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  1. The c4d viewports are a disgrace, flipping to boxes at the slightest move of a camera. Why won't MAXON bring them up to a 21st century speed?
  2. Fix viewport speed fix viewport speed Fix viewport speed fix viewport speed Fix viewport speed fix viewport speed Fix viewport speed fix viewport speed Fix viewport speed fix viewport speed Fix viewport speed fix viewport speed Fix viewport speed fix viewport speed Fix viewport speed fix viewport speed
  3. Cerbera, thnk you for taking the time to clarify. regards, David
  4. SOS. I have a mesh with a PLA animation, which I want to clone and offset the cloned animaitons so they do not walk synchonized. BUT... the time offset does not work, presumably because you cannot switch off instances! See attached image for r20 and previous versions of C4D. So... How do I offset PLA animaitons of cloned objects?
  5. Hrvoje kindly posted his terrific learning files, one of which is a scorpion in Cmotion. I want to use this with x-particles to create a swarm. But.... x-particles needs a PLA (point-level animation) of a mesh. So... How do I bake a 90-frame CMotion loop to a PLA? Any info gratefully received.
  6. Hrvoje, This is singularly generous of you to offer your clever files. I bought much of your VP training and found your files very clever and informative. Again, many thanks for posting these.
  7. I'm trying to create a cloud vortex in x-particles for rendering in Redshift. I've set up the particles to my satisfaction, but when I set up xpExplosiaFX, with the tag on the emitter, the smoke does not follow the particles. File attached. Any assistance gratefully received. cloud vortex rig.c4d
  8. everfresh, apologies for the very late response!!!1 You solved my problem. A thousand blessings on your household. best regards, David
  9. I'm trying to drive the intensity of a Redshift light using Xpresso (so the light flickers like a flaming torch. The attached file set-up seems correct conceptually, but does not work. Can any clever soul tell me what's wrong? torch and flicker test.c4d
  10. Wonderful!! Super realistic. I especially like the raspberry.
  11. Apologies to Mr. Campbell and Mr. Khan...... can't help myself....
  12. H, thank you! Yes, lots of hours. Regards, David
  13. Just finished a visualisation of Pink Floyd's TIME. Couldn't have done it in the time available to me without RS speed of render. Posted at: Thanks for looking!



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