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  1. Glorious sunshine yesterday, howling slanting down driech today. Scotland caters for all. ;0)

    1. rasputin


      I love Scotland! My "ethnic" home. ((-;

  2. Little iterators in my head keep going around and around and around..

    1. 3DKiwi


      Safer than drugs!!

    2. Rantin Al

      Rantin Al

      Cheaper too!

  3. The Quicktime 7.6.9 release does NOT play with C4D 11.5 64 bit on a PPC Quad, OSX 10.5.8. (Leopard) By not play, I mean that Cinema does not even launch. The app icon gives a flash and then nothing. I used Pacifist to re-downgrade back to QT 7.6.4 (Pro) and C4D 64 bit is now functioning. Alan.
  4. Newer record:399 . We are definitely going to start selling tickets.

    1. Rantin Al

      Rantin Al

      My chocolate brownies are too good to be free. Anyway, there are only crumbs left once I demolish a trayful. Paid up member of Chocaholics Anon. ;0)

    2. 3DKiwi


      Sell tickets - no. Sell advertising - Yes :)

  5. Version


    Xpresso controller for a simulated spark plug flash using a standard Omni Light. Any number of plugs can be used. Just add or take away from the Link List & Object List fields. Firing order is easily set by changing the sequence in the Link List field. Two samples included in the zip file. A straight 1 to 6 firing and a simple V6 stepping order. (Plus a sample V6 movie.) User Data slider controls for speed and duration. Auto reset of sequence when rewound to frame 0. This XPresso rig uses a single MonoFlop as the main node. This means a couple of restictions on the parameters. A double MonoFlop node set-up would overcome these but this is a sample 'educational' file. The XPresso has full comments for each node group. For detailed explanations on the working of the MonoFlop Node, refer to the 3 "Meet the Flops" in the Tutorials Section. Alan.
  6. Version


    XPresso controlled Book Case generator. Easy to use Book Case builder all controlled through User Data sliders. Parameters available: Cabinet Width, Height, Depth and thickness. Shelf and vertical divider count. Shelves and dividers auto fit length and height to the inner cabinet space. You can easily adjust the User Data parameters if the dimensions don't suit your needs. Don't worry, you can do it without touching the actual XPresso. Mix and match different shelving settings by nesting duplicates under a Cloner. The main unit has the Object Axis zeroed to the rear left bottom corner for easy alignment. Just add a base plinth and twiddle. Have fun, Alan.
  7. I think we should start selling tickets.



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