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  1. im not going win10, coz it apparantly keeps forcing updates, even when everything is blocked/switched off. i went from win7 to 8.1 and i got to say, 8.1 for me is noticable faster and smoother than win7. and boy do i love, that deleting files doesnt bring up a dialogue box, they just go straight to recycle bin :)) i think thats my favorite feature. and it boots waay faster than win7.
  2. well thats another reason for the entry fee. It cuts out people who re-sell models pretty solidly. I think something like $20 for the minimum tire is fine. I mean, worst case, you support the cafe :) Also reviewing the submitted models will take time. People reviewing them should get some compensation, right? They are taking time out of their day. Also, maybe an option to split profits between members of the cafe? Might be too hard. But if one person models and the other rigs? Or is someone wants to sell their models, but can't pay the entry fee. Another member could for example sponsor them, in exchange for 20% of profits? i dunno. That might be too hard to code.
  3. It’s too long, make it shorter ( less than 1 minute) Put the best stuff up front. Get rid of the stuff that you are not proud of. Put in the type of work you actually want to do Make it shorter Seriously, make it shorter. Trust me this applies to your reel. It even applies to my reel, and i wrote this article.. Also make sure its still works without the music. If its boring without the music, make it shorter. Are you seeing where im going with this? View the full article
  4. best i can do is reccomend this : ram, wont make anything faster for you. video card might make viewport performance faster. I think your settings might be a bigger issue. that cpu scores like 1150 range on cinebench, that is quite good. although maybe thats dual, and you might have just one. I think learning about how to optimize your renders is whats going to help you most. Look up faking Gi and stuff like that.
  5. i think a seller badge definitly makes sense. one that links to the persons shop. also i like the idea of charging an entry fee to sell. It will prevent the shop from being flooded with substandard goods. But maybe 60 euro is to steep for new sellers. I thinking have cheaper options with higher fees is a good idea.
  6. what render engine are you using? c4d natively does not have any gpu rendering.
  7. 128gb of ram is a lot... why the different brands of SSDs? every review i read, seems to lean towards samsung drives. heard some negative things about the FTW edition. not sure if it was the 1080 or 1070, or maybe even last years. might be a good idea to google that. for archiving drive, why do you need a blackWD? just put a red in there. it should be much cheaper. Black only makes sense if you are not going the SSD route and need the fastest HDD you can get. otherwise seems good.
  8. cycles is cheaper has render nodes and will work on farms
  9. arent they always on like 50%-70% discount? i dont remember them not having a sale.
  10. Hi Vozzz,


    Could you help me with this ? No one has replied and I need to get this fixed.


    Let me know!





  11. i read in the forum that you have the rigged zygote family. Would you provide me the file - I need it for a project and would pay you something for that

  12. it was an example. I don't know what you can charge, only person that does is you and the producer.. we aren't selling potatoes.. there isn't a fixed price or anything.
  13. in this position you just got to pull numbers out of your backside.. you're not getting paid for being good at c4d. You're being paid for something that people like, want and cant make themselves. music industry people ussually try to get stuff very cheap, but they are friends, just talk to them . Or talk to your guy. and tell him you'll do his for $500, but tell him to tell his friends its 1k/ video :D then its win win. Ask him how much he thinks his friends would pay for it. Charge him half. He's getting you clients. Really hourly rate is irrelevant for what you are doing.
  14. autosave, plus incremental save. MAXON support might be able to recover something, but its a long shot. It's not just c4d. Its the nature of hard drives in general. Things get corrupted from time to time. Some files survive and recover from corruption better than others.
  15. thats great news! i actually bought edge shade. very useful, stil cant believe its not a standard feature in c4d render..