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  1. Hrvoje

    Can't Dock Floating Windows

    That is odd. Did you restart C4D? Restated the machine?
  2. Hrvoje

    A few simple workflow question

    1. Not sure what you are describing but you probably mean expansion once you drag and drop object to existing hierarchy? That is by design in order not accidentally move objects without indication. You can use set parent command as alternative and that doesn't happen then 2. Ctrl+Unparent 3. Unparent takes children also - please attach a scene where that doesn't happen if you have one 4. I honestly don't understand what you mean here :) 5. Sure, assign shortcut to this python script import c4d from c4d import gui def main(): c4d.CallCommand(5126, 5126) # Instance def object(): return doc.GetActiveObject() object()[c4d.INSTANCEOBJECT_RENDERINSTANCE_MODE] = 1 # Execute main() if __name__=='__main__': main()
  3. Hrvoje

    zigzag spline

    Took a stab at this and it seems possible, however it is quite clunky. Check the attached file with SplineMask setup. Due to SplineMask requiring closed splines you will have to use the MoSpline start and end parameters to cutoff the spline. Hope it helps: Spline_rig.c4d
  4. Hrvoje

    zigzag spline

    Would be easier if you attached scene file. One thing that pops to mind is to generate patterns with matrices, trace that and hide all matrices outside of the shape. If you are looking into fully automatic way, you are looking into serious rig and/or some python magic...
  5. Hrvoje

    C4D Cafe Youtube channel massive update

    We sure will but after we setup all the videos and playlists :)
  6. Hrvoje

    zigzag spline

    Did you try spline mask?
  7. I often stumble on most simple things too...You can watch it on youtube channel now ;)
  8. Hrvoje

    C4D Cafe Youtube channel massive update

    Yes, we got no other option during upload since original resolution is 1680x1050
  9. Hrvoje

    C4D Cafe Youtube channel massive update

    That is why everything is organized in playlists :) Youtube is really painful to work with, but simply go to main page of the channel and you will see that we have nice layout with categories and playlist
  10. Hrvoje

    C4D Cafe Youtube channel massive update

    For anyone interested there are pronunciations available and they are seem accurate. As you can see , Eastern Europe origin has multiple ways to make ones life more complex than needed ;)
  11. FBX must work. Try the following: - Convert the capsule object you have into polygon object - Drag into timeline and go functions/bake object then bake all This will give you now baked poly object with keys for each frame. This you can export to fbx :)
  12. Hrvoje

    Reset Script

    Here is a simple example. This one resets position of select object to world center :) import c4d from c4d import gui #Welcome to the world of Python selected = doc.GetActiveObjects(0) for obj in selected: doc.AddUndo(c4d.UNDOTYPE_CHANGE, obj) obj.SetRelPos(c4d.Vector(0,0,0)) c4d.EventAdd()
  13. Of course. Here is a little example, hope I understood what you are after :) mat_control.c4d
  14. Do you have R20? Please set the version you have in your profile...
  15. Hrvoje

    Respected Community Member

    We had that group for special people like you ;) I did a cleanup of the groups, we are good to go