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  1. Please add a scene file so we can offer solutions....
  2. new ones 167_OpenVDB_cheese(MG).c4d 169_Quasi_domino_stuff(MG).c4d
  3. By following what you stated in file you are looking for simple parenting? Maybe I misunderstood but this does what you wrote in file via nulls dynamics.c4d
  4. Looking good - are those atm's in the lobby :P?
  5. Should be doable with softbody dynamics and forces, but I would expect it to be expensive to compute, so make sure you use least possible amount of geometry for collision shapes...
  6. Since you have polygons as individual objects use Fracture. Convert all those polys into individual nulls (you can do it in one go) and assign them as parent. Then apply plain effector and you will be able to rotate them from their null axis
  7. Ah, I see. Use plain effector to colorize the cloner. You will have to load TP particle group as field and add decay layer set to max. Not sure if it will work with dynamics or not (try caching), and if it fails simply create receiver, non dynamic cloner
  8. Nice work! It is very rare to see poems getting visualized in 3D
  9. Yes, you will have to use non dynamic cloner to be able to activate colorization as clones pass certain point Color_change.c4d
  10. This depends on rig complexity. If you can post the scene file members could take a look and offer solutions...
  11. That is a bug, please report it to MAXON by submission form...
  12. Some new setups 165_Wicked_Spline(MG).c4d 166_Flamingo_inflation(MG+XP).c4d
  13. Did you try the actual cell noise in noise shader?
  14. Looks like priority issue and you are missing rail in cloner. Make sure you setup objects in order of execution in object manager from top to bottom and use rail...
  15. USB external drive is a good option. Other ones that pop to mind is using some cloud service...
  16. From top of the head, spline dynamics. Simply constrain points and attach objects to ends...
  17. Yes, you don't have to have either. When you say 3D you have to define what exactly that means Since you mentioned particles and dynamics, those revolve around relatively simple concepts where you will have to think in terms of events, conditions, logic...
  18. If it worked before it has to work now. Did you update graphics card drivers in meantime? Was system updated? Changed cables? How are your displays connected? Do you have display switch maybe? Please provide as much info as possible how things are setup...
  19. @jed Err, not sure I follow? Differ on what?
  20. Welcome to the Cafe!
  21. As far as I can see, formula uses parametric equations. t is a form of time (not scene time), basically a range from 0 to 2 * Pi. Try this in formula spline
  22. @jed Use formula spline to your advantage where you can enter formulas in parametric form. It is designed for that
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