Apple made AMD their GPU of choice. Now all of us Mac users can partake in GPU rendering . I for one am very excited about this new renderer. Its time us mac guys to get a GPU renderer for AMD GPU's! http://www.cgchannel.com/2016/10/maxon-picks-amds-radeon-prorender-for-cinema-4d/
  9. Thanks! I was using Vray but wasn't very happy with how complex it can be, so I decided to start putting more effort into the Physical renderer and have been very happy with the results albeit a little slow at times. I really think octane looks great but as a Mac user I don't think it's an option for me right now. I also think cycles is looking pretty good as well. Attached is another render test i just did.
  10. Showreel 2017

    Great work! very nice!
  11. Some test renders that I have been working on with the physical renderer. DOF, SSS and lighting. Best-Steve
  12. Hey Guys, I just wanted to share the latest animation that I did using X-particles and some dynamics. Let me know what you think. Best -Steve https://vimeo.com/202051928
  13. Rusty Pipes Challenge

    Thanks LonChaney. These are all procedural textures. No BP on this one.
  14. Violst's Gallery

  15. 3rd Equal - Violst

    Thanks cerbera I appreciate it. Your ship turned out beautifully, a well deserved first place.