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  1. Not in front of machine atm, but there is an example in sdk where edge selection is made. Here is selecting points from top of my head, hope someone will chip in...


    import c4d

    from c4d import utils

    #Welcome to the world of Python


    def main():    


    count = obj.GetPointCount()   

    selection = obj.GetPointS()     


    for i in xrange(count): 


  2. 42 minutes ago, deck said:

    Then going on and using it to control mograph effectors was like opening up a whole new world of possibilities


    You would love MoGraph fields then 🙂

    CA stands for character animation. It is just a habit of naming the file with that suffix if I used something from CA module.


    The file 91 is build with help of fields - I attached a pre R20 version


    Glad you liked the tutorial and that you have good use from files. Cmotion is really cool but I don't think that many people are using it, and they should


  3. Folks let's keep things polite, we don't want to close the thread. We encourage discussion, even spirited ones but personal attacks are not allowed. Let's all remember there is a real person behind the post...






    Account deleted per request

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