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  1. This is an issue i run into a lot. People have terrible naming conventions, so i thought i’d go over some basics. This is mostly based on my experience and is more geared towards freelancers. There are many other possibilities, but these i think are the essentials, the rest will probably be pipeline dependant. So rule number one, for everyone: NEVER EVER EVER name a file “FINAL”. Just don’t, its not real, it never happens, and you end up with silly stuff like “project_Final_v03_changes05_done_friday”. In many places its a fireable offense. So don’t do it. Also i recommend not working with people who do it, it’s a bad omen. When i’m working on my own files they will be named either based on scene or object, with 3 numerals after the underscore, maybe 4 just in case, but i don’t think i ever got there. So object_004, object_005, etc… Now you should have incremental save turned on, so you can hit “Save” and the program will automatically adjust the number. So 004 will become 005 etc. I have it set to ctrl+alt+s in cinema4D. Hit it regularily. It’ll save you from losing data to corrupt files, and will let you easily revert to past versions. Now lets say you have something you are working on and you want to test out a variation, or something that might break everything, well a good way to name it is “object_005_testNewArm_001.c4d” This way you can increments and try out things, and if it doesn’t work out, you know exactly where to go back to. If it works out well, just save it as “object_006.c4d” and keep working. Recieving files from clients. If I receive a file from a client, lets say “character_056.c4d” While i work on it I’ll ussually append “_A002” to the end. “A” being for Aleksey. So when he gets my file, or finds it in a folder, he will know what was the initial file. So it will be “character_056_A007” when he gets it. If it works the way he wants, he can rename it and bring it back into his numbering structure, so into “character_057”. I hope you found this helpful. Do you have any workflows you like or don’t like? Share them in the comments help others avoid pitfalls, and be more efficient Cheers, Aleksey View the full article
  2. There are many time tracking apps and what not, but for me personally i find it very helpful to just set a timer and a small goal. Its kinda like the pomodoro technique. I’ll ussually use 25min timers, and go: “i will do these 3 points of revisions in the next 25 minutes”. I also do the same thing for breaks. I’ll set myself 12 minutes to check out forums or what not. And setting a timer helps there. Or do some cleaning around the house for 25 minutes. So why am i writing this? Well there is this website called, the handy thing about it, is you can set the timer with a url, so i have these handy timers in my bookmark bar on my brower. Hope you find this useful! Cheers, Aleksey View the full article
  3. Hey Hey! It’s a free cinema 4D rig. This time i share with you my cute little 2 legged walker. hope you have fun playing with him. Make sure to send me links to anything you make. I always love seeing what you get up to! Share to Unlock Content<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>image/svg+xml Unlock this exclusive content by using one of the sharing buttons below. too intrusive or unfair? let me know. ShareTweet Download View the full article
  4. this is best i know of. not quite what you're asking, but should be faster than copy pasting into new file. but looks like you have to email them to get it now.. and maybe this: it looks like its downloadable.
  5. Love all of these!!
  6. great collection! very generous of you! Thankyou!
  8. They renamed the tool and rolled it into their pdf publishing thing. not sure if they released it yet, but i remember getting and email about their intentions. confusing marketing move, but there it is..
  9. This conversation seems to going in circles.. Yes, c4d has some shortcomings in content creation. But those are easily overcome by external tools in most cases. What it does amazingly is: It lets you set up dynamic easily adjustable scenes with very little effort. Houdini is the only one that comes close, but its node based system is still waay more complex than dragging stuff under each other in the object manager.
  10. re: design/art skills: there is only one way to learn. Copy stuff that you like. don't present it as your own, just do it as excercise. And try to see why what they did works. watch this: There are multiple parts. re: plugins and making money, i sent you a message here.
  11. are you rendering out an mov file?
  12. Hello Vozzz,


    I'm interest for new hair plugin for C4d... Based on polygons to hair or whatever new one.. Can you help me with this ?


    Let me know If you are interest,



  13. im not going win10, coz it apparantly keeps forcing updates, even when everything is blocked/switched off. i went from win7 to 8.1 and i got to say, 8.1 for me is noticable faster and smoother than win7. and boy do i love, that deleting files doesnt bring up a dialogue box, they just go straight to recycle bin :)) i think thats my favorite feature. and it boots waay faster than win7.
  14. well thats another reason for the entry fee. It cuts out people who re-sell models pretty solidly. I think something like $20 for the minimum tire is fine. I mean, worst case, you support the cafe :) Also reviewing the submitted models will take time. People reviewing them should get some compensation, right? They are taking time out of their day. Also, maybe an option to split profits between members of the cafe? Might be too hard. But if one person models and the other rigs? Or is someone wants to sell their models, but can't pay the entry fee. Another member could for example sponsor them, in exchange for 20% of profits? i dunno. That might be too hard to code.
  15. It’s too long, make it shorter ( less than 1 minute) Put the best stuff up front. Get rid of the stuff that you are not proud of. Put in the type of work you actually want to do Make it shorter Seriously, make it shorter. Trust me this applies to your reel. It even applies to my reel, and i wrote this article.. Also make sure its still works without the music. If its boring without the music, make it shorter. Are you seeing where im going with this? View the full article