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  1. Yeah I was hoping there was a way with some tags etc.. its all a mixamo setup and I have no knowledge of rigging or character animation but thanks anyway ;)
  2. Hi I have a character carrying a large box with both hands, and I cant get both hands to constrain to the box. I have tried putting the box as a child of one hand and it follow 100%, then I tried to do a constrain tag and use different parameters such as aim, psr etc but none of them work 100%. It might be that the mocap of the guy is just a guy holdiing his hands up and not carrying a box, but is it then possible to let the box geometry stretch accordingly ? If anyone can point me in the right direction it would be great. Attaching a stripped down version if someone has the time to look at it. Thanks. walking (1).zip
  3. not quite sure what you mean ? there is no cel shader involved. Only lines made up of the contour. Color / illumination is activated on the material. It seems like the include/exclude on the illumination tab is not doing what it is supposed to. Or I am missing something...
  4. Hi Really scratching my head here, I have sketched a landscape with S&T contour. In the color tab of S&T material I have a fallof shader in the illumination tab to simulate sunlight coming from one side. The bright side has yellow lines and the dark side has dark blue lines.. All worked fine when I did the setup in a separate project but when I try to exclude my other lights in the main project it all turns white. Basically it sees all my other lights. I have included and excluded in the illumination tab but it does not get correct. Anyone been fiddling with this before and have some tips to throw my way ? thanks..
  5. Hi! Could neen some help with this. Trying to do some christmas spheres dangling from a rope and colliding with walls and other spheres. I have managed to set up spline dynamics and everything works fine except for the rigid body. When I add the rigid body tag to the sphere it goes bananas. Wondering if I should approach this in a different way ? Attached a scene file is someone could take a look and point me in the right direction it would be great. thanks steffen jul_0001.c4d