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About Me

I am professional 3D artist and freelancer from 1998.

In all those years I managed to acquire significant skillset in almost all areas of 3D. My first occupation was computer hardware/software technician in local company, followed by design company where I was introduced to software called Bryce. After some time spent there I went into freelancing and in year 2000 was hired by Swiss company as one off the lead designers for both models and proprietary in house 3D software that was being developed, until early 2008 when I got back fully into freelancing after my contract expired. In 2009 I was approached by MAXON distributor to showcase Cinema and educate customers, which was successful, so I continued on that path by creating very popular Vertex Pusher training series for Cinema 4D. From 2011 I joined MAXON beta team.

At this time I am owner off popular Cinema 4D forum C4Dcafe :P

As of March 1st 2013 I am being hired by MAXON computer, makers of Cinema 4D.

3D related - Modeling, sculpting, shading, rendering, CA/rigging/setups, motion graphics, Xpresso. Video based training material for Cinema 4D.
Software related : GUI design, reviewing, interaction models, concept&verification, database tracking systems, administration, specialized software alpha/beta testing methods&developer support, including proprietary divergence testing method . Installation, maintenance, servicing, tuning and calibration of Win and OSX systems.
Hardware related - Assembling, testing, overclocking and tuning non branded hardware configurations.

Interested in : Software engineering and design, programming, Python, Weightlifting, Calisthenics, Literature, survival techniques and bush craft.


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