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  1. Hrvoje


    Welcome home! Fire away when you dive in with modelling, we will be happy to help!
  2. That is how shader effector works and it is due to how it is mapped to clones. Use random effector instead. You are probably looking for random in noise mode with reduced animation speed
  3. Open C4D, hit Ctrl+E, open prefs folder from bottom left via button, close C4D, delete the whole folder
  4. Yes, there should be only redirect file Please try: - Deleting your prefs - Disabling any Anti Virus if you have one - Setting other browser as default one EDIT : Please also try removing your plugins
  5. Cafe is open for people to sell their own products. We started the service not long ago so it will take time for it to kick in For reference you can check works from members by focusing on wire renders which show topology...
  6. Have you sent a crash report to MAXON? (ping me on pm with details if not) For second issue check your task manager if the C4D process is hanging. If so, kill the process and you will be able to start it again without logging out.
  7. Hi folks Service pack for R21 has just been released. It includes ability to create Redshift materials via native node system and native support for noises. Aside to that there are many fixes and overall stability improvements https://www.maxon.net/en/news/maxon-news/article/redshift-update-integrates-cinema-4d-noises-and-nodes/ Full list of fixes https://www.maxon.net/fileadmin/MAXON_Content/40_News/10_News/News_R21.1/Cinema_4D_R21.1_Changelist.pdf
  8. Please send me the scene via pm so I can give it a try. Will be treated confidentially ( I work at MAXON)
  9. Hello, I am Han living in Korea. I have been studying steadily with C4D Cafe's amazing Youtube Tutorial. I woke up today and checked that the site is closed. I feel like the world is falling apart. Please open it again or purchase Tutorial. Because this Tutorial is Best!! Please ㅠㅠ

  10. New batch 154_Chaser_lights(MG).c4d 155_Springy_sign(MG+XP).c4d
  11. Many but 3 major reasons are that you can have artifacts in rendering (less of an issue these days but still), problematic behavior of modelling tools and sculpting results due to poor geometry and topology. In sculpting, for example, that can lead to need for heavy subdivision to get enough resolution in specific areas, which then results in artifacts and pinching in ones that are dense. Users will and do alter models. The 3rd and probably most important is for rigging purposes. If mesh is not clean (mainly organic ones) users can't really rig an animate them without heavy problems...
  12. That is a large script Inside Xpresso you really don't want to do that kind of stuff since it is limited in it's nature. For any external input on node you have to define a proper port with data type and soon things become impossible for what you are after. Only feasible approach is to create a python plugin where you can utilize python in full. You might want to take a look here also: https://developers.maxon.net/?page_id=1114
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