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  1. HSrdelic

    Martian parasite

    Very cool and professional looking. Looks like a movie graphic :)
  2. HSrdelic

    Node based materials repository

    I already covered nodes quite deeply in my training :) They can be used completely separately. I rarely use set context except override and that is mostly for UV manipulation...
  3. HSrdelic

    Node based materials repository

    Get context simply provides you with scene/object and other data. I don't understand all the stuff in there thoroughly but have a solid insight. In reality you don't have to understand it all to make cool shaders :) Here is a quick stab at circle shader. I have no clue how excatly circle preset is done, but I suspect it uses pretty much the same concept as I did. This can give you insight how this is relatively simple to do. Circle.c4d
  4. HSrdelic

    Node based materials repository

    Bevel tool is completely unrelated since it deals with geometry. It is 100% MAXON development. You are right about patents, some are simply, err... silly...
  5. The issue is that your effector is set to produce min/max values from -100%to 100%. Simply set min to 0% and you won't get black color...
  6. HSrdelic

    zigzag spline

    Easiest way to do this is to simply clone. There is also a way to use formulas or L-system. Find multiple methods in attached scene :) Splines.c4d
  7. Please attach the scene file, will be easier to help. What are your min/max setting in effector? Are you using default settings?
  8. HSrdelic

    Node based materials repository

    Here is a simple "rose curve" approximation. This can be used to see how shapes/patterns are made. Try to tile it and transform UV's, a lot of interesting patterns can be made :) Rose_Curve.c4d
  9. HSrdelic

    Axis orientation?

    Preferably yes, although it is not a written rule. Just keep in mind that Cinema rotations start from Z axis and use freeze transforms to your advantage :)
  10. HSrdelic

    C.O.F.F.E.E. Node Error in R20

    that is odd. Please attach a scene file...
  11. HSrdelic

    C.O.F.F.E.E. Node Error in R20

    The functionality is intact and existing COFFEE stuff works, however you can't create anything COFFEE related anymore. I suggest you redo the scripts or whatever you have with Python...
  12. HSrdelic

    fracture prolem

    Hi It will be easier to help with scene file...
  13. HSrdelic

    Turntable using Pro Render

    Render itself is quite nice, but I miss some environment to push it even more. A wooden desk and some background would certainly help :)
  14. Thanks for the tip, looks useful for facebook users!