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  1. Glorious sunshine yesterday, howling slanting down driech today. Scotland caters for all. ;0)

    1. rasputin


      I love Scotland! My "ethnic" home. ((-;

  2. Little iterators in my head keep going around and around and around..

    1. 3DKiwi


      Safer than drugs!!

    2. Rantin Al

      Rantin Al

      Cheaper too!

  3. Newer record:399 . We are definitely going to start selling tickets.

    1. Rantin Al

      Rantin Al

      My chocolate brownies are too good to be free. Anyway, there are only crumbs left once I demolish a trayful. Paid up member of Chocaholics Anon. ;0)

    2. 3DKiwi


      Sell tickets - no. Sell advertising - Yes :)

  4. I think we should start selling tickets.

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