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  1. Multiple ways to do it, basically you should just tie up some parameters. Here is a quickie: Fra_col.c4d
  2. Can you post a reduced scene file? This way it will be easier to offer solutions
  3. You can also check out full sculpting tutorial on Cafe youtube channel
  4. Not in front of machine atm, but there is an example in sdk where edge selection is made. Here is selecting points from top of my head, hope someone will chip in... import c4d from c4d import utils #Welcome to the world of Python def main(): count = obj.GetPointCount() selection = obj.GetPointS() for i in xrange(count): selection.Select(i)
  5. That is a nice rig You will have issue with cloned splinewrap, especially if you try to splinewrap twice and if mesh is skinned. It would be better idea to just align the splinewrapped mesh to spline. Here is a quickie hope you can use the Xpresso and adapt it to your needs Tentacle 04.c4d
  6. Do you have solid field loaded into sound effector?
  7. Hi there Yes, unfortunately due to some incompatibilities it had to be removed. With that being said, you can use the old one but it may be unstable... Nothing else is missing though
  8. That is awesome Nigel, we will definitely have that one
  9. @DMcGavran I think you will have to drink many beers on the tour With that being said, I think we will make a challenge for MAXON beer can & bottle design - that could be fun
  10. @Unstable Please consider taking a chunk of that inheritance to support Cafe
  11. Very nice, thank you for these, lovely to see Corona tutorials!
  12. You would love MoGraph fields then CA stands for character animation. It is just a habit of naming the file with that suffix if I used something from CA module. The file 91 is build with help of fields - I attached a pre R20 version Glad you liked the tutorial and that you have good use from files. Cmotion is really cool but I don't think that many people are using it, and they should 91_Collision_color_change(MG+Dyn).c4d
  13. You can't affect rendered videos with Cinema. You can create one though. Passing sound values to colors can be done with Fields...
  14. Folks let's keep things polite, we don't want to close the thread. We encourage discussion, even spirited ones but personal attacks are not allowed. Let's all remember there is a real person behind the post... EDIT: @Mbyrne Account deleted per request
  15. Set the inherit tag setting in dynamics tag to "compound collision shape"
  16. Pacific garbage patch is very large. Unless someone is willing to spend billions to clean it up it will simply grow bigger
  17. Yes, there is no gradation atm values will be "floored" or "ceiled"...
  18. Hi Esteban and to the Cafe That looks like it can be achieved with animated sweep object or splinewrapped mesh. Either way the rotation seems to be animated. Here is a quick example sweep.c4d
  19. It is up for a reason, stay tuned
  20. And people say one can't use figure object creatively You do seem to put a lot of work on yourself tough...
  21. Here are some new ones 142_Wheel_rig(XP).c4d 141_Double_Constraint_Rig(XP+MG).c4d
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