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  1. Just a quick note, if you want to monitor your GPUs you'll need something like Afterburner. This will give you the info you need while your machine is rendering including temperatures, fan speed, vram usage and overall gpu utilisation.
  2. Been a while since I used octane, but if I recall correctly you set the depth of field 0. Then you can control the Octane camera tag via the normal c4d camera settings. I would recommend avoiding autofocus via Octane, particularly given the type of scene you're working with where multiple items are crossing the view plane.
  3. Is there any reason you need to use constraints in this situation? You could probably resolve this issue using a hierarchical solution; have a single parent null with the board and skater as children. Animate the main null for overall position control.
  4. In my experience Octane has been far and away the fastest engine in terms of it's responsiveness. It will however eat all of your vram much faster than other engines. Even the most stable version is remarkably unstable. Will crash or stall mid-render, so make sure you're able to monitor long animation renders. 1 plugin license + 1 standalone license required - can get expensive. Prorender - I would say stay away for at least another year - it's lacking in some of the most basic features you'd take for granted in other engines. Thea - no idea, never used it. Cycles - in my limited testing seems pretty good, it has the massive advantage of being able to use CPU. So if you need to, you can lookdev on GPU then scale up to farm when final renders are required. When I last tested it with large amounts of CAD data it choked quite comprehensively, but I suspect that it's probably much more stable now. Tightly integrated with xparticles, if that's your bag. Redshift is the winner for me. Fast, uses terminology from other biased engines, ability to include/exclude lights/objects arbitrarily. Won't die if you run out of vram, although it will of course go much slower. Still pretty quick for lookdev. Most recent version (2.5.43) is very stable. When you buy a license it works on any supported DCC app, so your C4D license will also work with your Modo/Maya/Max install too. F
  5. Have you tried a different format, e.g. .obj or .fbx? If that still doesn't work, I would go to check the UVs in Bodypaint to make sure C4D isn't massacring them on import.
  6. Takes won't affect render settings. You can have different render settings for each take, however - if you want to use different frame ranges I would suggest making a new child render setting and changing the output to the desired range in each child.

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