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  1. I found that this was best achieved with morphs, but it is also doable with cloth tearing. Morphs can give you precision...
  2. You can always limit the effector with MoGraph selection. Maybe you can post a scene file? There are often many solutions to particular issue...
  3. Unfortunately SSS is not available in node materials yet. As an alternative you can try using inverted AO but that will work only in certain scenarios
  4. HSrdelic

    animation pauses at end

    What you are experiencing is pre-calculation. In Cinema, viewport is always live and on frame 0 data is collected. Since this has no impact on end result, it is better choice since it gives better performance.
  5. HSrdelic

    C4D - Maya (Video)

    You guys are old I started with vector graphics (point plotting) on PEL Orao in late 80's. Amiga was super expensive and extremely difficult to acquire here... On original topic,: Yes, grass is definitely not greener elsewhere. There are simply bits and pieces which we are envious about, but that is also true from their perspective
  6. You are setting point to be at position of the null, it should be other way around :) Use the point position to drive position of the null and enable use deformed points in point node
  7. HSrdelic

    ArchVIZ - Modo falloff / C4D replacement

    You should try to avoid working with denser geometry when it is not needed. In your case, you could do simple shapes and use bevel deformer later on. As it stands now, you are looking into some moving/sliding to get it right
  8. HSrdelic

    ArchVIZ - Modo falloff / C4D replacement

    Yes, I mean move them. Would be easier to help if you post a scene file so we don't have to guess the scene specifics :)
  9. Yes, you first have to select the ones you want to line up, hit "L" to enable axis modification the click on the point you want to line up to. Then hit "L" again to exit axis modification, hold shift and scale down on single axis
  10. HSrdelic

    ArchVIZ - Modo falloff / C4D replacement

    I am not familiar with Modo, but you have a quite a few options here. One would be to simply transform point selections on Y? You could also use mesh deformer but I don't think it is needed for this. Additionally, make a good use of snapping and guides ;)
  11. Hi Please attach the script itself, hard to say what is wrong...
  12. HSrdelic

    Hrvoje's Free file pit

    Another batch :) 11_Pressing_buttons(MG).c4d 12_Chain(MG+CA+XP).c4d 13_Change_logo_by_frame(MG+XP).c4d 14_Circular_lights(MG).c4d 15_Crazy_letters(MG).c4d 16_Crazy_spline(MG+Cmotion).c4d 17_Radar_sweep(MG+XP).c4d
  13. Use cloner and effector with time offset.
  14. I believe there is a language barrier issue and member is simply trying to showcase his work :)