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  1. TD Master Class

    No new material at this point. We packed it all into one training set since subscription feature of forum software is quite buggy. Additionally, we are working on future trainings also :)
  2. Not sure what you are doing but if you load random effector it only creates random values for position?
  3. Shader effector with gradient is first thing that pops to mind :) Cheers Clone_color_percentage.c4d
  4. Webinar / Cinema 4D in ArchiViz

    Webinar: Cinema 4D in Architectural Visualization on April 25 Join our free webinar on the 25th of April 2018 (3:00 p.m. CEST) and get an insight into the workflows of four different studios while they highlight their projects. There is an incredible diversity in architectural rendering styles & techniques. Join our free webinar on the 25th of April (3:00 p.m. CEST) and get an insight into the distinctively creative workflows of four different studios while they highlight their projects. Learn how visualization professionals use: Cinema 4D to quickly construct previz images Multi-passes to speed up their workflow using either Cinema 4D's Physical Render engine or Corona, giving them an edge in production speed, adaptability to client wishes and output quality Photoshop to quickly refine their renderings BodyPaint 3D for texturing Sculpting for landscaping MoGraph and third-party plug-ins for asset distribution and much more... Each studio will introduce their projects during a 15-minute presentation. At the end of the webinar, you will have the opportunity to ask questions. Curious? Then visit the studios’ websites and browse their incredible galleries: Cristian Farinella - www.ateliercrilo.com Dusan Vukcevic - www.vudumotion.com Eric de Broche des Combes - www.luxigon.com Thomas Vournazos - www.slashcube.ch Kindly note that the number of participants in this webinar is limited, we therefore strongly recommend registering early. Please register here https://www.maxon.net/en/news/maxon-news/article/webinar-cinema-4d-in-architectural-visualization-on-april-25-2/
  5. Action

    That was a lot of work :) My suggestion would be now to arm yourself with animation training material and do the things right way. Even though you did enormous work you will still need to learn about basic principles https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/12_basic_principles_of_animation
  6. Hardware advice

    Hi and to the Cafe Your rig is just fine for starting up with C4D. Start by doing some beginner tutorials and work your way up by browsing the forum. Questions you will have most certainly were asked before :)
  7. Feeling discouraged about the industry

    Sorry to hear that, must be just your area because general industry is growing. There is a increased demand for Motion graphics people all around here in EU. Have you considered doing UX design yourself? Your portfolio looks good. If I were in your shoes I would apply at MAXON :)
  8. Hi and to the Cafe Yes, it is doable with MoGraph, however it is not that simple. One approach is to zero out all axes and reset them after each rotation by using a falloff as selection mechanism. I made a quite advanced interactive Rubik cube in my TD master class training.
  9. TD Master Class

    Folks, as some requested here is the lesson outline plus some gifs of projects in TD Master Class which is available in Cafe store https://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/store/ 01_Double_constraint 02_Lepesa_rig 03_L_system_rig 04_Wheel_rig 05_Inheritance_rig 06_Python_segment_effector 07_Eye_rig 08_Footsteps_map 09_Center_rig 10_Concertina_rig 11_ EKG_rig 12_Effector_sampling 13_Block_and_gap_effector 14_Vector_Array_Delay 15_Fracturing_rig 16_Workflow_scripts 17_Fish_school 18_Selection_script 19_Rubik_cube 20_Rubik_cube_part_2 21_MoGraph_morphing 22_Worm_rig 23_Box_rig 24_Roll_rig 25_Progress_indicator 26_Color_detector 27_Sling 28_Inflation 29_Ship
  10. Introduction to R19 Fracturing

    Thanks, glad you liked it! Unfortunately payments now go through Cafe store and it doesn't offer a way to purchase without membership. We are in talks with IPS to add this option :)
  11. C4DCafe new training line / Cafe upgrade

    Thanks, I appreciate it :)
  12. Introduction to R19 Fracturing

    Introduction to R19 Fracturing Hi everyone :) In this training you will learn how to use Fracturing in depth. Apart from common usage we will take it way out of it's comfort zone to achieve effects usually not associated with Fracturing at all. Lessons are designed in cumulative manner, meaning that we cover very basics and generator in depth, then crossing over to small projects where we apply all we learned. Upon finishing the training you will have formidable Fracturing skills. Duration: 80 min Price: 35€ STORE LINK: https://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/store/product/14-intro-to-r19-fracturing/ 01. Intro 02. Generator breakdown 03. Cubificator 04. Webmaster 05. Particle burst 06. Bar break 07. Rocks 08. Stairmaster 09. Drill 10. Keep pieces 11. Mesher 12. Disintegrate Purchased tutorial can be found here https://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/forums/forum/182-available-tutorials-download-links-included/ Important! All members which were TD Master section subscribers have discounted price of 25€. For any problems you might have with the purchase, please contact @Igor on PM!
  13. C4DCafe new training line / Cafe upgrade

    Well, whoever is providing you with information is under NDA and is not allowed to do it. Other than that, we are preparing to upgrade the Cafe simply due to shear amount of members among other things :)
  14. C4DCafe new training line / Cafe upgrade

    Both :) Essentially we rebranded Vertex Pusher into C4DCafe and we will offer same full length trainings along with shorter projects. Targets will be intermediate and advanced mostly. We already have Introduction volume available, and tomorrow there will be Fracturing training available. By the way, we actually got few notes from various members that some TD classes were too complex, especially python ones :)
  15. Hi folks Here are some news which may be interesting to you: I would like to announce that first incarnation of new C4D Cafe training line is done. In few days we plan to release "Introduction to R19 Fracturing". As a way of saying thank you to our former TD Master section subscribers (which is now available as standalone training in the store) we will offer a permanent discount on new training line. Fracturing training is the first in line and with R20 release you can expect massive increase in training content. New tutorials will be download only and available via Cafe store. Additionally, we will also offer an ability to purchase in cryptocurrencies but that will not be an automated process, so for that option please contact us. Prior to R20 release we will undergo a big logistics upgrade and increase bandwidth and storage capacities, so there is a possibility of downtime during August (most likely). We will ensure that you have nice and smooth Cafe experience as usual Cheers