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  1. So, you want infinite animation of two gears? Why not simply use Xpresso or Cmotion? :)
  2. Hard to help without a scene file...
  3. You can load effectors and forces in MoSpline, along with making selections - it is perfect for what you need. Simply use it in sweep as any other spline :)
  4. This is a job for python, but I have no clue how to do it :)
  5. I like the buildings popping up in second video :) Not sure about the first though, too right for my taste...
  6. Then use MoSpline instead of spline. Simply set the length and use builtin deformation controls :)
  7. I use Win machine and macbook on single display via Aten KVM switch, together with Wacom Intuos, works fine :) Even wireless keyboard is recognised in Aten switch! Was in same situation and did a thorough research to make sure I use a switch that works properly...
  8. I am not aware of any systematic plugin development videos, but probably your best bet is to start here https://developers.maxon.net
  9. Can you post a scene file? Usually it is not the viewport issue, rather a scene setup or due to object system...
  10. Ah, I see what you mean :) This is probably what you are after Wave.c4d
  11. Load your formula as subfield of time field and set offset in time field to negative value (which equals your frame rate) :)
  12. Load bitmap in layer shader and add effects / transform :)
  13. That is odd - will check what is going on...



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