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  1. New ones 152_Lava_Lamp(MG).c4d 153_Multi_color_bounce(MG+XP).c4d
  2. Adobe is not buying MAXON - kind of feel silly to repeat these for years now Anyway folks, after 62 pages I would say that everyone had a chance to speak his or hers mind on this subject, topic closed
  3. You can't directly, but you can use some trickery, here is a way to do it Fra_inside.c4d
  4. Hrvoje

    Have a nice day

    lol, awesome
  5. Yo u can use constrains to attach to various option, or even use Xpresso. Simply add a constraint tag to object you want to attached and explore the options
  6. More 150_HexaMesh(MG).c4d 151_Icecream(MG).c4d
  7. Create a cloner and simply clone onto the spheres polygon centers. Then you can convert the cloner and connect all the cylinders into single object and boole the sphere
  8. Please attach as scene file and alembic asset. If it is under NDA you can send me a pm...
  9. Sounds like a job for set driver command Right click on your Z position of null object and go set driver, then right click on alembic parameter you want to affect and go set driven. This should create simple Xpresso where you can tune the details in range mapper
  10. If you need the bend to go in opposite direction you can just bring the middle joint upward so it's Y value is higher then end points. Would be also good to name objects properly For this kind of rig it is also good idea to use zeroed frozen values to be able to reset controls
  11. Common solution is receiver rig. You create both dynamic and controlled rig and then use third rig to draw data from first or second, usually by percentage slider
  12. This was super relaxing. Like fuzzy plasma stress reliever
  13. Do you have auto init enabled in deformer?
  14. Is your question regarding Redshift?
  15. You can also use this approach Inflate.c4d Or this one flamingo.c4d
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