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  1. You mean like this? select_by_color.c4d Once you click on the "on" in hud it will select all objects with red displaycolor (defined in constant in XPresso) under null Cheers
  2. Check out all content on youtube, we offer structured training :)
  3. Looking solid! Why not pass more light into that room to see it even better :) ?
  4. You should challenge yourself and make each tile different noise pattern ;)
  5. You got it right, so simplified explanation would be Albedo is texture with all shadows and highlights removed Height(map) is usually bump or displacement Roughness is sharpness of reflections Normal is directional surface data AO is self shadowing, but in the case of map it is pretty much a shadow map
  6. guys I think you misunderstood each other. @vanderleden The point of this topic was to ask members if they are willing to provide small fee in exchange for not seeing ads, simple as that. Ads we have, which we believe are minimal given the facilities we provide can still bother some, hence the question. We wont increase the amount of ads since we certainly don't want to spoil website experience. Igor referred to free trainings now as something that nobody else provides in such scope as a part of free services Cafe offers and is just pointing out that even though it is free for consuming, some financial structure has to be closed in order for site to function, which is via google ads. Bottom line, we shifted to ad based financing instead of direct financing
  7. Unfortunately I can't since their pricing is higher due to quality. Dell is probably your best bet within that budget, however, if you are looking to to use a display for extended periods of time you may want to invest in good display for health and professional reasons :)
  8. Hi and to the Cafe You are probably looking to bake your objects in timeline by functions/bake objects, however it would be good if you can post a project file, I suspect you can resolve your troubles by using cloner Cheers
  9. From experience I can tell you that Dell makes solid panels for lower price, however, I am not sure if you will find good screens in size you area after. Personally, I can only suggest that you go for one larger screen of good quality. After years of trying many of them, the best displays by far for 3D and Photo use are Eizo and NEC. I currently have EIZO and it is superb display.
  10. @C4DS We are thinking of replacing gold, silver and bronze memberships, there are simply forum software glitches with that :/ @3D-Pangel Currently we have some google ads running which are hopefully not intrusive. As a result of this subscription one would not see a single one of them. Only advertisement left would be the main banner with plugins, tutorials etc. but that is obviously not google ad related. The aim is to offer google ad free experience to ones that want, for ones that don't want to - nothing changes :)
  11. It would be something like 4-5€ per month. We feel that is quite modest
  12. Ah, I see. The issue is I have built the scene using R20 and field node. You can replace the field node in Xpresso with similar setup and that will drive the values too
  13. No particular reason, it was first that popped to mind :P
  14. Hopefully I understood you well - is this what you are after? :) Map.c4d
  15. Dear members, please take some of your valuable time to vote and respond with your thoughts on this matter Thank you!



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