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  1. Mograph arrays of lights with random

    Cerbera, very clever suggestions!! On reflection, I think you are correct that luminance panels are the way to go. Many thanks! regards, David
  2. Mograph arrays of lights with random

    ABMotion, westbam, thank you for your suggestions. I'll try them. regards, David
  3. I'm creating Axis Nader from the novel Eon. It's a huge space-going cylinder with arrays of lights on the surface. I've created a cloner ring of lights and then a cloner of that to distribute along the axis. See embryonic screenshot attached on the left. BUT.... I want to switch off random numbers of the lights, so it doesn't look as even and artificial , something ike the mockup on the right of the image in the attached image.. So... how do I do that? Any guidance gratefully received.
  4. Pass the Dramamine!......... terrific.
  5. Fun render! I’m still learning, so can’t help with your rays.
  6. Hypnotic! Whatever you're smoking, I want some.....
  7. Trying out conversion of Poser figure.... So much to learn, so little time (with apologies to Cecil Rhodes).
  8. @nerv Only 2 million? X-P v4 promises 1 billion (which will take 4.76 centuries to render.......) Nice GIF!
  9. @nerv, thanks for the tips. I'll try MB and DOF. regards, David
  10. Trying to gallop in RS before I can crawl.....Shot from a visualisation of an old Scots song "the Dark Island". docked720p.mp4
  11. Thanks, @nerv! you really are a dune kind of guy! :-)
  12. Incremental progress....