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  1. Thank you Jed. The Condition Node was the solution. This means you have to feed the Lower (or Upper) Limit Z two cyfers with a value more than zero..
  2. Update. File attached. In this case with Xpresso connected the Lower Limit Z will not hold the pal position. When connection in Xpresso is taken away between Math and Connector, Lower Limit Z can be put on zero and hold pal position Cafe bijlage.c4d
  3. When I use Xpresso to define the Lower or Upper Limit from de Slider Connector, the Slider Limits take their maximum position. With Trigger Distance I arranged the moment ( at 50 Frames) that the Upper Limit of the Slider takes a certain length. (40) How do I get the Object attached to the Slider to hold position 0 at the start of the animation. I have tried Box Connector but gives the same maximum from the start of the animation till that 50 Frames
  4. In which version of Cinema starts the combination of video rendering with audio also rendered at the same time?
  5. Dynamics

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      just like me... stay-at-home, sitting in front of PC, thinking about "Dynamics"... :)



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