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  1. how come this product seems to be missing from the store?
  2. that sphere video looks awesome! the whole thing looks great!
  3. This is looking fantastic! does work just as well on spheres?
  4. Polystein Kit for Cinema 4D

    Thats looking great!
  5. rendering is weird

    those arent missing frames, those are just not loaded into cache. because you have a limit of how much stuff you can put into ram ( so c4d doesnt eat all of it up) you can increase it in preferences ctrl+e
  6. this is not about c4d, but it was very useful info: also this could be interesting to you too:
  7. Advice on Recruiting Modelers

    remote work i think its cool. im 100% remote. important thing is project management. You want to use stuff like trello to manage and give feedback so you're not buried in emails. also come up with a definitive list of things you need done. you'll get better results if you post what you want and how much you can pay for it, rather than asking around for prices. artists generally hate negotiating. if you sponsor for a visa, im sure you could find someone who would relocate, plenty of people want to move to the states. I could point you to at least one :)
  8. Considering Arnold Render Engine

    autodesk bought it recentl there is a high chance that they will either discontinue or lag support for applications which they don't own. they are a company with a "tainted" history... also one of the largest farms recently dropped it, because of new licensing prices, which might be an indicator of things to come, maybe they want to go the otoy path and be the only providers of render farm services. they are already not really friendly in that they dont sell node licenses, you have to buy a whole license for each computer you want on the farm.
  9. What options do we have for hair in cinema4d? i remember there was something called Fast and fur vaguely ( cant find it now, looks like maybe it got bought by vray). And i think a member here was developing a plugin to convert polygons into hair, which was similar to a maya plugin called GMH2 http://www.thundercloud-studio.com/shops/gmh2/ so is there anything else out there?
  10. Symmetry without the Symmetry Object?

    http://ace5studios.com/true-symmetry this might help. but it will mess up you're UV's so be careful with it. but otherwise, yeah you dont have to put everything into one mesh in c4d. it will actually be easier if you keep as much stuff separate as possible. since you have unlimited objects here, unlike lightwave. and you can "symmetrize" only the ones that need symmetry
  11. (hopefully i don't get banned for this, trying to keep it objective) As was mentioned, all these engines, can produce amazing results, just like physical render, so with that in mind: some of you may have read my comparison i did of octane, arnold and thea about a year ago. Now things have clearly changed, so im just adding my 2c here. First furryball: they have some linear color issues or something, everything looks like a render from the 90's there no matter how hard i tried. Might've changed. Tachyon is not released yet i think. and its an openGL hardware render. So kinda like r19s new viewport render. ( check out pixelberg for that too). Thea is a great render engine, it has the fastest interactive performance i have ever seen. But its more targeted towards architecture renderings, so other features aren't as high priority. they are doing a major rewrite of the plugin right now though, ( they keeping it under tight wraps, so even i dont know what it is, but judging by emails they send out with questions about UI, feels like they are doing a massive undertaking). RIght now it lacks volume render, particle support etc.. redshift looks great from what i see and they seem to really care about the users, feel like really nice guys ( and thats important to me personally). It will most likely be the dominant engine in the future, because its fast, has huge market presence for other applications, supports independant farms, one license buys you all the plugins for all the software, so if you frequently move between maya, houdini and cinema4d, this is super convenient. cycles 4d ( by far my favorite dev team for c4d): while it was a slower than the rest. The denoiser they introduced recently is just crazy pants fast. makes up for any slowness from my tests. And their manual is amazing! and the amount of tutorials for blender cycles can't be discarded. ( the rest of my observations have been covered so far). Octane ( not a fan of otoy): but putting aside my dislike for otoy personally. There is only one farm, their official farm, which is unsurprisingly over priced, underperform and is often offline ( they dont sell node licenses, and their EULA prohibits people from setting up commercial render farms). Which makes using this professionaly kinda suicidal if you work in an industry with deadlines and need to render animatons. For stills and hobbyists its fine i guess. look dev is fast and you get sexy looking picutres out of it with minimal effort. ( other engines need to take example from them and adjust their default settings). also for octane when you send it to their farm it doesnt accept c4d files, you basically have to export an alembic file and upload it ot them ( its called orbx, but everything in it is baked frame by frame). So for big animations you might be uploading gigabytes if not terrabytes of data. Right now im focusing on cycles, and just blown away by how fast it does SSS with the denoiser, 22s a frame and no flickering
  12. this looks very promising, keep up the great work!
  13. Cinema 4D R19 discussion!

    filled with elements generated by other software is a great indicator of how well cinema4D plays with other software and how much choice you have when creating stuff. Which is really important to studios and professionals... also no competition? modo, houdini, clarisse etc.. I agree i really dislike autodesk for just buying up everything... but thats not really a MAXON problem... If you feel cheated, you are free to use anything you want. Just as a person who has been working professionally with c4d for a long time, im saying that all the bitching and winging here is largely unwarranted.. Cinema4D has never been as popular as it is now. also having things dynamic is not just a mograph thing. I do stage design for tv shows, and all kinds of stuff which needs rapid adjustments. re: what it lacks. There is software that fills those cracks without too much effort. And honestly if you work proffesionally the price of this package should really not be an issue. yeah others are cheaper, but its still all rather low anyway. If you work professionally and charge less than $300/day you should raise your rates and stop undercutting your fellow artists. at $300/day, thats slightly over 2 days for MSA and just over 11days of work for the whole package. Comapre that to any other profession and its equipment cost.. And then compare the complexity of a package like cinema4D to fishing rods.. For hobbyists it defintly sucks, i see that. I do believe MAXON should introduce an indie version like houdini has. But its up to them, its their product its up to them to manage it how they see fit.
  14. Amend window layout

    if you follow this tutorial: http://ace5studios.com/c4dinstallprefs/ you can make a new install branch, which should have everything on default. pretty sure the startup layout should have mograph. maybe someone else who was using it accidentally deleted it. i hope this method works with r13.
  15. Cinema 4D R19 discussion!

    has anyone here used maya's mash? i was talking to a guy who uses maya, he says it crashes relentlessly on anything even modestly complex. people seem to forget that all these "announced features" that other software have are only their "highlights" you go on their forums and you see people bitching about stuff just as much if not more. And some features that they are are plain mind blowing that they didn't have before. For example dynamic text objects? ones that don't bake down into geometry once you make them? maya and modo only got them recently. I saw maya demonstrating that you can put text on a spline now.. Now just imagine all the other stuff that we take for granted not being present there. I have not found any software which lets me build stuff that is this easy to modify with client feedback. Houdini comes close, but the actual building stage takes waay longer than in c4d. This whole drag and drop thing they have in the OM is unparalleled. This is what maya's obect manager looks like... good luck setting up your mograph..