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  1. Cloner is just an asset. It is called cloner since it is an attempt to create familiar MoGraph tool in node eco system
  2. Here is a Cloner asset made with Nodes. It is actually group in scene so no need to mount, import or similar. Simply open the scene and use as is. It has familiar controls and usage is quite simple. Please note that is work in progress and I will add features to it down the road. Have fun Cloner.c4d
  3. You can use inheritance effector for that. Here is very similar effect which uses radial splines as target but principle is the same Inheritance.c4d
  4. Very nice, many examples! There are some overlaps with existing functionality but nice low level stuff!
  5. You can tag someone by typing @ and then user name In case your setup works then the group node is trying to render preview where there is none. This is already known and resolved
  6. No, there is no interpolation available for splines (lines) yet...
  7. Guilty and thank you very much Regarding account, is it lost password? We did remove a lot of accounts that were not active for years. PM sent
  8. Unfortunately, the inherited performance drop is due to using legacy object manager. If geometry and animation would be originating from Neutron itself it would be much faster
  9. You are welcome. It was an interesting test and again it is just few nodes. It will be really interesting to see what kind of assets will people produce once they get to know the system
  10. Please don't use those, they are not available in nodes asset pool for a reason and were made for testing purposes
  11. Like this? Here an "object field" which extrudes the selection then Object_Field.c4d Which ones you miss? It is likely that such functionality is already there or can be built as an asset
  12. @jonmoore You mentioned Laplace smoothing node in ICE. Here is one made with scene nodes thanks to our resident super dev Ole Dead simple to use, one inputs geometry and sets the smoothing strength Laplace.c4d
  13. There will certainly be some language exposed at some point but we are still deciding what would be the best option, or options. In meantime, Nodes themselves offer huge amount of programming possibilities which are yet to be exhausted before using some language
  14. Thanks, much appreciated! You will be pleased to know that most of this is already possible but one has to build it. For example, anything builder related is same logic and hopefully you saw my road builder which is a simple example of building something with predefined blocks. If I recall @srek had some examples of parametric buildings. Now, when you say controlled asset placement you are referring to distributing objects in numerous ways, right? There are many distributions in Neutron plus you can build any you imagine. Way more on your list that can be done already than not
  15. @Shrike @MikeA Guys, when you say "we need to get away from playing and thinking with cubes and spheres, and into something practical," Please give me an example of that so we can try to build it with nodes
  16. Yes, scene nodes are new core. They are a base for everything but will not replace existing workflow. What you now see is core used in nodes. That same core can and will be used for "normal" manager. So you will be able to use nodes, managers or both in future, depending on your preference. The familiar and easy to use object manager workflow we all like will definitely stay.
  17. This node group or asset is created purely by nodes. I made the indicators by constructing lines (splines). Here is the scene file 74_Ray_Collision.c4d Of course, it is just a basic algorithm but it works for most and is good display of what is doable, however it would make much more sense to get a default ,robust raycast and related node
  18. Ah, you want value manipulation on the node itself, yes, of course we are aware of that
  19. I will take a guess and presume you enabled tablet and high res tablet in Cinema prefs? Disabled windows ink in tablet properties?
  20. I am not really into rendering at this moment, but I would certainly expect a synergy with render engine. There is no point being able to have millions of objects running in viewport smoothly and then not being able to render them in reasonable time frame
  21. Can you elaborate your comment a bit more in detail?
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