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  1. yeah.. i think it has already been said.. but that is just a very very bad comparison. I feel like it might almost be trolling :))) here is a nice video of what Octane can do on a rtx 2060 and a 1060, roughly $500 worth of hardware. good luck getting anything close with physical https://dl.dropbox.com/s/ael12zsu9asxwyo/2020-10-04_03-12-11.mp4 This is real time ( you can check the seconds to render at the bottom of the recording. The performance is a bit jerky because of the screen recording running. it's much smoother without it.
  2. This officially took too long, but it's done now: https://ace5studios.com/mia Rigged stylized character for Cinema 4D Let me know if there is any weirdness with the page. my brain is dead from putting this all together..
  3. during import of objs there are option for splitting by material, layer and some other options, check them out. one may work correctly for you. also a screenshot of the problem would be helpful
  4. oof, thats an interesting merger. i guess post effects are coming to cinema in a big way? maybe trapcode inside c4d? maybe we'll finally get a dedicated wireframe render
  5. I've been to one and presented at the one in vienna, i liked it. I think next year it will be better, because this year many people simply didn't know about it.
  6. you can get all my character rigs as a bundle for %50 off arms and legs pack 5man milkman, 5j johns and janes etc.. https://ace5studios.com/blackfriday18/
  7. none of the official blogs have posted anything, so i guess just wait till redshift 3.0 is released, guess we will know more then.
  8. octane + hdri +a decent material pack from GSG or something. Instagram is littered with these renders. you can achieve these in physical render in c4d too, but it will render slower and take longer and more tinkering.
  9. Hey Kingcoma! I remember back in the day ( when you made that monkey animation being electrocuted) i used to LOVE your work. ( i still do). Just thought you kinda dropped off the interwebz, really cool to see you back! Also your video about modelling the little alien on the snail was revolutionary to me understanding how to model! this money wold is looking awesome!
  10. i made a series of tutorial on materials, i think it should get you most of the way there: https://ace5studios.com/materials101/
  11. if you use the content browser (shift+f8) you can drag in multiple files and they will merge.
  12. yeah that's not really a laptop thats going to render, your best bet is learing to use the hardware render in c4d. It can produce some surprisingly nice results. U-render might be an option, but i don't know if they have mac support yet. vray and arnold will be very slow for you.
  13. i made a tutorials about this recently. using spring constraint helps. https://ace5studios.com/floating-things-in-water-the-fake-approach/
  14. yeah, had the same problem was trying to replicate the maya approach, just doesn't work. need to use spline ik. you can try setting up custom up vectors for each joint. That prevents most flipping i think.
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