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  1. We can't help you without scene file and knowing exactly what you want to achieve...
  2. more 198_Decay_subframes(MG).c4d 201_Vertex_Colors(MG).c4d
  3. Now wait for second picture with "wanted" and bounty prize @3D-Pangel Interesting link, thanks for that
  4. Cafe never had more members than now. Also the amount of daily traffic and unique visitors was never higher than now. As to why more and more people keep in shadows as oppose to being more vocal on forums that is something I don't have an answer too. If I had to guess on off the factors, most of people are simply looking for a solution for a problem they encountered and there are in fact a lot of available solutions on Cafe - so maybe they don't have to ask that much. Aside to that, some members which were very frequent posters went a bit silent in last period. Things will certainly become a lot more busy in September
  5. Summer in Northern hemisphere, Covid and other factors. You will see the activity pick up a lot in September as usual
  6. Some new stuff 185_Spline_morphing(MG).c4d 186_Fields_node(XP+MG).c4d 187_Xpresso_decayed_keyframe(XP).c4d
  7. You will be quite surprised how capable the system is, however I don't think anyone is realistically expecting it to be completely "done" at this point, it is simply a first iteration. On your other point that terms which are used are "programming stuff" that is certainly true due to nature of such systems, but the beauty of it is all that can be hidden from user as Rick showed. For example, at this point you simply don't care about how bend deformer in Cinema works internally, how it is coded and what is going on behind the scene and you shouldn't. It should simply work, be discoverable and easy to use, with simple set of controls for anyone to understand. Same principle is applied here. Advantage here is that in following period, more advanced users will be able to create pretty much anything that pops to mind and deliver it in any form they want. Also, as already mentioned, new managers that augment, complement, replace and work seamlessly with nodes will be delivered, so no, nodes are not enforced at all. Why not have best from both worlds?
  8. 1. Seems you are showing two views. Try middle clicking in viewport or go panel/arrangement/single view from viewport menu 2. Go view/frame default from viewport menu 3. That is live selection tool If nothing helps, hit ctrl+e to open preferences, open preferences folder by clicking bottom left button, Close Cinema and delete the contents of that folder. Then startup Cinema again
  9. You can fake it if you need fewer objects with fracture like this rectangle_growth.c4d The problem is if you need real randomness and much more objects. Then your only choice is python effector. The core of the problem is knowing point value of previous clone to which you will clone another (essentially you are looking for a recursion)
  10. Nobody is forcing you to learn anything new. As said in demo, you will have your usual manager workflow. There is absolutely no "scripting" for you involved if you don't want to dive into nodes
  11. You are missing the point Rick made... You have nodes and there will be object manager which is abstraction of nodes. For example, as shown in demo video you could have a node setup which creates a fish school but that all can be packed into single "fish school effector" let's say and shown in node graph or manager. The point is to enable nodal workflow, not enforce it by any means. Just want to stress that Neutron is awesome and I personally can't wait for release to show what can be done with it
  12. Neutron is designed so that pretty much everything is possible. It is simply a new core in it's first truly visible form to users. It is designed to handle large data sets. For example, even at this relatively early point it can work smoothly in viewport with literally millions of clones. It has extensive node library and dedicated modelling nodes. Unfortunatley I can't draw comparisons between Unreal Engine simply because I have no clue about it
  13. And the taste of the beast was shown to the public. Folks, as said, for R23 it will come in a form of advanced tech demo but don't let that steer you away from using it - it is super fast and powerful with endless possibilities. You can spin millions of objects easily on single consumer gpu. First nodes only, but later high level workflow. This is what the community was waiting for years. With it you can create pretty much anything that pops to your mind such as own constraint, deformer, effector, field, do parametric modelling etc. I had the privilege to work on it and managed to get intimate with it - fun times ahead
  14. Looking forward to show very much
  15. Sorry, no time to dive into script itself but seems your matrix is skewed. If you are looking to create rolling object you can find such setup in my file pit https://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/forums/topic/104962-hrvojes-free-file-pit/?do=findComment&comment=699553
  16. You can use fields to define MoGraph selections which you can hide - like this Fields_edge_hide.c4d
  17. Some new setups 183_Block_face_rig(MG+XP).c4d 184_Field_selections(MG).c4d
  18. Hrvoje

    Block rotation

    You can use expert settings for dynamics in project settings (hit ctrl+D to open it) to counter this, however it would be much easier to just avoid dynamics completely and use Xpresso to drive rotation and second wheel
  19. Hrvoje

    Block rotation

    Please attach a scene file, will be easier to help. Often dynamics are not optimal solution for what you state
  20. That shouldn't happen. Material shouldn't play a role here...
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