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  1. Because the interpolation was blending the positions in really poor ways.
  2. I am using Pose Morphs to do a big camera animation and I was wondering if there was a way to look at the actual PSR values of my morphs. I'd like to be able to edit the values while seeing immediate effects on my animation rather than toggling back and forth between Edit and Animate modes. Also, is there a way to edit the influence of the different tracks? Like have Position animate 0-100% linearly and then have Rotation have a ramp to it?
  3. dondo

    Some stuff

  4. dondo

    Jack Nicholson

    So creepy and yet so awesome.
  5. dondo


    That is freaking awesome
  6. MAXON should a small game to play while you render out tests.

  7. Man, if someone drove my Lambo out on the rocky beach, I would be PISSED.
  8. dondo

    The CN Tower WIP

    The model looks great but if you are going for the background to be sky, I would add a gradient to it instead of a solid color.
  9. Version


    Here is a simple scene file with a dynamic swinging ceiling lamp with forces. Edit the Lamp Outline Spline to change the lamp shape. You can rotate the initial position of the lamp with the null object named Lamp Controller under the Fracture Object but you need to parent the light under the null before or else it will not follow. The Light Placement for Light Rotation shows the proper way to do this. The light must be in its original position to render correctly. You can enable different forces or change their parameters to get different movements. Enable the 'Enable Dynamics>>>' object to turn dynamics on and off. 35 degress is the maximum amount of lamp rotation unless you edit the socket. PS. Sorry for the long notes in the scene file, I wanted to make sure I covered everything.



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