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  1. Hey Timo Attached you will find the fixed file. It was a very straightforward process. There are two things you need to make sure you do correctly when creating your packaging 1) When your ai file is imported in to cinema drag the whole group to the splines null of the plugin and hit the Center&Rotate Splines in the HUD display. If everything went correctly you will your packaging flat in the centre (0,0,0) In your case something went wrong and as you can see from your file some parts of the packaging are vertical and others horizontal 2) When you hit the fold preview command play with the order of the splines. The base of your packaging should be first and then the connecting parts to that should follow underneath. If everything went according to plan most of the splines will have a green colour. Then you can hit create guides. That's pretty much it! Hope that helps! Dimitris Packaging Fixed.c4d
  2. If you can share both your .ai and .c4d file that would help a lot in figuring out what went wrong. When you post them I can give it a try and see what the issue is.
  3. Hi there If I understand you correctly you want to get let's say a 6 layer psd out of Cinema and automate the different blending modes in photoshop. So layer 1 is in normal blending, layer 2 is in multiply, layer 3 in linear dodge and so on and so forth. If that's the case you can use Photoshop's actions to automate the changing of the blending modes. But keep in mind that the files you run the action to need to have the same number of layers. Post a file with the number of layers you want and the blending modes for each layer and I can create the action for you.
  4. Hi there The browser behaves a little bit differently depending on what kind of asset you drag in to the browser. If you drag a material the texture will be dragged with it but if you drag a scene you need to drag in the textures manually. But before you do that you need to make sure and “save project with assets”. Once you do that you can then drag your scenes and textures in a library and everything will work fine. Hope that helps
  5. Unfortunately I don't have X particles or Realflow so I can't really tell if there's any improvement there. As for interactive render region, yes it's much much faster on the iMac Pro. Before getting the new machine I was working on a scene and of course I was using interactive render region. When switching to the new machine I was amazed by how fast the feedback was in interactive render region. It's definitely faster. What was also amazing is how fast ProRender is. Especially for look development it's much better than interactive render region. The feedback is immediate and you get a clean result really fast. I truly believe your work will get better just from the fact that you can explore more and adjust more faster. Of course if you are not OSX centric you could build an equally capable PC with less money. But for me that wasn't an option. I'm extremely happy with the machine the performance and also how silent it is. I'm preparing a video with my impressions. Hopefully I'll have something up by next week.
  6. Hello everyone Here's a short tutorial deciphering light and how to take control of it when preparing your scenes. Hopefully by the end of it you will have a better grasp on how light works in photography and 3D! If you have any questions feel free to ask!
  7. So I tested Cinebench and the score is 2055. @BigAl3D I also tested out the grapes scene. On the iMac Pro it renders in 3 minutes and 46 seconds. By comparison my late 2012 iMac renders the same scene in: 13 minutes and 41 seconds That's around x3.8 speed up for me. Love it!
  8. I got the 10 core version but I haven't checked the CB score. I think it's around 2000. Will check when I go back home. For me it was a huge jump from the machine I had before so I'm loving it. Could it be faster and cheaper? For sure! But it's still a really good machine. And some preliminary tests I did with final cut pro it was a beast! Overall very satisfied.
  9. A small correction. The PBR method is not faster than GI. If extremely high GI settings are used than yes the PBR method will probably be faster but that is the exception rather than the rule. PBR is great because it keeps things simple, while also getting very realistic results. But it won’t win any speed awards! When you want to speed things up you should be able to fall back to GI and get several times faster renders. I’m going through the PBR method here: And there are also some render times there as well.
  10. Hello As you mentioned modify X and Y are your friends. Alternatively you can use the position X and Position Z options in the user data for each spline. Check the attached video to see what I'm talking about. Sorry for the low res version and the 8fps video but I wanted to fit it in to the 2MB attachment of the forum. By reducing the size of the regular grid at the main options of the preset (default is at 20) you can get a more dense mesh. Results around 20 and 10 are quite good but don't go any lower. To refine it and get the result you want exactly iI would advise you to make the object editable and then refine it as you like. FoldMyDesignlowres.mp4



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