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  1. All well and good, but why have to re-mesh when your mesh can be clean to start with?
  2. Now that is just insane lol. I'l love to see you do anything useful with the resulting geometry lol
  3. What do you have your hypernurbs at in the editor. If it's at the default 2 subdivisions, try and up it to 3 (render should already be at three, meaning a proper render will be smoother).
  4. OK, Here's a walk though 1. Create a sphere, and make it editable, and create a circle spline the size of your hole, make it editable and move it in front of the sphere. 2. In the front view, use the spline project command to project the circle onto the sphere. You may be able to get away with not doing this if you prefer. 3. In the front view, make four temporary knife cuts to create tris as shown (this will allow you to make sure they are equidistant), and then slide the points to the reference circle. 4. Melt the temporary knife cuts so that it's all quads again. 5. Delete the circle spline and the highlighted polygons. 6. Loop select the hole and Ctrl drag backwards (Z in the example) which will extrude it backwards. 7: Create a loop cut close to the hole on the newly created extrusion (the closer to the hole it is, the tighter that the bevel will be. 8. Put it under a hypernurbs. And there endeth my first ever tutorial Pictures
  5. I'm not so sure. Looking at the video it looks like it moves the points rather than sliding, which won't preserve the spherical shape around the hole. That's also why I suggest making sure that all the polys defining the hole are kept inside the reference rather than outside. Sliding them out preserves the sphere, whilst sliding them in can deform it.
  6. Create a sphere 24 subdivisions should be fine depending in the size of the hole. Create a circle spline as reference and in on orthographic place the circle where you and it and project. It works better if the polys that will be deleted are all contained within the circle. Use the slide tool to move the points on to the circle. Try to keep them equidistant. Delete the circle and delete the polys. Loop select the hole and extrude. Chuck it all under a hypernurb.
  7. Splines FTW

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