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  1. Easier with some Xpresso, here is a quickie Of course, you can do it with Python and takes but I never tried it... Render_quick.c4d
  2. MAXON Quick Tip #200

    That was funny
  3. Fbx exporting issue

    Please attach as scene file, will be easier to help..
  4. Wheel of Tools

    Very nice, concept looks good!
  5. Yes, this can be wonky due to FBX library. I would suggest you don't use posemorph on fingers like that, rather a simple xpresso setup or keyframes...

    Here are some :) scripts.zip
  7. Settings within wind object control how MoSpline reacts. Additionally, use other forces to get more "riggid" effect.
  8. I am not aware of any plugin that does it...
  9. IK on a 6 axis robot arm

    I believe you are complicating things for yourself without a real need :) Stuff like this is animated with simple hierarchy&constrained axes and sliders, not with IK. Here is a quickie Robot_0001.zip
  10. Very nice Vozzz, short and sweet :)
  11. Fracturing colors render just fine. Seems to me that you are using third party render engine?
  12. Add Walk Question

    Hi It would be easier to help with a scene file, but seems as binding issue. Why not simply update the base pose? Cheers
  13. Isolines in Nature

    I thought for a moment this was rendered :)
  14. Cinema 4d > Collada > ARkit/xcode

    Well, if collada file works always in app then the issue is in Xcode. Have you asked on Xcode forum about this?