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  1. Yup, it's a confirmed bug. My 2nd on S22 Cheers for checking G
  2. Hi A file is attached. Seems like a bug to me. Can you confirm it on your side? Just reported to MAXON.. Thanks G VP_Glitch.c4d
  3. Hi Getting a funky VP glitch while doing a spline "Create Outline" command on S22. The spline looks weird in point mode, but looks proper on Object mode. Works fine in exturde. Seems to happen only to a Rectangle spline.. Does it happen to you as well? Cheers Gilbert
  4. Well Hrvoje, it was right in front of my eyes :) Thanks
  5. I just want it for visual purposes, as for Linear field the viewport size of it doesn't realy affect it's action. Up to r19 there was a scale option for the falloff. Thanks for your reply CBR G
  6. Hi Is there a way of changing a field visual size? so it shows in the proportions of the objects it affects. I'd like it to be like the 2nd image. Thanks G
  7. Hi As this great plugin not working for me in R20 (even with Insydium Bridge) Anyone knows of a similar option? Payed or free Thanks Gilbert
  8. Well Did it the COFFEE way. Seems to work fine for me. I'm attaching it ,with an icon for it, if anyone find it useful. Use it at your own risk All it does is turning On & Off elements from the viewport. Useful for working with a clean VP or clean preview render (when using Hardware\Software render). Cerbera- thanks for that cup of COFFEE. View Filter.rar
  9. mine is even simpler , it has only the grid lines. :) I'll give it a go. Regarding the HB modeling bundle- i'll check it . Thanks for answering
  10. Hi I have a very simple script that toggles on\off the grid in the viewport. (years ago someone posted it here ) I'd like to create a similar script , that toggles all sort of objects from the viewport (under the VP Filter menu). The goal is to turn off unwanted stuff, to get a clean software render (no Axis, Deformers, Cameras, Lights etc..) So: 1. Is it something simple to do? - I have no clue in scripting.. 2. I'll be happy to pay for such a script. (a reasonable price). As for the grid script, not sure if it's ok to attach it here.
  11. Let's say i create a cube Add a bend deformer with animation for the bend render: no cube is showing I know it doesn't make sense, that's the thing (should have a tag for that in the forum :) ) the deformer action isn't showing, because the object isn't showing. I'll try to recreate the issue and upload. Thanks ABMotion for taking the time
  12. its not a matter of layers, happpens in new scene as well. And it is the object itself that isn't showing in the final render- not the deformers action Hope it's not confusing :)
  13. I'll see if i can reduce a file with the problem and upload it. It Happens even with a simple bend deformer, so caching is a bit of overkill. Forgot to mention these are animated objects with deformers apllied\ or animated deformers on static objects- both creates the problem. Thanks
  14. Hi Recently i get an issue with deformers in render: Object with deformers applied to them are not rendered in the Picture Viewer, but do render in the viewport. Never happened before. happens either if the deformer is animated or not. Solved it by point caching , but that's not a solution . Any idea what it can be? R18 Studio here. Thanks Gil


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