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  1. Vray 3.4 360 VR rendering

    I'm not sure if you've tried it, but Pano2VR has always worked well for me - I've just rendered out the image in vRay using a box camera, then imported the image into pano2VR, and it does the rest... Having said that, I've never looked at the output through a Galaxy...
  2. Introductions!

    I'm also an architect and have been using C4d for around 10 years now... I'm always looking to learn new tricks and as the days are getting shorter and colder in this part of the world, it's always nice to have a focus on something other than the terrible weather! I'm really open to the idea of collaborating, especially when it involves learning something new. I've recently been messing around with things other than still interior visualisations - there are a few shorts on vimeo showing some experiments I've done: https://vimeo.com/user19624302 Cheers! Nick
  3. Lets make a movie using C4D: Indie4D

    I'd definitely be interested in chipping in some time/ models etc... So you have firm idea of the story? Cheers, Nick
  4. Looking for a partner

    I'm potentially interested... I've just sent you a PM. Cheers, Nick
  5. If you're working with a mesh that has seen a lot of work, quite often running an optimize before you align normals will help things along...
  6. Lego Block Model Render (LeoCad Model)

    @wrightymon I'm not sure if this is still an issue, and how far you'd be willing to go to solve it, but in vray for C4d, you have the options of adding a rounding to edges on a texture by texture basis. For small radiusses (radii?), it works really well as a quick and dirty solution (particularly helpful when working with free models). The only downside is of course, that you'd have to stump up for a vray license (which IMO, is well worth it for lots of different reasons). Cheers, Nick
  7. Folding of a box

    @cerbera - thanks for posting this: I don't know how I managed to live without XS Thickness!!
  8. HDRI Haven is free now...

    Such a great site - thanks for sharing it. It's interesting to read about why he made the site free too....
  9. Torggler Doors

    Hi there, I've come across these doors and frankly, my head is melting trying to work out the geometry/ mechanics of how they work! I thought it'd be a simple exercise to model one, but they are tricky to get exactly right - in the attached example, I've come close and although the pins and strut start and end in the right position, the strut always shifts away from the lower pivot when it's rotating... Surprisingly, there doesn't seem to be much about the geometry involved on the net, and I'm fascinated by how they work. Can anyone shed any light on how they work and the setting out involved - I'm not interested in having the attached file finished, much more interested in the setting out and the reasoning behind it. Cheers, Nick Untitled 2.c4d
  10. WOW! Thanks for going into so much detail Dan! Really appreciate it - I'll have a look through all of these when I get in tonight! Cheers, Nick
  11. Thanks for getting back Rectro! I should update my profile, but I'm on R18... I've looked through the Cineversity videos, but they're pretty old, and are great if you want to watch someone who knows what they're doing do it all, but they don't go into any detail... If you have any links, I'd really appreciate it. Cheers, Nick
  12. Hi there, I'm trying to teach myself more about the parts of cinema I've never used, and am playing around with rigging... I'm wondering if anyone can recommend any good resources regarding setting up joints, IK and using the constraint tags properly. I can set up a basic IK rig, but getting it to work with constraints properly is proving to be a nightmare! There doesn't seem to be much in the way of 'idiot's guides' out there - for example something that really explains in depth how/why things like pole vectors work, or how to stop the rig flipping about as it passes over an axis (I suspect that these two problems are related!!). If anyone could point me in the right direction, I'd appreciate it. Cheers, Nick
  13. I've never done too much with C4d beyond archviz and interiors, so have set myself a goal of learning more about animation etc. Here's a couple of spare-time projects I've set myself recently. I'm not really sure where I'm headed with any of these, but I'm having loads of fun playing! Any feedback or comments welcomed. Cheers, Nick
  14. How much to charge?

    There is a great model for charging this type of work which has always served me well: I'd charge handsomely for the quick turn around, and also echo that you should be upfront about how unlikely it is to get a high quality result in that short time. Clients very often don't understand how much work and adrenaline goes into this type of work and have a "you can do it in front of the telly" attitude. It's always best to gently educate a client at the beginning of a relationship and manage their expectations - that way, you'll get more return work. That said, if it is your first time working with this client, don't be afraid to watermark whatever work you do, and tell them that they can have the clean version once you've been paid. I know it's tempting to do a job like this on the cheap for portfolio-points, and that can be fine every now and then, but don't get in the habit of giving anything away - it sets a dangerous precedent! Let us know how you get on. Cheers, Nick
  15. Wrapping Paper Being Torn Off

    Funny enough, I just saw a post on instagram which was done in Cinema 4D, which shows a similar thing - a 'fabric' being ripped off a skull - I'm on the road at the moment so can't work out how to get a link from Instagram, but if you look at the SSEQUENTIAL feed, it's a movie and quite recent... I have no idea how it was done, but the effect proves that it is possible... I hope this helps. Cheers, Nick