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  1. yeah, in a work environment i would suggest intel too. Even though threadrippers do seem promising, and are doing a great job of pushing intel forward. it simply doesn't have the track record yet. and seeing as your last system had a second gen i7, i guess you dont upgrade that often. Otherwise everything feels like solid choices, i would build the same if i was building now. Might go for a evga power supply instead though. Make sure it has all japanese capacitors to reduce the chance of it dieing on you randomly.
  2. a little update: made some trains adjusted some proportions, added traffic and stuff.
  3. Ran into this problem while working, made a little quicktip gif: hit ctrl+d to get to project settings and adjust
  4. damn.. now that's a roundabout! I think i'll just do it with mograph, or maybe keyframe it... Might look into using xparticles, but i think that might be over kill. probably will end up with a combination of mograph and keyframed stuff
  5. Want to do something i don't usually do, so working on this little piece for myself. eventually the traffic will be animated, still working on the composition. will probably also try a couple of different color themes. Feel free to critique to hearts content :))
  6. MAXON Quick Tip #200

    ahahah this is just wonderful!
  7. Ealexander Sketch Book

    Just beautiful work all round! your instagram link on your website doesn't seem to work :(
  8. Looks great! Make the bend deformer bigger and bring it closer to the bottle to avoid that dark grey line behind the bottle.
  9. you might not be able to switch to physical render, but i think the standard one should work fine. You might want to increase the Anti alisasing settings.
  10. Depth of field or that blurry background effect. Learn the various ways you can achieve this effect in Cinema 4D. View the full article
  11. as said above its easily changed with "save as start up layout" I know because i don't run c4d maximized..
  12. Yeah, its nothing c4d can't do. If you look at this tutorial, just ignore the glass, its 8 minutes, i show hot to set up a quick studio setup, just take the main light off to the right a bit, so the shadows don't fall straight down. http://ace5studios.com/glass/ Also as a side note, relevant to ipr, you can use this technique to have a semi live preview in c4d's viewport with physical render http://ace5studios.com/progressive-rendering-and-render-settings/
  13. Copy Pasting Mocap Keyframes

    you should use a motionclip i think for this kind of stuff.
  14. Since i've seen this question pop up a couple of times now, i made a tutorial :)
  15. Render Glass in Cinema 4D

    Struggling with glass? struggle no more! In under 10 minutes you’ll know all the secrets to realistic glass renders! nah im just kidding, the secrets are infinite, but this should get you started on the right path. You now have no excuse for ugly glass renders. View the full article