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  1. We removed content, that is why view count seems lower and channel is few months old. It would be hard indeed to record all the trainings again in newer versions...
  2. Well, I certainly disagree with their decision and this also made me dislike platform as whole. Our content was not even close to being offensive at any level.I am working on resolving this and will provide training material in future independently of 3rd party platforms
  3. Your scene has an Xref which fails to load (since it is not provided). Simply turn off gravity in project settings (hit ctrl+D and set it to 0 on dynamics tab). In your dynamics tag for emitter make sure you have individual elements set to all
  4. some new 148_Box_rig(MG).c4d 149_Inflating_balloon(XP).c4d
  5. As much as I find it funny and ridiculous from their side, we simply had to comply. I am afraid that it will take quite a bit of time until we will be able to monetize, possibly never given the rules and policies of YT...
  6. It is unfortunate indeed... We easily reached followers and view threshold quite quickly, however the problem was that one of our videos was flagged as inappropriate. The video in case is female character modelling. There is nothing explicit in the video of course, but it was flagged and we can't use monetization services for considerable amount of time. This is simply something we have no control over. As a result we lost revenue which was used for production.
  7. You just need to set the inputs on sphere in Xpresso and drive them with whatever you need. Maybe I misunderstood what you need..?
  8. I would still argue it is way easier using MoGraph. You can create front end with simple controls for easy use. Maybe you can share a screenshot or short video of what you are after, then we can offer solutions :)
  9. Dear members As you all know, Cafe has a Youtube channel with hundreds off free high quality training videos. We were producing new content on regular basis and covered areas which were not covered elsewhere such as TD Master Series or Fields training. I am sorry to inform you that due to inability to monetize our Youtube channel we are forced to cease video production. Many of you know, especially the ones that tried recording tutorials, that recording quality material takes significant effort, equipment and logistics. Given that we can't generate revenue due to Youtube policy we simply can't justify the cost of producing videos, both time wise and record&editing software that is needed for it. Hopefully we will find a way to continue production in future if we can come up with a model that can keep the content free but cover expenses that are essential. Meanwhile, all the content which is already present will stay available on our Youtube channel Regards Cafe staff
  10. Probably possible, but wouldn't it be easier to create a MoGraph based rig?
  11. Is the character object editable? Would be easier to share a scene file if you can...
  12. You can assign any shortcut or combo any command in C4D. Simply go windows/customize / customize commands
  13. Technically that is not a bug but I can see how it can throw people off. Due to stacked generators you have in your scene, coupled with Fracture on top, your random effector has to be inside the Fracture group to function properly
  14. With R17 you will have to use image editor for that. With R20+ you can use inbuilt nodes for color correction...
  15. By the way, this is for plugin developer to resolve. Code signing is required
  16. For a lot of butterfiles you can create couple of them as point level animation then simply clone massive amounts using multi instances
  17. Apply material to cloner, delete random and enable step effector. That will give you one texture from multishader per clone
  18. With R20 you could use fields and have really nice control, however if you want to use dynamics here is a quickie rot.c4d
  19. watermellons? Nice music...
  20. Please update your profile with version you have. As far as question goes, why not simply use time effector with rotation?
  21. Something went wrong during save, please try this one Wire_resaved.c4d
  22. Couple of new ones 146_Boat_wake(MG).c4d 147_Pipe_Mesher(MG).c4d
  23. Can you upload your scene please? Hard to say how data sits in your scene...

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