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  1. Hi Please attach the script itself, hard to say what is wrong...
  2. Nice work for good cause :)
  3. HSrdelic

    Hrvoje's Free file pit

    Another batch :) 11_Pressing_buttons(MG).c4d 12_Chain(MG+CA+XP).c4d 13_Change_logo_by_frame(MG+XP).c4d 14_Circular_lights(MG).c4d 15_Crazy_letters(MG).c4d 16_Crazy_spline(MG+Cmotion).c4d 17_Radar_sweep(MG+XP).c4d
  4. Use cloner and effector with time offset.
  5. I believe there is a language barrier issue and member is simply trying to showcase his work :)
  6. HSrdelic

    Hrvoje's Free file pit

    Hi folks :) In this topic I decided to share many of my files for you to examine. All of these were small setups, rigs, contraptions, prototypes and fun projects that I made over the years for clients or for myself. There is a lot of them but I will post them in small groups over time in order to avoid overload :P Feel free to use techniques and whatever you learn from them to your advantage. Each file will be enumerated and with hint of what is used in the scene in parenthesis. Files will vary from simple to quite advanced setups, in no particular order Have fun! 01_Airplane_route(MG+constrains).c4d 02_Atom_array_attractor(MG+XP).c4d 03_Ballon_procedural_anim(CA+Cmotion).c4d 04_Barb_wire(MG).c4d 05_Beast_in_box(CA+Cmotion).c4d 06_Box_fill(Dyn).c4d 07_Burning_match(MG+XP).c4d 08_Butterfly(CA+Cmotion).c4d 09_Cell_tissue_penetration(MG).c4d 10_Build_up(MG).c4d
  7. That is not available at the moment. You could copy that take into new document and then copy all other takes as child takes into new document - that would work...
  8. HSrdelic

    Live spline offset control

    Yes, there is a way, but it is limited to smaller radius, especially on complex splines, same as the outline command is. However, for reasonable distances it works quite well, check the file :) spline_offest.c4d
  9. HSrdelic

    Selling Cinema 4D R20 Prime $599

    Hi and to the Cafe I was just wondering why don't you contact MAXON or your reseller and simply upgrade to version you want?
  10. HSrdelic

    Help! Character going through clothing

    You can also try mesh or collision deformer...
  11. HSrdelic

    Kijkem Showreel

    Cool reel - I like the construction slides with cartoon characters :)
  12. HSrdelic

    C4DCafe - R20 MoGraph Fields

    You are welcome, I try to find simplest ways to encourage people to try out things which are kind of scary or seemingly too complex :)
  13. If I understood you correctly, you are interested in character builder? Best approach here would be to create one of the rigs editable and examine how it is created and what component tag does....
  14. That is really good work, maybe members simply didn't see the link to vimeo. I like the "mesh" head a lot :)
  15. HSrdelic

    R20 Open EXR multilayer file

    Can you be more specific? :) Which option you are referring too? Something in openEXR export?