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  1. C4DCafe - R20 MoGraph Fields

    Hi and to the Cafe Thanks for taking the time to review and post - much appreciated! Re Houdini: I am familiar with Houdini but not as proficient in it as in C4D, and sorry to disappoint you, I don't plan any Houdini tutorials... Regarding admin pm, there is min post count that has to be reached to allow this (due to spam) - I manually enabled this for you so you can do it now :)
  2. Export object data to txt or csv

    You are most
  3. Export object data to txt or csv

    Quick and dirty way attached :) - Open the attached scene - Replace the planes with your versions (they must be under the XP null) - Open up console - Clear it - In Xpresso python node hit execute > This will print all data you asked for. You can right click and copy/paste to txt file. This could also be automated with write functions but iterations are tricky in python node. Hope this helps... planes.c4d
  4. Mograph Effector pickle

    Hi there You can use cafe attachment facilities to upload files, no need for external solution :) I am not sure what you are after, maybe there is completely different approach. Is there a link to graphic or video where I can see the effect you are after? Cheers
  5. Hi Kevin :) Mixing ram is bad idea and most probably the cause. Either the frequency or timing. Could also be that chips require different voltage. If your system completely freezes under high load then it is most likely mem issue. first try relaxing the timing than slightly increase voltage if you are willing to try that, but make sure you use safe values which your chip can handle. Could also be worth to explore if your PSU wattage is enough...
  6. Which new R20 training?

    Thanks folks, I guess this settles it then :)
  7. Please attach a scene file. We can't help this way since we don't know anything about your mesh and scene...
  8. Which new R20 training?

    That will happen too :)
  9. Which new R20 training?

    Hi folks Please vote which training should be made available first - thanks!
  10. Siggraph 2018 C4D Live

    @bezo Thanks for summary :)
  11. Not a Vray user, but if you are using same render settings as for other scenes and render time explodes than it is either scene content or bug. What happens if you use exact same render settings in simpler scene?
  12. C4DCafe - R20 MoGraph Fields

    You spoiled the surprise. Yes, I plan to do that so there is an extra value for customers just as we had it in VP days :)
  13. C4DCafe - R20 MoGraph Fields

    I agree, they are amazing :)
  14. C4DCafe - R20 MoGraph Fields

    Glad too see you picked up fields and that you see tremendous changes they bring :)
  15. Color Changing Particles

    No need for Xpresso here, use simple MoGraph to your advantage :) Color_change.c4d