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  1. Inflating balloon, just for fun Inflating.c4d
  2. This one finds closest point, poly or edge to any given input position 53_Closest_Point.c4d
  3. @ilay Laws and regulations prohibit MAXON from delivering new features in service packs. Only fixes to existing ones are allowed...
  4. Please send me the file, I can try to see if it can be recovered. It will be treated confidentially of course. Will also check what is causing your crash...
  5. Here is a practical example but you can't "save" the data, array is always generated between frames 30-60 time_based_array.c4d
  6. Here is a simple log spiral distribution Log_spiral.c4d
  7. When dealing with geometry you need to utilize delete node otherwise you will have to rebuild topology by yourself if using pure array approach which can get complicated. I believe this is what you are after Geo Modify_0001.c4d If I may suggest that you consider getting Cafe nodes training, all these concepts are explained there
  8. Disable new data set in geometry property set node
  9. Point Morphing example point_Morph.c4d
  10. Issue seems to be in unsynced looping in random selection asset, therefore it requires scope to append properly
  11. You can also right click on node and add them that way
  12. Here is simple formula effector with Nodes Formula_effector.c4d
  13. Here is a node that gets various Mesh data: Get_Mesh_Data.c4d
  14. Here is a example of counter Counter.c4d


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