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  1. more :) 140_Spline_segment_Effector(MG).c4d 138_Roll_that_cube(XP).c4d 139_VecArrayDelay(XP).c4d
  2. Should it merge materials with same name? Or part of the name?
  3. First question is do you have R20 :) ? You can use Target effector to some extent but you won't be able to target each clone. Two options here. One is not to use cloner and then some Xpresso to solve it, or, do a python effector...
  4. Do you have a solid field in your sound effector?
  5. You can use result node to see what value is coming out from fields node
  6. Simply copy the same field into falloff (fields) node in Xpresso and get the value from it :)
  7. here is a quick and dirty one. In the scene, there is user data setting where you define the count of points which is selection criteria. So, any point count less than what you enter there will be selected in object manager. Do note that effect is continuous and you can disable xpresso tag to stop the script within Xpresso. Hope this helps :) splines.c4d
  8. That looks good, although a bit disturbing :)
  9. Here is a quickie. This might work for you depending on your needs. Idea is that you use mesh deformer to deform original mesh, where approximation mesh is dynamic. I used softbody but you can rig it as rigid body too. Hope that helps :) Right Arm Test_0001.c4d
  10. Please attach a scene file, will be easier to help. One way would be to create receiving rig, or even some ragdoll trickery with mesh deformer, but I don't know how your scene is setup...
  11. Please attach a simplified scene describing the issue, otherwise it is really difficult to help...
  12. This would be easier with scene file. So, you are looking to make abrupt change between texture? You could simply split a part of geometry and texture multiple "mouth meshes" separately. Then if you clone them and create a single clone. by changing offset in cloner you would effectively switch the mouth. Again, I don't know the exact setup or the requirements but this usually works...
  13. Looks like an openGl related artifact. Are your drivers up to date? Is this happening with Turbulence only?
  14. In this lesson we build a clone transfer rig where clone transforms happen in set start end sequence.
  15. With R21 even more easier with new field force, however here is a small example. Must admit I am quite rusty with TP :) TP_change.c4d

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