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  1. That looks like priority issue. Without dissecting the scene make sure that order of execution in object manager is correct (it is evaluated from top to bottom), and do the same in Xpresso.  From custom menu choose Xpresso manager and do the same with nodes to ensure proper execution

  2. I have a friend who is epidemiologist. He told me very early when he saw the spreading rate in Wuhan area that borders must be closed immediately. He now tells me that current official numbers are at least 20x higher in reality.


    Unfortunately, lack of proper reaction from health organizations and people responsible for events such as this has simply lead to pandemic. Couple that with extremely frivolous and negligent behavior from many individuals and media spreading panic we are also looking at global recession. The facts are that virus has somewhat higher morality rate, but in reality it is dangerous mostly for elderly and ones with poor immune system. What seems to be missing, and has to be said is that once pandemic becomes major then it becomes a game of numbers. There simply won't be enough hospital resources to treat all people in severe condition, then triage comes in and resources are concentrated on ones that have higher chance of survival....sad but true

    Right now, all that can be done is to try to flatten the curve of spreading so that current capacity can handle severe conditions. There is still a possibility that upcoming higher temperatures in Northern hemisphere will affect the virus and/or that virus is seasonal in nature


    So, wash your hands, don't touch your face, avoid going out, keep distance if you can't avoid going out, disinfect the areas with alcohol solution. Take care of elderly and especially people with poor or no immune system. Let's hope that we will get a bit lucky and spreading rate drops

  3. You can upload files directly on Cafe 🙂

    Fields are aware of non simulated state only. Use another cloner with inheritance effector where it inherits transformations from cloner with dynamics, then it will work.


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