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  1. ProRender development is not stopping.
  2. New video available! This time we build a procedural page rig with MoGraph and Xpresso - enjoy :) https://www.youtube.com/c4dcafe
  3. That value (subdivision level) is render time setting. You can "feed" only integers into it...
  4. Can't really say without scene file. What are your ray depth settings? AA? With that being said, Nodes are more geared towards Physical renderer...
  5. For HDR images you should use emitter material, not the BSDF material end node if lighting a scene is the idea. AO is per material effect - There is an AO example in the help system :)
  6. Hi Dave Hold 7 on your keyboard, that will transform just the parent - does it work for you? If not please post a topic with scene
  7. @Columbo Please upload a scene file, it will be easier to help
  8. There is an image node where you can load images. You can also drag and drop from explorer or finder into node editor
  9. Hi Can you be more specific please? Scene file..?
  10. Use condition node. Add multiple inputs and define integer values then drive the inputs (index) with with 3 integers
  11. You would be surprised how many replies and parts of replies would raise eyebrows when taken out of 3D context. I recall there was a thread about it but I can't find it (shameful for admin yes, I know) :)
  12. Transforming parent will always transform it's child unless you use move parent modifier. Hold "7" on your keyboard and this will not transform child objects.



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