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  1. Maybe like this?The simple way to achieve this,no keyframes(rate parameter moves clones along the spline) circles upwards.c4d
  2. Maybe like this?Put your clones in one line,to get falloff working,,next use Inheritance Effector to collect them in one position.So you can use your falloff this way. circles.c4d
  3. Hm,video,I have never made any explainer video,so I don't think it would be fast,especially I'm at work and I can't spend more than few minuts for you now. Maybe Saturday I could prepare some explainer files. Nitrobake is not necessary.I used it to bake Mograph objects to PSR only.This is some ways to do this without plugins,you can find many tutorials and presets to do this.Personally I prefer export Mograph cloner as FBX(check "Tracks" and "Bake all frames") and import back into c4d.
  4. This is no easy solution for this,I think. Try this:Bake your cloth.Make a joint children of a cloner(object vertex mode) and drag your flag into object field.Bake cloner to PSR.So you have animated joints.Make polygonal copy of your flag and rig using those joints.Use joints falloffs,it's easier..This way is pretty fast. cloth to joint translation.c4d
  5. You can drive some joints with baked PLA flag and use them to rig another copy of flag.Tedious task,but possible in my opinion.
  6. Hallo, This is my personal project made for rigging and animation training-exploring CMotion.Any opinion appreciated.
  7. Use Groups in User Data manager,example attached UD example.c4d
  8. This is job for Motionclips.Bake your animations to clips,next you can mix them easily.Also you can use Harvester plugin which was mentioned above if you dont want to use clips but t is not drag and drop(afaik) solution.
  9. Бога нет,отца в морду можна

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