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  1. If I understood you correctly, you are looking to control various parameters via different inputs. Use math node to add up inputs.
  2. Why don't you simply parent the two? :)
  3. speed = distance / time :) Set your document units to what you need
  4. Took a stab at it, turns out to be not so simple but here is the concept. - Manipulate "base" object (spline) via deformer or by manipulating points directly (I applied shear to get the effect you described). This will be reflected in MoSpline which uses base spline as source. The reason to send to MoSpline is that you can use effectors and particle fields on it (check the delay effector in it). Second part of the setup is just simple cloners with MoSelections. Unfortunately I don't have the time to take this further and to create controls per point and threshold for splitting with Xpresso. Hope this helps :) Cheers Polymer_fun.c4d
  5. You are reading things in "linear" fashion which simply doesn't hold in reality. By using that logic nobody would even use C++ as programming language because, well, it is very old, right? :) Every technology has it's life span which is nothing odd and with that being said, everything can be revisited, adapted, ported, changed, acquired, rewritten etc.
  6. I think you should build a procedural MoGraph based rig. This is probably only thing that will allow you all that. Will try to patch up something to see what can be done :)
  7. I think I get the idea behind it. This doesn't seem easy though... So, to simplify. 1. Reaction propagation (each transform stretches links and pulls spheres) 2. Elongation / thickness to happen during interaction 3. Links to snap/ detach at certain distance threshold 4. Secondary motion such as delay and springiness Let me know if I missed something
  8. Guessing. AMD supporting OpenCL or not is completely irrelevant in such case.
  9. Folks let's keep the conversation polite please :) Wanting something from your software, comparing, wishing and similar can be executed with manners. I just want to clear up some misconceptions. 1. Someone said in this thread earlier that MAXON development team is not on par with AD or SideFX, which is simply wrong. 2. From all mentioned apps in this topic Maya has the oldest code base. Old doesn't mean bad. 3. If you are comparing something you have to establish parameters. Some apps have really high entry fee, require technical knowledge, are not emphasizing stability, don't care if tech they implementing can be exploited by all users given their hardware or OS, and all of them are simply designed to cover different areas. 4. The choice of app is not based solely on performance or feature. There are other equally important factors such as price , reliability, stability, knowledge base, fear of being discontinued, inability to own due to rental policy I can speak only for C4D and about philosophy it has. It wants to be simple as possible, with mild learning curve, enabling user to get results quickly as possible, friendly and logical, rock stable (if you ever lost your work you will want this), cross platform, interoperable with other applications to maximum extent possible, plugin friendly. In close future it wants to combine that with unlimited power, flexibility and performance without loosing any of it's trademarks. I am well aware that everyone wants it all and it wants it now, but folks, quality takes time. Recently there were additional steps taken by MAXON in form of being more open to public, such as announcing new core development and partnerships, new MAXON labs, and if you are frequent of Cafe you will notice many developers in fact post here now. I would also prefer that we don't call other users "trolls" or escalate with name calling and finger pointing, we simply don't want that here on Cafe and are sure better than on other forums. @Cutman I understand your concerns, but given the fact that you are still using C4D is simply because you like to use it and enjoy doing so, right? It probably gives you results much quicker and you can wrap your head around it way easier than other apps you tried. Arguments you are conveying are valid, and it seems that it upsets you when users don't agree fully with you. Maybe it is just a delivery method that needs some polishing :)? On the other hand, allowing arguments from other users which come from different standpoint and perspective to be processed objectively is also good practice. For example, I know many SI users who will never use anything AD due to what they did to SI. One thing that is missing from your equation (when comparing apps) is future prospects. As far as I know Maya is not getting rewritten and becoming more friendly, easier to use, less technical, nor it's core and foundation are being modernized? Also, as far as I can tell, Houdini simply has no frame to be easy to use, less low level, provide quick results nor is capable of being generalist app. Not sure anymore, but if I recall correctly you simply couldn't model in Houdini apart from some rudimentary stuff. At the end it would be nice to not to turn every topic into app war and actually enjoy content. I am sure you have some nice work, scene files, problems you solved which you can share and enjoy the Cafe for what it is.
  10. Please attach a scene file of what you have so far :) Is there anything else to help describe the issue? Video, screenshot, link to real polymer you are trying to show etc.?
  11. priority issue, put the cloner bellow the plane you are cloning onto in object manager :)
  12. This is easier to do with Cloner instead of using so many objects :) Try the following scene. You can set the count of links dynamically and start / end will be attached respectively (with Xpresso). You can use step rotation parameters in Cloner to do rotations or if you need more control use Splinewrap. Do note that there will be a lag present once you will manipulate your chain so that start and end link can assume their respective positions after manipulation. Hope this helps Cloner_chain_0003.c4d
  13. I like the style :)
  14. That is very odd. Do you have latest drivers installed on desktop machine? Are you using plugins? Is openGL enabled in prefs? Try also to delete the prefs, reinstall Cinema. If nothing helps please contact MAXON support
  15. Not sure what you are asking for (?), but, if you are looking to capture the second image "as is" you can use screencapture. On Win that is "print screen" key which stores the image in clipboard (you can simply paste in any image editor), or on OSX that is Shift-Command-4 if memory servers me right.