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  1. Class 17 - Fish school Summary: Building an Xpresso based MoGraph ready Fish school rig Duration: 12 min File size: 155 MB
  2. TD Master Section / Now Available

    Folks, new lesson is in works and will be available this week - this time we will build a nice fish school rig :)
  3. Class 16 - Workflow scripts Summary: Building two custom python scripts as workflow helpers Duration: 13 min File size: 95 MB
  4. TD Master Section / Now Available

    Hi TD folks :) New lesson is in works, this time we will tackle a creation of custom workflow script with Python. Lesson will be available this week. Many of you probably noticed that each week new lesson is released - that is the rate we will try to maintain and even surpass in future.
  5. MAXON Announces Cineware for Illustrator

    Cool, Illustrator folks will love this :)
  6. Soloing objects and selections

    Did you try to use select visible command from Object manager? :)
  7. Class 15 - Fracturing rig Summary: Creating a drilling piece Fracturing rig with dynamics, Xpresso and Python Duration: 16 min File size: 129 MB
  8. TD Master Section / Now Available

    Deja vu - new lesson in works, will be released this week :) This time we will build a MoGraph&Fracturing rig with some Xpresso and Python
  9. Can't reproduce here in R19. Everything works as expected. Which version are you using? 14?
  10. I can't reproduce here, please contact MAXON support.
  11. If I create a cube, apply protection tag and lock only rotation P, it is locked. Instead of talking about bugs and using cryptic explanations, please upload a scene file and step by step explanation of what issue you are experiencing. The lack of clarity in posts is number 1 reason why they are left unanswered...
  12. Please attach a scene file, it will be easier to help...
  13. Probably not, mostly due to driver conflicts. OS, I presume Windows, will want you to choose your main GPU.
  14. Class 14 - Vector Array delay Summary: Creating a custom python node for vector array delay to simulate laggy effect during transformations Duration: 13 min File size: 90 MB