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  1. TD Master Section / Now Available

    Folks, new lesson is available!
  2. Class 28 - Inflation Summary: Creating an inflatable balloon, blob or lava lamp like thingy :) Duration: 8 min File size: 100MB
  3. Afternoon Memories P-Chan

    Very nice! You have the "like" factor in your characters, that is hard to achieve :)
  4. Futuristic Buildings Pack

    Very nice and detailed :)
  5. You can reference any object in Python. Link and object data types are exchangeable. For example, you could create just a link slot on your null and feed that into Python script and change objects. Using logic node with link data types also pops to mind. It would be easier to post the scene to see what you are after so we can offer some solutionsInsert other media
  6. City Scene?

    Maybe you could pass with some high detailed displacement? If not, I doubt anyone will share such a detailed model for free...
  7. First, update to latest service pack :) If that doesn't help, please upload a scene file so we can see what is going on...
  8. Class 27 - Sling Summary: Creating an elastic band / sling rig Duration: 10 min File size: 110MB
  9. TD Master Section / Now Available

    @Flowlife Thanks, I'll see what can be done with splines. Not sure what do you mean by "turn them into quads for proper deformation." in regard to splines?
  10. Class 26 - Color Detector Summary: Creating an Xpresso based color detector Duration: 12 min File size: 115 MB
  11. TD Master Section / Now Available

    Hi folks, new lesson is available! :)
  12. Pause and resume render for images??

    Ha! This is actually extremely difficult to achieve for systems that weren't built with that specific feature in mind. Bear in mind that Render engines rarely have this capability...
  13. That sounds like a bug, please file a bug report via built in mechanism and fill all the necessary information - thanks!
  14. ProceDuraL4d

    Thanks for the tutorial and plugin, looks very useful!
  15. Redshift meets Pink Floyd

    Cool, I like it, you did a lot of work :)