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  1. From top of the head, spline dynamics. Simply constrain points and attach objects to ends...
  2. Yes, you don't have to have either. When you say 3D you have to define what exactly that means Since you mentioned particles and dynamics, those revolve around relatively simple concepts where you will have to think in terms of events, conditions, logic...
  3. If it worked before it has to work now. Did you update graphics card drivers in meantime? Was system updated? Changed cables? How are your displays connected? Do you have display switch maybe? Please provide as much info as possible how things are setup...
  4. @jed Err, not sure I follow? Differ on what?
  5. As far as I can see, formula uses parametric equations. t is a form of time (not scene time), basically a range from 0 to 2 * Pi. Try this in formula spline
  6. @jed Use formula spline to your advantage where you can enter formulas in parametric form. It is designed for that
  7. More 162_Point_Velocity(XP).c4d 163_Spline_outline(MG).c4d 164_Color_counter(MG+XP).c4d
  8. Good build! Consider getting even better PSU, it might be needed given the components and other possible energy eaters such as case fans etc
  9. My head is spinning from the honeycomb gif
  10. We are always working to improve - more to come
  11. Send me the scene file via pm if you want, will be treated confidentially, however, it is better idea to strip down scene to bare essentials which show the issue. This way everyone can benefit from resolving it
  12. Welcome Grizzy and have fun There is a lot ground for you to cover but seems you are progressing nicely...
  13. This popped to mind first, there should be plenty of ways to do it time.c4d
  14. That is a nice machine. I would say that Redshift is smarter option since it is owned by Maxon
  15. First ones in 2020! 159_L_system_growth(MG).c4d 160_Cloner_cache(MG+XP).c4d 161_Hiearchy_to_Link_list(XP).c4d
  16. Don't have dual screen but I believe @Igor has and can try. Can you please upload the layout file?
  17. Yep, multishader way is problematic since it passes colors as effector color, not fields color. Here is an alternative approach. Since you have just a couple of colors you can make a shader field for each, mask them as you wish ( I used cell noise with various clipping and seed values) and then highlight with spherical field. It works but it is a bit convoluted, there has to be a simpler way, will think about it, but it is a solution in meantime... Colors.c4d
  18. So, essentially you need a constellation of clones, colored randomly from set of predefined colors where spherical field would make the color more luminous?
  19. All the best to Cafe members New year resolution - get back to normal weight
  20. Welcome to the Cafe!
  21. I have no experience with ipad pro, but I use Wacom tablets for 10+ years and find them a life saver in everyday work. Dont even have a mouse anymore
  22. Even though you have single mesh, there are separate polygon islands. In this particular case you would be better off using much more simpler geometry and break only that and rest can be constrained...

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