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  1. you should use falloff node. Here is a quickie :) falloff.c4d
  2. Please attach a scene file, will be easier to help :) Did you try using rangemapper? I presume you want to use transformations as input...
  3. Weight them with random effector. Usually it is best to attach scene file, members can than easily suggest solutions. Cheers
  4. folks, new Class is uploaded for customer - Inheritance rig. Next class we will tackle python effector :)
  5. Here is a quick try, hope you can adapt to your needs :) Cheers Mo_fun.c4d
  6. Create one ( Shift + f4) and dock it into interface. If memory serves me right, in R16 there isn't one in default animation layout...
  7. :) Well, better safe than sorry. This kind of stuff happens more often than you would think. Some people simply don't read what they buy...
  8. Folks, new Class is in works and will be available this week :)
  9. Octane is a 3rd party render engine and it has nothing to do with viewport speed. No Handling larger scenes will be easier with faster GPU, however it reliant on CPU performance too They usually get hot and loud. Upgrading your display is dependent on resolution you want to run You will get better openGL/Viewport performance, and if you opt for GPU render engine you will gain a lot of performance there. Anything else is simply unaffected since it doesn't run on GPU Then 3rd party render engine or upcoming Prorender will benefit you greatly
  10. That is exactly how it works, there is a video of it in action in this topic :) @3D-Pangel This thread revolves on what people know about R19 and that is ProRender. No other features have been made public.
  11. Use effector as an deformer and set it to point mode :)
  12. New Class 04 uploaded - wheel rig :) Re facial rigging - this is difficult to record in small amount of time due to numerous factors. One is obviously weighting but I will make such a Class once I find a good way to demonstrate this. What do you find most difficult to do? Rig facial expressions, eye movement or are you just searching for best common approaches?
  13. folks, Class 4 is in works and will be available this week, probably already tomorrow :)
  14. @timli Please post this request for assistance outside this topic in general discussion. This is mainly for feedback, ideas and overall discussion and it could be very difficult to track. Separate topic is best idea :)
  15. Will check it, but basically it is just a wheel rig?