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  1. This is already converted in later versions, but here is the code import c4d def main(): global OutVector newMatrix = c4d.utils.HPBToMatrix(Rotation) newMatrix.off = InMatrix.off OutVector = newMatrix.MulV(InVector)
  2. Some new stuff 179_Nodes_Multishader_per_Face(MG+XP).c4d 180_Crystal_thing(MG).c4d
  3. You want the change to be permanent? Use linear field instead
  4. Use vertex colors with fields, here is a quickie Swipe.c4d
  5. Hi and to the Cafe!
  6. 177_Slope_from_shear(XP).c4d 178_Spline_fill(MG+XP).c4d _ _ | \ | | | \| | ___ __ __ ___ _ __ ___ ___ | . ` | / _ \\ \ /\ / / / _ \ | '_ \ / _ \/ __| | |\ || __/ \ V V / | (_) || | | || __/\__ \ |_| \_| \___| \_/\_/ \___/ |_| |_| \___||___/
  7. I see. Can't you just offset the axis of each black key as you want? That would imply you convert cube primitives to poly objects
  8. Here is an attempt which will work for you if you don't need scientifically precise results. The issue is that more than one collision per frame is made and only single one can be passed outside to formula field id. If this is not sufficient you would probably need some python plugin... collide_color_0001.c4d
  9. Hi and to the Cafe This is not a trivial task. Only thing that pops to mind is to use two cloners in conjunction with dynamics body state in Xpresso. You should find a way to register indices of collisions and somehow use that to color your clones...will try to patch something up
  10. Seems you answered yourself in last sentence If you have two conditions that have to be met (CPU and GPU) then look filter only those. The rest is up to what you need and that differs. For example, maybe you want solid sound, better display etc...
  11. In lack of better way, you can use guide tool. Simply set the tool to segment and attach end to end points of spline with snapping. The guide itself will have orientation you need. Then put the spline as child of guide and reset it's coordinates
  12. It would be easier with scene file, but it seems that version you are using is not supporting fields. Fields supersede old falloffs. In old falloff you can use source mode and load the emitter as source
  13. Hrvoje

    Hello everyone

    Hi and to the Cafe!
  14. Some new ones after some pause 174_Curved_layer(MG).c4d 175_Poly_Folding(MG+XP).c4d
  15. Expected behavior given that you have jiggle deformer in the setup
  16. quick fix is to add pole vector manually and offset it away from joint chain
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