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  1. Some new setups 183_Block_face_rig(MG+XP).c4d 184_Field_selections(MG).c4d
  2. Hrvoje

    Block rotation

    You can use expert settings for dynamics in project settings (hit ctrl+D to open it) to counter this, however it would be much easier to just avoid dynamics completely and use Xpresso to drive rotation and second wheel
  3. Hrvoje

    Block rotation

    Please attach a scene file, will be easier to help. Often dynamics are not optimal solution for what you state
  4. That shouldn't happen. Material shouldn't play a role here...
  5. That doesn't sound right - please attach a scene file so we can take a look...
  6. This can be done with rolling cube setup. You can find it in my file pit https://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/forums/topic/104962-hrvojes-free-file-pit/?do=findComment&comment=699553
  7. New setups 182_Formula_rig(XP).c4d 181_Swing(MG+XP).c4d
  8. Multishader is your friend switch.c4d
  9. Hard to say without scene file....
  10. Scene would help. How come inheritance effector didn't help, this is ideal setup for it
  11. That is why I mention "receiver" rig. The idea is to mix from two separate sources. One is dynamics, second is some other source (cmotion, keyframes). With Xpresso you can use mix nodes to define how much of which behavior you will actually send to receiver rig. Once combined you can do a lot. With that being said I think you are actually looking for motion clips....
  12. You have to remove keyframes on those objects for entire animation and set new one. Open the timeline (windows / timeline) and there you can find the animation track for each object and keyframes that it has. Then simply delete the ones you don't need and add new ones.
  13. You can trick parametrics with some python size.c4d
  14. Can you maybe upload a scene file and describe what you want to happen? That way we don't have to abstract through your request
  15. Easiest solution here is to have to versions of the same rig. One that is completely dynamic and the other which is fully controllable. Then you can utilize 3rd rig where you mix between the two. Cheap and easy way to do ragdoll dynamics on characters is to create use mesh deformer. Simply create a basic mesh around your character and use dynamics on it then apply that deformer to your character mesh
  16. Displacer and shader field would be away to go. Spline field could work also...
  17. Hi and to the Cafe!
  18. This is already converted in later versions, but here is the code import c4d def main(): global OutVector newMatrix = c4d.utils.HPBToMatrix(Rotation) newMatrix.off = InMatrix.off OutVector = newMatrix.MulV(InVector)
  19. Some new stuff 179_Nodes_Multishader_per_Face(MG+XP).c4d 180_Crystal_thing(MG).c4d
  20. You want the change to be permanent? Use linear field instead
  21. Use vertex colors with fields, here is a quickie Swipe.c4d
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