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  1. Remove the connector since I don't see why you need it in the scene and then set trigger velocity threshold to -10. This solves it for me. The whole problem you are experiencing is that whole dynamics (that includes gravity too) are triggered on collision. If force is not strong enough to reach all pieces they will stay stationary. You can also try to keyframe trigger type as another approach. Hope that helps 🙂

  2. Would be easier with scene file since we don't know how you have things set up, however, Posemorph simply transitions from state A to B. So, if you want to save some poses it is better idea to create morphs per controller. With that being said, you should consider not having morphs for controllers which simply takes away your freedom in positioning...

  3. You have one option here if you decide to keep this kind of rig and that is to create two copies of the rig, one with dynamics where all collision will be registered and one where you control it all with joints. Then you need a third receiver rig where you can mix the two as you see fit. For mixing you can use Posemorph or Xpresso

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